Cost of Living’s Impact on UK Students’ Mental Health [INFOGRAPHIC]

The stress of the cost-of-living crisis is unravelling throughout society. Everyone’s impacted. At one end, there are those cancelling holidays, at the other people are counting pennies for their electric top-up cards.

Students are also feeling the serious and worrying impact of the cost-of-living crisis. It’s affecting their mental health, how they’re living their daily lives, and importantly, even academic outcomes.

Our infographic lays out important statistics for you. Staggeringly, 31% of students felt their grades were affected by the crisis.

This is particularly concerning, especially with all the time, energy, and dedication that is poured into academic achievement and in relation to future educational outcomes.

Many students get to university and have never budgeted before.

This is where they learn to do it. In the current climate, it turns out to be particularly distressing. Students are finding ways to be frugal, prioritising bills and basic needs such as food, health, and course materials.

As well as budgeting, thousands work to cover bills and lifestyles, while others must rely on parents for support. Some important points to note here are that some students are seeking out other measures to make money and fund their lives such as through gambling and sex work.

Here, you get a breakdown of how seriously the cost-of-living crisis is impacting students, how they spend money, and what they’re doing to make ends meet: