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Men-Only Rehab

    Men-Only Rehab

    A men-only rehabilitation centre is specifically designed to treat men dealing with addiction and dependency, taking into account a number of factors such as societal pressures, privacy concerns and difficulty expressing emotions.

    Which addictions are more common in men?

    While addiction does not discriminate between men and women, there are a number of key differences in the way each gender experiences specific substances and behaviours.

    Men are almost twice as likely to abuse drugs as women, with 11.9% of men reporting taking drugs in the past year as opposed to 6.9% of women. [1]

    Men are also more likely to drink larger amounts of alcohol at a higher risk level and the rate of alcohol-related deaths is almost twice as high in men, at 14.8 per 100,000 as opposed to 6.9 per 100,000 in women. [2]

    Common addictions in men include:

    • Alcohol
    • Cocaine
    • Cannabis
    • Heroin
    • Ecstacy
    • Gambling
    • Video games

    What may prevent men from seeking help with an addiction?

    The idea of seeking treatment for a substance or behavioural addiction is highly stigmatised in the eyes of many men and may be seen as a sign of weakness, which is why a number of men are referred to addiction treatment through the legal system as opposed to actively seeking help themselves.

    Common factors that may prevent men from seeking help for addiction include:

    1. Shame and guilt

    Feelings of shame and guilt about past behaviours and experiences may prevent a number of men from seeking treatment for addiction.

    While women are more likely to have experienced sexual assault or domestic violence, many men have also suffered through these events and will be often be left with residual trauma. Approximately 12,000 men are sexually assaulted every year in England and Wales alone, and this trauma can be a factor in the development of a substance or behavioural addiction. [3] The experience can be made more difficult to deal with due to the feelings of shame and reluctance to seek help.

    2. Societal pressures

    Men often feel pressure to project a strong and capable image, and expressing their emotions is often seen as a weakness.

    They may believe that they should be able to tackle the addiction and get better on their own without the help of a rehabilitation centre and that seeking treatment would be embarrassing and reflect badly on their character.

    These societally-imposed pressures can make it extremely challenging for many men to even attempt the process of seeking treatment for addiction.

    3. Privacy concerns

    Many men feel concerned about the privacy and security of their personal information, particularly when it relates to emotional issues and traumatic experiences.

    They may worry their friends, family members, colleagues and neighbours may find out that they are seeking treatment for a behavioural or substance addiction and that it may impact their current and future reputation.

    They may also dislike the idea of staff members being privy to their personal information and thoughts, making it difficult to feel comfortable opening up to counsellors.

    4. Unwilling to discuss personal and emotional issues

    Due to the reasons mentioned above, it can be difficult for many men to feel comfortable with the idea of discussing highly charged and emotional experiences and feelings.

    The thought of having to share their most personal and innermost thoughts with a number of strangers can feel impossible, and they may be concerned that staff members and other residents will cast judgement or blame on them for their actions.

    What are the benefits of a men-only rehab?

    Addiction recovery involves more than simply stopping the substance use or detrimental behaviour. The psychological aspect of treatment is equally as important as the physical detoxification, and patients must feel comfortable and accepted within the rehabilitation facility in order to truly be able to open up and express their emotions and past experiences.

    A men-only rehabilitation centre provides a supportive and nurturing environment in which men can discuss gender-specific issues and pressures without the fear of judgement or distraction.

    Common benefits of men-only rehab include:

    1. Less distraction and competition

    Men are biologically wired to compete with other males for the attention of women, and this often subconscious behaviour can detract from the process of recovery. A men-only rehab removes the distraction of potential romantic and sexual attraction and allows patients to focus entirely on treatment and recovery from their addiction.

    2. Experienced staff

    A successful treatment programme looks very different for men than it does for women. Certain methods can be more effective at encouraging men to engage with treatment, and staff at men-only rehab centres are specifically trained to carry out these strategies.

    As men are highly goal-oriented, setting achievable goals throughout treatment can help them to progress more successfully through the programme. They also prefer to have choices and autonomy over their treatment, so this must be considered when formulating a recovery plan. [4]

    These male-oriented strategies and methods have proven to be highly effective, and men-only rehabs have seen a lot of success through concentrated gender-specific treatment programmes.

    3. Male-oriented nutrition and exercise

    Becoming aware and educated about the importance of a healthy diet and regular exercise is a crucial aspect of the recovery process, as it can help patients to gain more self-respect and improved quality of life.

    Within men-only rehabilitation clinics, these diet and exercise plans are specifically formulated to benefit the male body and physique, providing both short and long-term benefits to their general health, wellbeing and recovery.

    4. A space to discuss men’s issues

    Many men face issues and experiences that are specifically related to their gender, and they may feel uncomfortable discussing these topics with members of the opposite sex. Themes such as male sexual assault and domestic violence are not discussed as frequently as women’s experiences with these topics, and as a result, a number of men may be reluctant to speak up in front of women regarding their own experiences.

    Sharing their thoughts and feelings with other men who may be able to relate and understand what they have gone through can be an immense relief, and a men-only rehab can provide a supportive and non-judgemental environment in which men can feel comfortable enough to share deeply personal experiences.

    5. Do I need to go to rehab for an addiction?

    A lot of men are resistant to the idea of seeking treatment for an addiction, as they believe they should be strong enough to deal with it by themselves. However, asking for help is not a sign of weakness – instead, it demonstrates emotional and mental strength and a determination to recover.

    Recognising the signs of addiction within yourself can be difficult, but once you acknowledge that you have a problem and need help in order to recover, you will be able to move forward with your life in a positive way.

    If you can relate to some of the below statements, you may find it beneficial to seek treatment for a behavioural or substance addiction.

    • I find myself increasing the frequency and dosage of the substance use or behaviour in order to experience the same effects
    • I have stolen or borrowed money in order to fund the substance use or behaviour
    • Other people have experienced concerns about my substance use or behaviour
    • My substance use or behaviour has made it difficult for me to perform well at work or school
    • I have started to neglect my responsibilities at work, school and home in favour or the behaviour or substance use
    • I spend a lot of time thinking about, obtaining and using substances or repeating the behaviour
    • I feel agitated or restless if I am not able to do the behaviour or use substances
    • My relationships are suffering due to my substance use or behaviour
    • Substance use or other behaviours help me to escape from the pressures of life
    • I experience feelings of guilt and shame when I think about how my substance use or behaviour has affected other people in my life
    • I have attempted to reduce or completely stop the detrimental behaviour or substance use and have been unable to do so
    • I have experienced negative consequences due to the substance use or behaviour but continue to do it

    Where can I find a men-only rehab centre?

    For many men, choosing to seek treatment for an addiction is a difficult choice. The numerous options available for recovery can feel overwhelming and the idea of asking for help may be almost impossible to imagine.

    Our team at OK Rehab are on help to help you through the process of finding a men-only treatment programme for your specific substance or behavioural addiction.

    Many of us have been in your shoes and understand exactly what you are going through, and as a result, we are dedicated to providing support and guidance for anyone dealing with an addiction.

    Get in touch and begin your recovery journey today – there’s no better time to take action.







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