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Equipment Distribution Program

Application for the Equipment Distribution Program

Who is Eligible for Equipment?

To be eligible, a person must:

Qualified Professionals

The following people are qualified to verify applicant's disability:

If you need more information, contact the Equipment Distribution Program Office.

Please note: The hearing aid program only has enough funds to provide one non-digital hearing aid per person.

What does the Equipment Distribution Program at the Oklahoma School for the Deaf have to offer you?

As an eligible applicant, there are plenty of choices to make; however please be aware our program policy only allows you to select one item per category.

Category One: Amplified or Text Telephone

Category Two: Visual/Audible Signaling and Alerting Systems

Additional Stand-alone Devices

We also provide specialized equipment tailored to meet the telephone needs of consumers with deaf-blindness or speech impairments. If you are interested in emergency related devices, such as obtaining a weather warning system kit or smoke detectors with flashing strobe, please contact us for more information.