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    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Suffolk

    In England, alcohol and drug use are two of the leading risks for early death among people aged 15 to 49. Between 2016 to 2017 it was estimated that over 3000 people used opiates and crack cocaine within the Suffolk area.

    If you are struggling with addiction get in touch with OK Rehab on 0800 326 5559. Our helpline advisors are here to help and want you to access the most suitable treatment programmes in Suffolk.

    We can help kickstart the process of recovery by recommending safe and reliable routes into treatment for you or a loved one. Our job is to take your expectations of treatment along with information about your addiction and find an appropriate clinic best suited to your needs.

    We can take the hard work out of finding a rehab clinic in Suffolk and provide you with many options that can see you into a happier, healthier life.

    Even if you just have questions about rehab or are concerned for a friend or a loved one, call us today and we can answer your queries confidentially and at no cost.

    When should I seek treatment?

    Visiting our webpage today might be the first time you have actively acknowledged your addiction and the fact you need help. You may be feeling anxious and uncertain, wondering if and when treatment should be accessed.

    Here are a few signs that can show you need to access treatment from one of our many rehab centres:

    • You have tried to quit before but ended up taking more substances
    • You have a high tolerance for drugs and alcohol
    • Things that you used to enjoy now don’t bring a feeling of joy
    • The substance consumes your daily life
    • You use the substance even though it’s affecting your physical and mental health

    Do I need to attend rehab?

    Denial is a huge part of addiction and it can be tough to admit you have a problem with drugs or alcohol. If you are uncertain about your substance abuse and wondering if you need to attend rehab, ask yourself the following questions:

    • Has addiction become your main priority in life?
    • Do you feel that your relationships with others have become affected by your use of substances?
    • Do you avoid attending events so you can consume drugs or alcohol?
    • Do you rely on substances to see you through the day?
    • Have you tried to quit in the past but have failed?
    • Have people in your life come to you with concerns over your drug and alcohol use?

    If your answer to many of the above questions is yes, then it may be time to consider inpatient treatment at a local rehab clinic in Suffolk.

    Many of the modern rehab clinics in Suffolk provide evidence-based treatment programmes, meaning you will be in the best hands at all times. Treatments on offer include detox programmes and cognitive behavioural therapy.

    What happens at rehab?

    Each client’s treatment programme differs though if your addiction to drugs or alcohol is severe you will start your treatment with detoxing. This is when you undergo a medically supervised programme overseen by trained professionals. During detoxification, your body starts to learn how to adjust to life without substances and flushes all toxins out.

    We do not recommend you detox at home as this can be life-threatening if not managed correctly. When you detox your body undergoes withdrawal symptoms.

    These can be painful and, if detoxing at home, can cause you to relapse taking more of the substance your body craves to stop any feelings of displeasure.

    When you have completed your detox programme you can begin therapy to help heal your mind. Detoxing usually lasts about one to two weeks though this can be longer depending on the severity of your addiction.

    What types of therapy are on offer?

    Traditional forms of therapy such as cognitive behavioural therapy and dialectical behavioural therapy are used throughout many rehab clinics in Suffolk. These have been proven to be extremely beneficial in exploring causes of addiction and learning coping mechanisms for life outside of treatment.

    Modern psychotherapy is also explored as well as holistic methods such as arts and crafts, sports therapy, and massage therapy. Suffolk offers wide areas of tranquil scenery meaning you can make the most of your comfortable rehab facility and enjoy what the county has to offer.

    Why should I visit rehab in Suffolk?

    At OK Rehab we are in touch with a wide range of treatment providers all across the UK meaning we can help you decide upon a suitable place to attend rehab. We encourage localised recovery meaning that selecting a rehab clinic in Suffolk, if you are close to the area, will be the most convenient to you.

    Depending on the kind of treatment you are offered you may be required to attend your chosen clinic regularly meaning it would be useful for you to live close by. With this taken into consideration, it is important to set realistic expectations for what you want to receive from treatment.

    Travelling far for treatment may see you lose motivation quickly and stop attending sessions. This can be detrimental to your recovery, so we encourage you to consider how far away your chosen clinic is.

    Localised treatment is recommended for the level of comfort it can provide. It can also be reassuring to have friends and family within the local area so you can ask them for support. Through this, you will also be offered group sessions such as family therapy which can have a positive impact on your success and recovery.

    Another benefit to localised treatment is that after you have completed residential rehab, aftercare services will be provided within your area. It is important to consider how far you are willing to travel for aftercare services. If you are based close to your clinic you will be able to access great resources within your community such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.

