oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services

American Indian Vocational Rehabilitation Program

A male client talks with a female counselor.

The American Indian Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Program is designed to assist eligible Native Americans with disabilities in becoming employed.

In Oklahoma, the program provides culturally appropriate services to individuals through a cooperative agreement between the state of Oklahoma and federal and tribal service providers.

Each Oklahoma tribal vocational rehabilitation program has a working partnership with DRS.  VR clients have the option to work with both programs during the rehabilitation progress.

Examples of available services include vocational, medical and psychological evaluations, vocational counseling and guidance, physical and mental restoration, training, rehabilitation equipment and devices and job placement.

In counties served by participating nations or tribes, individuals may be eligible for services if they:

A tribal liaison from the Department of Rehabilitation Services provides technical assistance to the program which is funded through the U. S. Department of Education Grant Office of Special Education and Rehabilitation Services.

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