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    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Berkshire

    If you have a drug and/or alcohol addiction, it can be incredibly difficult to admit this to yourself and even more difficult to acknowledge that you may need professional help to overcome your problem.

    If your drug or alcohol consumption has become problematic, you can find the recovery treatment that you need locally in the Berkshire area.

    Here at OK Rehab, we are ready to support you, whether you’re ready to commit to your recovery or need a little more convincing that it’s the right step for you.

    There are a significant number of people in Berkshire and the wider UK struggling with addiction problems, so you are by no means alone.

    Denial is a common trait of addiction, so if your immediate instinct is to brush off or ridicule the sentiment that your substance use is a cause for concern, think again.

    At OK Rehab we help people in the local area and all over the UK to begin their recovery journey and start a new life.

    There is no judgment here and you will receive a confidential and empathetic ear to your problems.

    We understand the degree of fortitude involved with admitting that you need help and we applaud anyone who has the strength to tackle their addiction head-on.

    We also know from experience that committing to rehab treatment, especially if you’re new to the concept, can be an intimidating concept.

    We have therefore put together some answers to the most frequently raised concerns made by those who are considering rehab, but not yet committed.

    If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, reach out with any other concerns that you may have.

    As well as a top-quality referral service, we can support and advise those who need help coming to terms with their addiction.

    How can OK Rehab help me to find a trusted addiction rehab centre in Berkshire?

    Once you’ve acknowledged your addiction and taken the bold step to seek professional help to support your recovery, we can help you to find a facility that is suitable.

    Whether you wish to recover locally in Berkshire or further afield, we have trusted partner rehab facilities across the country.

    In Berkshire and the surrounding areas, we can offer renowned private addiction treatment centres in:

    • Reading
    • Wokingham
    • Slough
    • Windsor
    • Maidenhead

    As well as further afield, if you would prefer, in areas such as :

    • London
    • Surrey
    • Berkshire
    • Buckinghamshire
    • Kent
    • East Sussex
    • West Sussex
    • Hampshire
    • Oxfordshire
    • Brighton

    We can begin your pre-admission without the need for any GP referrals once we’ve completed a short initial assessment.

    This assessment is used to find out more about you and your substance use, as well as what your recovery goals are.

    We will ask you about what substances you use, how frequently and what quantities you consume.

    We will also ask about any side effects you may be experiencing and whether you have any pre-existing mental or physical health issues.

    We will also want to confirm that you are prepared to commit to a drug and alcohol addiction treatment programme.

    Rehab offers your best opportunity to recover, but it is not a magical fix and requires those attending to have a desire to recover.

    Our staff are dedicated to finding help for those who want it and are highly experienced in determining the appropriate level of treatment for different severities of addiction.

    All calls to OK Rehab are completely confidential and you will not be put forward for any rehabilitation programmes until you have found a facility that you are happy with and have committed to recovery.

    All of our partner facilities are very well equipped with individual private rooms as well as a selection of wellness facilities, such as gardens, a gym and spa and leading therapy rooms.

    The staff team consists of doctors, psychologists and specially trained addiction support counsellors and carers.

    Is rehab affordable?

    It’s a bit of a myth that rehab is a luxury treatment that is only affordable for the rich and famous.

    There is actually a wide range of treatment facilities available to suit different budgets, some of them will certainly be more high-end than others, however, they all offer comfort, professionalism, safety and the best chance to recover from your addiction.

    Once we’ve established your budget, we can recommend an appropriate local facility, however, the cost of treatment will still vary depending on the level of support required and the severity of your addiction.

    Overall the intention of rehab facilities is to ensure that they make their services attainable to everyone who needs it, so if you would benefit from the use of a payment plan, this is offered by many.

    Whatever your budget, the cost of recovering is difficult to quantify, as it’s something that’s invaluable.

    Of course, you can maximise your investment by ensuring that you commit your full efforts to recovery, reducing the need to re-attend.

    If you’re looking to attend a rehab program that offers you a substantial chance of making a long-term recovery, speak to the team at OK Rehab today and we will be happy to go through your options.

    Is attending drug and alcohol rehab safe?

    Residential rehab is actually the safest recovery option available to those struggling with addiction.

    Detoxification in particular is a risky process to attempt alone and the continued support throughout a residential rehab programme means that you are safely supported throughout the entire process.

    Our partner facilities also all offer a complete recovery programme, which addresses every aspect of your addiction, as well as ensuring that you have a strong and viable support network in place when you return to your daily life.

    All staff are highly trained and there are medical doctors on hand 24 hours per day.

    Why does private residential rehab offer a better outcome?

    Private residential rehab offers a higher success rate with regard to addiction recovery for a number of reasons.

    Whilst it can be difficult to commit to the financial and personal burden of attending this level of rehabilitation, the results speak for themselves, with a large percentage of those who attend maintaining a long-term sober life beyond their treatment.