    Should I consider residential rehab?

    The delivery of your treatment will be tailored and personalised to you. It is first important to select which form of treatment will best suit you, outpatient or inpatient. If you are thinking about attending rehab because of a severe addiction that you have been trying to overcome, we would recommend inpatient treatment at a residential rehab facility. This kind of treatment is encouraged for many clients.

    Residential rehab can provide you with the space to focus on yourself and allow you to recover in time with no distractions. Paired with the high level of care you will receive from staff; you can enter recovery quicker than you may realise.

    One of the biggest benefits of entering residential rehab is the freedom away from triggers and associations related to your addiction. Many people suffer from emotional triggers tied to their addiction and trying to recover at home can make this very hard. By opting to move into a clinic you can remove yourself from any negative situations and harness new skills to make life easier when you complete treatment.

    Residential care offers structure and routine, some things clients may have previously lived without. This can be extremely beneficial when treating addiction as it provides consistency and stability.

    How do referrals work?

    When you contact us regarding admission a member of our team will conduct a short assessment. This can help us find out a bit more about your addiction and what your expectations and goals are for recovery. This initial call can help us find out about your relationship with drugs and alcohol as well as your current psychological state. We can also discuss your budget for rehab as well as your motivations for recovery.

    With your consent, we can then pass on your information to local rehab providers who can offer specific treatment programmes catered to your needs. Our team will always offer you support and guidance during your treatment journey and beyond.

    We pride ourselves on offering personalised approaches to recovery and value each patient as an individual, knowing that addiction affects people in a variety of ways.

    What are my options for treatment?

    Whether you complete an inpatient or outpatient programme we will always offer you leading and effective forms of treatment. One of the reasons private rehab is advised is because it offers high standards of treatment for all clients.

    In rehab, you can usually expect to complete a wide range of treatments to help better your body and mind. These can include, but are not limited to:

    1. Detox programmes

    This is the first form of treatment you will be offered, and it is a crucial first step in your recovery. Detoxing allows your body to expel any toxins from drugs and alcohol and whilst it can be very uncomfortable it is important to remember that it is only temporary and can allow your body to heal.

    2. Therapy sessions

    After you have detoxed you will be offered various forms of therapy. This can range from traditional forms such as cognitive behavioural therapy and dialectical behaviour therapy. Many clinics in the Suffolk area also offer psychotherapy and holistic forms of therapy. Engaging in therapy can be invaluable in healing your mind and learning new skills and coping mechanisms.

    To prepare for entering society again once treatment has been completed you can expect to put plans into place with the assistance of your support worker. These plans usually include relapse prevention which can help you learn how to manage cravings and what to do in the event of a relapse.

    If a relapse does occur, we urge you to contact us immediately. There is no need to feel shame or guilt we just want to ensure your safety. Relapsing doesn’t signify failure, but rather that your needs have changed therefore treatment needs to be adjusted accordingly.

    Even if you have completed treatment but still need help you are encouraged to reach out to us again and enter a facility if you need support. There is no time limit on treatment or how long it will take you to recover. Recovery is often thought of as a journey because it takes time and there may be bumps in the road. This is not a journey that you have to take alone, and we can stand by your side throughout.

    What does a typical day at rehab in Suffolk look like?

    Residential rehab is considered the most effective form of treatment because it provides patients with routine. A typical day in rehab will vary for each patient but usually revolves around a pattern of events.

    You will usually have a set time for waking up in the morning followed by a healthy, nutritious breakfast prepared by staff. After this, you will attend a group therapy session or meeting.

    At lunchtime, you will be offered another meal then take part in more individual activities such as one-to-one therapy or counselling. You are also encouraged to make use of alternative treatments and therapies such as creating art or music.

    You will always be encouraged to enjoy personal activities as this form of care can encourage you on your journey and the joy you may have lost due to addiction. After your evening meal, you will be invited to attend another session which could be a 12-step meeting or group therapy.

    Bedtime is usually set around 10 o’clock which can give you much-needed time to relax and unwind before beginning another productive day.

    What happens next?

    At OK Rehab, we have helped many people recover from addictions and want to help you do the same.

    Call us today on 0800 326 5559 and we can begin your referral into a rehab facility. We can talk through any concerns you have about treatment and let you know about the options that are available to you.

    If you are still unsure about rehab, we recommend visiting a facility in the Suffolk area and talking to staff and clients about their experiences.


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