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Substance Abuse

Five Main Symptoms of Co-dependence

by Ray Sadoun ǀ May 31, 2021

Five Main Symptoms of Co-dependence Co-dependency is defined as an excessive emotional or psychological reliance on a partner or other person. It can often be triggered by past emotional trauma such as an abusive childhood, domestic violence, sexual abuse, grief, extreme bullying, traumatic loss, abandonment, or other major life disruptions. The traumatic life experiences can […]

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Alcoholism’s Effects on Families

by Ray Sadoun ǀ May 31, 2021

Alcoholism’s Effects on Families Alcoholism affects more than just the sufferer of addiction. Any person that comes into close, regular contact with the sufferer can be affected by the addiction in many ways. Financial problems, relationship breakdowns and stress are just some of the ways in which family members can be affected by alcoholism. Families […]

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