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    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Birmingham

    Are you based in the West Midlands and considering undergoing treatment for an addiction? A drug and alcohol rehab in Birmingham may be the perfect place, and we can help get you there.

    We are OK Rehab, a recovery-advocate service that strives to support anyone and everyone who is struggling to cope with addiction and help them self-refer into suitable treatment.

    With our help, you could undergo a drug and alcohol detox in a Birmingham-based rehab, and be on the track to a full recovery thanks to therapy and counselling in no time.

    We understand that at this time you may have many questions about the possibility of recovery through a drug and alcohol rehab in Birmingham, and queries about many other aspects of addiction.

    Some of our most frequently asked questions are answered briefly below but do not hesitate to get in contact with us if you do not find the information you are looking for here.

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    What is addiction?

    An addiction is defined in simple terms as an individual compulsively partaking in certain behaviour that offers some sort of incentive, despite the known consequences.

    When addiction is mentioned, many will automatically think of substances like drugs, nicotine, and alcohol, but these aren’t the only things that a person can be addicted to. In fact, it is possible to be addicted to just about anything.

    Shopping, collecting, sex, exercise, gambling, working; all are things that an individual can become addicted to.

    The main connection between all addictions is the constant chase for a ‘high’. With addictions like shopping or collecting, this high is the purchase of a new item, with gambling it can be the feeling of winning, and this formula applies to all forms of addiction.

    When it comes to drugs and alcohol, this high is a literal one. As substances like these are consumed, they work to alter the ways our cells normally send, receive, and process information. They do this by over-stimulating the ‘reward circuit’ of our brain, and flooding it with excess chemicals.

    This can lead to the user feeling less stressed, and more relaxed and happy. This feeling and the break it gives the individual from daily life is the high that drugs and alcohol offer.

    What causes addiction?

    The majority of addictions are caused by the misuse of the above-mentioned ‘high’ that comes with drugs and alcohol.

    For some people, this high can be reached regularly with no addiction-forming, as they may use substances in small amounts and usually purely for recreational purposes. However, when this high is used as a coping technique to avoid difficult emotions, events or even people, addiction is sure to form.

    The continuous use of these substances to cope with any number of triggers (which could be anything such as stress from work, dysfunctional families, abusive partners or traumatic past events), can lead to the user experiencing an increase in their tolerance for the substance each time they take it.

    This can in turn lead to them needing to up the dose each time they use in order to reach the same desired effect. This is where addiction can spiral out of control very quickly.

    If this sounds like you or someone you know, get in contact with OK Rehab today via our helpline: 0800 326 5559.

    How can I help a loved one experiencing addiction?

    It can be scary to know and love someone who is struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, especially when they are refusing to acknowledge its existence.

    We recommend not attempting to interfere with your loved one yourself, as this – when done improperly – usually leads to disputes and disagreements, and can result in the individual sometimes falling even further into drug and alcohol abuse in retaliation.

    Instead, we suggest reaching out to us here at OK Rehab. We offer professional intervention services that can help your loved one come to terms with their addiction, and begin to consider seeking the help they need.

    All our intervention specialists have experienced addiction themselves before in the past and are now living in recovery, making them the best possible people to support your loved one and help them to realise the severity of their situation.

    When should I seek professional help?

    You should be seeking professional help for addiction as soon as you begin to notice the signs of one creeping into your life.

    It may be hard at first to realise what it is you are experiencing, so listen to friends and family members if they express concern over your use of substances, and try to notice how your substance use has impacted other aspects of your life.

    Have you lost weight suddenly? Are you struggling to sleep? Are you more withdrawn in your social life or are avoiding responsibilities at your job?

    If it becomes clear that your use of drugs and alcohol is no longer recreational, and you are using them to regularly cope with negative and difficult emotions, it is time to get in contact with a professional.

    When you enquire with us here at OK Rehab, we can take you step by step through the signs and symptoms of addiction, and discuss which ones you may be experiencing.

