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Can I Use Insurance For Rehab?

    Can I Use Insurance For Rehab?

    You might be wondering how to afford a stay at rehab. The idea of expense if you don’t have expendable savings can pose a barrier.

    However, if you have private health insurance, you might have an alternative solution to pay for it.

    Whether it’s an insurance policy you’ve taken out privately or one that was provided through your place of employment, it’s definitely worth finding out if it covers rehab treatment.

    Can I use private health insurance to cover the cost of rehab?

    It’s very likely that you can use your health insurance policy to pay for your rehab stay. OK Rehab collaborates with many health care insurers to set this up for people seeking private treatment.

    We can also contact the rehab clinics you’re interested in to confirm that they accept payment through health insurers.

    If you haven’t done much research into what rehab clinics are available to you and would suit you recovery needs most, call our team. A friendly member of staff will talk these over with you.

    How do I find out if my health insurance policy covers a rehab stay?

    To find out if your health insurance will cover the cost of your rehab stay, you’ll need to check a few things. Looking at the insurance package you have, the level of cover, and the fine details will make this clear. If it’s not obvious on the paperwork, it’s worth calling the customer services department of the insurance company.

    If your insurance company confirms that you have rehabilitation support included on your health insurance policy, you’ll also want to know more about what that means.

    Some policies will cover a full 28 day stay at rehab and be inclusive of any medication that you might need, others might only include outpatient care such as a course of psychotherapy.

    It’s also useful to check what substances are covered on the policy to ensure treatment for the substance you’re addicted to is included.

    Health insurance companies that have policies covering rehab treatment

    Many health insurance companies cover rehab treatment, including:

    • Aetna
    • Aviva
    • AXA PPP
    • Blue Cross Shield
    • BUPA
    • Cigna
    • Coventry
    • JSIS
    • Tricare
    • WPA

    If your company isn’t listed here, it’s still worth calling them to ask whether rehab treatment is covered on your policy.

    What do I need to ask the insurance company?

    When you call your insurers, it’s useful to have a list of questions to hand so you don’t miss anything during the conversation. Be sure to discuss the following:

    • Whether your policy covers inpatient rehab treatment and how many days at rehab this would include.
    • If a medically-assisted detox is included, as this ensures any medications that might be required are offered.
    • Whether you could access outpatient rehabilitation treatments through the policy.
    • If your insurance covers treatment for the substance you’re addicted to.
    • Find out if the insurers would pay for your stay at any rehab, or whether they only pay for rehabs that they have identified.
    • Whether they expect you to see a doctor to confirm your addiction.

    It’s also useful if you call your local GP and ask for your NHS number. The rehab clinic you go to will likely require this information. You might also want to notify your GP that you’re going to rehab.

    How long will it take me to be admitted to rehab?

    It won’t take long for you to enter rehab if you go through your private health care insurance.

    When you contact OK Rehab, one of our team will lead you through an assessment where we gather information about you, the addiction, and a little about your life.

    This is so we can make recommendations to you on your options, but also to provide the necessary information to the rehab clinic.

    Many people are admitted in as little as 48 hours. This is, of course, helpful where addiction is concerned. It’s important to “strike while the iron’s hot” so that you receive the specialist support you need as quickly as possible.

    What should I do now?

    If you’re feeling overwhelmed, confused, or need someone to talk to about your addiction, rehab options, and how to access rehab through your insurance policy, call OK Rehab today. We support people in your position every day and will ensure the process is as smooth as possible for you.


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