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Older Blind Independent Living Program

an older woman with oven mits on stands in front of an oven with an instruction close by.

The Older Blind Independent Living Program expands independent living services for people who are 55 years old or older and legally blind. Rehabilitation teachers located in Division of Visual Services offices throughout the state provide one-on-one assistance to older people in adjusting to blindness and regaining or maintaining maximum independence and self-sufficiency.

The Older Blind Program operates a telephone line which provides recorded information about grocery ads, newspaper articles, television guides and other publications. In the Tulsa area, the number is 918.743.3332. The statewide, toll free number is 800.829.3255.

Older Blind Program staff present training for businesses, organizations and others to develop greater awareness of the abilities and needs of older Oklahomans who are blind.

Legal blindness occurs when visual acuity with best correction is 20/200 or less or when side vision results in a field restriction of 20 degrees or less.