    Although NHS treatment programmes are available, they are generally less intensive and unfortunately, significant underfunding in this area of medicine means that it is incredibly difficult to obtain treatment.

    The waiting lists are long and some people will lose their desire to recover whilst they wait and as their addiction takes a more substantial hold.

    Some of the main reasons that private residential rehab is more successful are fairly logical, for example:

    • The secluded environment was designed with rehabilitation in mind and takes you away from your daily triggers
    • You are monitored throughout your attendance making it incredibly difficult to relapse
    • There are highly trained staff organising the treatments who deal with addiction recovery daily
    • You have access to leading addiction recovery treatments
    • The programmes are structured and tailored to your specific requirements

    What does the complete rehab process entail?

    It often helps people to feel more comfortable attending rehab if they know what to expect, so here’s a brief rundown of what you can expect to experience throughout your say.

    1. Admission

    When you are admitted to the programme, your personalised treatment programme will be designed and explained to you.

    You will undergo some physical and mental examinations and will be given the chance to ask any questions about the process and raise any concerns you may have with your treatment plan.

    You will also be assigned a designated member of staff to go to throughout your stay, should you need anything.

    2. Detox

    Detox is the part of rehab that most people are concerned about and whilst it is not an easy process, it is essential to your long-term recovery efforts.

    Undergoing detox at the beginning of the rehab process will give you the chance to reduce your physical cravings before you attempt to deal with the physical aspects of your addiction.

    It aids focus and shows you that functioning without the use of drugs and alcohol is possible for you.

    You can feel assured that attending detox as part of a private residential rehab programme offers you the safest and most comfortable option.

    Detox can result in dangerous and unpleasant withdrawal symptoms and the presence of specially trained medical staff to minimize these symptoms and act immediately, should an emergency situation arise, is unmatched.

    3. Psychological therapy

    Once you have completed your detox, you will be free to focus on the psychological attributes of your addiction.

    This will consist of addressing the reasons behind your addiction, as well as learning how to ignore triggers and forming a new mentality around drug and alcohol usage.

    As treatment programmes are tailored to the individual, you may participate in any or all of the following therapy types during your stay.

    These are combined based on your individual mental health needs and help you to choose a sustained recovery.

    • Cognitive behavioural therapy
    • Family therapy
    • Group therapy
    • Individual therapy
    • Relaxation therapy
    • Alternative therapies, such as reiki, art therapy, massage and reflexology
    • Fellowship meetings
    • Stress management
    • Nutrition education

    How long will it take?

    There are a number of factors that can influence the length of your rehab programme, including the severity of your addiction, commitment to your recovery and the type of substances you have been using.

    Whether or not you have pre-existing physical and mental health issues can also affect the required length of stay.

    A typical rehab programme is around 4 weeks long, although up to 90 days at a time may be required in some situations.

    Whilst this may seem like a long period of time, especially for those clients with families, there are facilities available to stay in contact with and receive visits from loved ones.

    There will be wifi available and clients will have access to a telephone and a laptop, so keeping in touch is easily achieved.

    As treatment plans can change to suit your needs throughout the duration of your stay, it’s also important to enter rehab with an open mind and a degree of flexibility in terms of how long you will be in attendance.

    Your discharge date can be brought forward or pushed back depending on how well you respond to the treatment, so not having plans set in stone is a good mental approach to have.

    Will I receive any additional support post-rehab?

    Once you’ve attended one of our trusted partner rehab facilities in the Berkshire area, you can expect to feel significantly more in control of your addiction.

    It’s important to understand that addiction is a lifelong problem that will not disappear, however, it can be much more easily maintained with the right mindset and tools to prevent relapses.

    It’s perfectly normal to feel anxious about returning to your previous life after having the benefit of complete support in your recovery, and whilst it may be difficult to anticipate now, you will be much stronger and better prepared to return to your life when you’ve completed your treatment.

    You will also have access to extensive aftercare services for a prolonged period after your residential rehab.

    Aftercare treatment can include access to support groups that will aid in your sustained motivation and give you additional accountability and personal counselling sessions, as well as development opportunities such as training courses, to provide you with healthy goals and habits.

    You will also be armed with a relapse prevention plan and will have learned invaluable coping mechanisms to help you ignore your triggers and remove yourself from potentially triggering situations.

    In Berkshire, there are a wide range of abstinence-based support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, all of whom will have regular contact with us here at OK Rehab and can provide key guidance and support in your long-term sobriety.

    You are also able to continue your relationship with the rehab facility for up to eighteen months beyond the programme’s completion.

    We hope that this has set your mind at ease when it comes to making your choice about reaching out for professional recovery treatment.

    If you do have any additional worries or concerns, feel free to contact us here at OK Rehab today.

    We’re ready to help you begin your route to recovery right here in Berkshire.

    If you are actively seeking help and want to make a positive change in your life call OK Rehab today and we can help talk you through the next steps on 0800 326 5559.


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