    We can help identify what you are suffering from, and narrow down how best to help your situation. However, for us to be able to do so, you have to first pick up the phone.

    Can I recover at home?

    During your search for suitable addiction treatment, it is highly likely you have considered – or even already tried an at-home recovery.

    Whilst this option for treatment does offer a sense of freedom and independence for those who opt for it, and appeals to many because of the associated low price tag and home comforts that accompany it, it does not boast high chances of recovery.

    This is because of a number of reasons and is why this option is rarely recommended to clients – save for a lucky few who have proven themselves able to go through with it, or those that are dealing with much less severe addictions or substances.

    The main reason that home recovery are not recommended, is usually because of how simply hard they are to follow through on.

    Unless you are someone who has great personal strength, self-motivation and high willpower to succeed and not give in to temptations, an at-home detox and recovery will not be viable for you.

    At home, it is much easier to gain access to further drugs and alcohol, and if you do not have a network of support with you to coach you through recovery, this is very easy to give into.

    It is also harder to avoid the emotional triggers that are likely to reside in your home environment when you are left alone. This means that even if clients do succeed with a home detox and treat the physical side of addiction, without professional help and therapy to treat the psychological factors of their illness, they have much higher chances of relapsing.

    For these and many other reasons – which are negated with a rehabilitation programme – at home recovery options are scarcely recommended.

    Don’t be ashamed if one is not suggested for you, this merely means that you and your addiction require more attention in order to heal.

    Why should I choose OK Rehab?

    Here at OK Rehab, we have been in your shoes before. Many of our team have experienced some sort of addiction themselves in their lives, and now living in recovery. They are living proof that recovery is possible for anyone – including you.

    We understand how scared, confused and nervous you may be when reaching out for help, and how difficult it is struggling to juggle addiction, temptation, and a normal life all in one.

    This is why we now use our vast experience in the field, both from dealing with our own addictions and that of other clients, to help those in need of vital addiction treatment.

    At OK Rehab, we don’t discriminate or pick and choose who we want to help. We offer our services to anyone who is dealing with an addiction, no matter the circumstances, and strive to give each client the same care and attention that they deserve.

    With our help, you could find yourself receiving life-saving treatment and participating in multiple forms of therapy in an excellent drug and alcohol rehab in Birmingham. We will guide you throughout your time in rehab, and prepare you fully for the journey that lies ahead of you.

    When you eventually leave rehab, we are still on your side, and will not abandon you. You can contact us anytime on the free-to-call helpline, and we will support your substance-free life until you no longer need us.

    How long is a rehabilitation programme in Birmingham?

    The average amount of time for a rehabilitation programme in a drug and alcohol rehab in Birmingham is around 28 days.

    With this being said, every client is different, and every addiction is too. This means that this allotted 28 days may not always be right for every client, and some will need considerably longer in rehab, whereas others may be able to leave before this time.

    If you are someone who requires longer than the expected 28 day period, do not worry.

    It is normal and expected for each client to need varying lengths of time due to the varied set of treatments that each client will receive. The amount of time you need in rehab is also decided by other factors that are now out of your control such as the substances you have used in the past.

    We suggest focusing not on the ‘finish line’, but on the progress, you are sure to make along the way.

    By doing this, and being able to look back on your improvement and see real changes, it can spur you on to continue with your recovery, rather than make you feel like the process is taking too long to provide you with tangible results.

    Your recovery is still possible no matter the length of time you spend in rehab.

    How much does a rehabilitation programme in Birmingham cost?

    Unfortunately, every year many individuals suffering from a drug and alcohol addiction will go without the care and treatment they need in fear of the expected expenses of rehab and other professional treatment.

    We understand why this is, but we never want anyone who could benefit from addiction treatment to go without simply because of costs. Because of this, we always strive to work around the fluctuating financial situations of our clients.

    If you are concerned about the possible costs of treatment for your addiction, let us know when you begin your enquiry. We can usually factor any personal budgets into our working, and will aim to find you the best possible treatment regardless of your situation.

    You can contact our team for more information.


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