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About Us

Learn about OK Rehab. We provide information about how we begin this journey, and we offer information on the people behind the helpline.

    About Us

    OK Rehab specialises in local drug and alcohol rehab and addiction treatment. This treatment is available via both inpatient and outpatient treatment providers. We also work with clinics that are able to facilitate treatment taking place in your own home, who are able to provide professional intervention and home detoxification.

    At OK Rehab, our aim is to help individuals break free from the shackles of addiction and find a treatment that’s ideally suited to their needs. This treatment is applicable for drug addiction, alcoholism and process/behavioural addictions.

    Many of the treatments we may recommend taking place at residential rehab clinics. We have partnered with over 140 clinics of this nature across the UK and abroad. These clinics offer standalone detoxification services, or alternatively, you may combine detox with an extended rehabilitation.

    Each member of our team is “in recovery” themselves. This means we are uniquely positioned in understanding what you or your loved one are currently going through. At OK Rehab, we do not abide by the common misconceptions, stigmas and beliefs that often surround addiction by the public. Instead, we align with the disease model of addiction.

    We believe that with determination, hard work and the benefit of evidence-based treatments, many can overcome addiction and live a fruitful life in recovery. Whilst it is true that not everybody will succeed, the treatments we recommend are aligned with accepted scientific consensus, and thus offer you or your loved one the best possible chance of defeating addiction.

    How We Generate Revenue

    OK Rehab, a trading name under ADT Healthcare Ltd, operates as a comprehensive information, advisory, and referral service for individuals seeking addiction treatment options in the UK and abroad.

    Our services are completely free of charge, providing advice on both private and public treatment options. We present a range of treatment choices to empower you to make well-informed decisions tailored to your or your loved one’s specific needs.

    It’s important to note that you incur no costs for utilising the OK Rehab service. Instead, we receive a standard fee from the treatment provider you select.

    While we don’t collaborate with every treatment provider, we have carefully chosen a significant number with stellar reputations and CQC ratings, ensuring optimal outcomes.

    We believe in transparency: While we earn a standard referral commission from most private treatment providers we work with, this fee supports our business operations. However, rest assured that you pay the same price whether you engage with providers through us or directly.

    Furthermore, we offer information on numerous free services and alternative treatment options for those unable to afford private treatment.

    Why choose OK Rehab?

    OK Rehab is able to locate addiction treatment that’s tailored to your needs. We work in partnership with over 140 treatment providers across the UK and abroad. When you contact us, you discover a wealth of knowledge about the potential pros and cons of each treatment type for your particular needs.  Contact us today to find out how we can help.

    Below, we list a variety of ways we are able to assist you or your loved one in seeking out effective addiction treatment:

    • An over-the-phone assessment to determine if you require addiction treatment
    • Access to over 140+ clinics across the UK and abroad
    • Advice relating to outpatient, residential and home detox services
    • Access to detox clinics regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC)
    • Fast access to emergency detox treatment, is appropriate
    • Access to professional interventionists across the UK
    • Advice by staff members who are themselves in recovery
    • Information on both private and statutory funded addiction treatment providers


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