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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Andover

Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Andover

    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Andover

    Are you currently abusing substances such as drugs or alcohol? Does this happen daily? Do you feel that it needs to stop but don’t know where to source professional help?

    For many people struggling with addiction, it may be possible that you view your addiction as normal. It is worth considering some things such as your rate of consumption, the effects of your addiction and any withdrawal symptoms that present when you try to stop.

    These things can all have catastrophic effects on your life and can even cause fatalities.

    Within our society drug and alcohol use is a lot more accepted than it used to be. This can be a contributing factor as to why so many people are suffering in silence.

    Addiction diagnosis can be tricky especially when taking into consideration dual diagnosis for a mental health condition. You may also never seek a professional diagnosis due to fear or the belief that you are benefiting from your substance use.

    If you are consuming drugs or alcohol daily there is no possibility that this will be benefitting you in any way. If you believe you are not yet at the stage of addiction, continuing in your substance abuse, can see you move closer towards it.

    Due to the rapid increase of addiction, it is important that you are aware of the services on offer that can help you break this cycle of misuse. At OK Rehab we can help you find a suitable rehab centre in Andover, securing your admission and suitability to an addiction treatment programme.

    Deciding to break free from addiction is a necessary step for your future. End your relationship with substance abuse today by calling our team on 0800 326 5559.

    Why is a commitment to treatment important?

    Committing to treatment is crucial in ensuring your success in recovery. To overcome an addiction, rehab will always be advised. If you are wanting to stay close to home OK Rehab can help you find local clinics in Andover.

    Embracing the processes involved in rehab can make sure you are prepared physically and mentally for treatment. We understand that combatting addiction is challenging. But it is through these difficult times that your dedication and commitment to seeing change must shine through.

    Overcoming addiction in rehab can ensure you are supervised and supported by medical staff at all times and are provided with specialist levels of care. Nutritious meals are provided as well as housekeeping benefits such as laundry.

    Choosing private rehab also means you can gain access to luxurious facilities such as gyms, saunas, swimming pools, and massage rooms.

    Securing your commitment before entering rehab is always advised. You must remember why you are recovering and why you are choosing to make a change in your life. By calling our friendly team we can help talk through any worries or questions you may have.

    I’m worried about a loved one, what are the signs of addiction?

    The symptoms of addiction vary for each individual. Though if you are worried about someone you know it can be helpful to be able to spot some of the initial signs. One of the biggest signs is negativity.

    If you know they have had experiences with drugs and alcohol in the past this can be a key indicator that they are using again or are doing so privately. With excessive drug use negativity appears due to the physical and psychological side effects.

    If a person is struggling after a ‘high’ they may appear easily angered and frustrated. These symptoms can also appear if they are struggling to source their chosen substance and are therefore undergoing withdrawals.

    People suffering from drug and alcohol addiction fail to view these negative side effects as consequences of their addiction. To them it becomes normal but to watch someone you know and love going through this can be heart-breaking.

    Further indications of addiction include:

    • The inability to stop
    • Deterioration of physical and mental health
    • Cancelling plans due to substances becoming a priority
    • Quitting work or being fired for substance issues
    • Getting into trouble with local law enforcement
    • Rapid weight loss and problems with the skin and eyes
    • Severe cravings
    • Daily consumption

    OK Rehab can always provide support and we pride ourselves on our inclusive approach to addiction treatment. We not only provide guidance for those with addictions but for families and friends too. We can signpost you to local facilities such as family therapy and can also offer advice for interventions.

    Remember, you do not have to go through any of this alone.

    What are the types of therapy on offer at Andover rehab clinics?

    Once clients have undergone a detox programme to physically heal their body, they can begin to make use of the various forms of therapy on offer.

    All sessions are run by qualified therapists and counsellors allowing you to heal your mind in a safe and nurturing environment. Sessions such as one-to-one and group therapy can help you explore and understand the root causes of your addiction and speak to others about the challenges you are facing. Therapists can help you create plans for relapse prevention and discuss triggers that you can aim to combat.

    At OK Rehab we also understand the importance of holistic therapies such as yoga, mindfulness, and reiki. These therapies offer a different experience to that of traditional therapy and work best in conjunction with talking therapies.


    Our care and support don’t end once you have finished treatment. At OK Rehab we only partner with clinics in the Andover area that provide specialist aftercare for their clients. Aftercare is a vital part of recovery and can significantly reduce any chances of relapsing. It can help you cope with your new life of sobriety and any challenges that may arise.

    Individual therapy is offered weekly so that you can continue to avoid high-risk situations once you complete treatment.

    Many clinics also employ the 12-step programme that can offer you support and guidance with the help of support workers and sponsors.

    Group therapy can also be very beneficial during this time as you can work with your peers and offer them support during any challenges they may face.

    Aftercare, similarly to your treatment plan, is tailored to your needs. This can help you in your sobriety journey and can make the transition back home a little easier. Knowing you have a support network can be helpful during this time.

    Aftercare usually lasts around twelve months and means you can return to your chosen clinic any time you like.

    Seek help today

    We hope that by reading this page today you have gathered enough information to move forward and make that first step into recovery.

    Our helpline is open 24/7 and we encourage you to reach out for admission into a rehab facility as soon as possible. You can contact us by calling 0800 326 5559.

    For over twenty years we have been providing inclusive and accessible treatment to people all around the UK. To benefit from our level of expertise, reach out to us today and make recovery a reality.


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