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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Banbury

Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Banbury

    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Banbury

    Trying and failing to recover alone is a common theme for people struggling with a drug and alcohol addiction. Even if you seek help through the NHS, you are likely to face long waiting times and subpar treatment types. All these factors, unfortunately, deter many people from getting help, and that shouldn’t be the case.

    With OK Rehab, you can benefit from treatment at leading centres in Banbury. The waiting times are virtually non-existent with most people waiting just weeks before entering drug and alcohol rehab. Home detoxes and outpatient treatment can be arranged even sooner.

    We refer you to facilities that offer tried and tested methods of treatment, the main ones being detox and therapy.

    The process of getting help with OK Rehab is really quite simple. Call us on 0800 326 5559 and we will discuss your options before referring you for high-quality treatment in Banbury.

    How Can OK Rehab Help Me?

    Below, we list several ways we can help you or a loved one in your respective recovery journey:

    1. We listen sympathetically

    The unique thing about OK Rehab is that all our staff members have a personal addiction story. This means they can relate to your struggles with substances rather than judging you for your decisions. When you call us, we will take as much time as we need to listen to your experiences with addiction and validate your feelings.

    2. We offer expert advice

    Day in and day out, we help people discover the perfect treatment for their addiction, whether it be mild, moderate, or severe. This means that we are prepared to tackle any situation. No matter your circumstances, we will be knowledgeable about treatment options that would suit you.

    3. We do the research

    Researching drug and alcohol rehabs is not appealing when you are currently suffering from the symptoms of addiction. The good news is that we do it all for you. Based on your preferences, we will take our time to research treatment centres in Banbury and find an appropriate one for you.

    4. We don’t leave you waiting

    As soon as we locate the ideal type of treatment, we will inform you. You will receive the contact details of the treatment centre so that you can arrange your start date. It is possible to prolong this date, however, it is not recommended as it is much easier and safer to treat addiction at the first opportunity.

    5. We offer extended support

    After our first phone call, you are welcome to contact us at any time. Recovery is a life-long quest, so you may need a non-judgemental person to listen to your struggles every now and then. Our advisors are happy to be that person for you.

    Can You Help Someone with a Severe Addiction?

    OK Rehab is equipped to help anyone and everyone who has a tricky relationship with drugs and alcohol. We have seen it all, from mild substance abuse to full-blown addiction, and there is nothing we cannot handle. Having said that, be prepared for your treatment to be more intense if your addiction is severe.

    What are the Challenges of Rehab?

    As much as we love to promote rehab in Banbury, the truth is that it presents challenges that can be hard to overcome such as:

    1. Being away from home

    For some people, being away from friends and family for 28 days is a daunting prospect. This is only made scarier when you are living in an unfamiliar area with strangers. However, on a positive note, living at rehab provides the opportunity to distance yourself from toxic loved ones and focus on your recovery.

    There are also fewer commitments – your cooking and cleaning will be done for you – so you can have a rest from your usual routine.

    2. Having no access to drink and drugs

    It goes without saying that abstinence-based treatment is not easy in the slightest. When you first stop using substances, you are likely to have strong cravings that feel impossible to ignore. However, the longer you lead a sober lifestyle, the easier it will get to push away thoughts of drinking or taking drugs.

    3. Following a strict routine

    While rehab gives you the chance to leave your everyday life behind, it is not an easy ride. You will be expected to wake up early every day, engage in therapy sessions, attend extra activities such as educational workshops, and get to bed early every night.

    Depending on your personality, this may be a challenge. Something that makes it easier is the community spirit that many patients have. When you see others following a strict routine and appearing healthier, it will encourage you to do the same.

    Undergoing a detox

    The detox is one of the scariest parts of rehab for many people as it involves removing drugs and alcohol from your system. It is likely for you to feel unwell as you detox but this should only last a few days. As difficult as the detox is, try to see it as a positive thing as it is restoring you back to full health and physically cleansing you of your addiction.

    Engaging in therapy

    Finally, not everyone finds it easy to open up about their substance abuse, so therapy is not appreciated by everyone. It may be particularly intimidating to engage in group therapy, where everyone shares their personal addiction stories.

    This will get easier as you progress through treatment – you will get to know the other patients more and hear their stories, helping you to slowly open up too.

    What are the Benefits of Rehab?

    Fortunately, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages when it comes to inpatient treatment in Banbury, and here’s why:

    1. You will receive round-the-clock care in rehab

    A team of therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses, doctors and addiction specialists will work with you in rehab. They will always be nearby at any time of the day or night, meaning you are never left alone to suffer.

    2. You will benefit from rehabilitation

    As well as therapy, rehab centres offer different forms of rehabilitation such as exercise facilities, healthy meals, and motivational sessions. You will learn to practise healthy habits each day. The hope is that this will transfer to your daily life after rehab, as a healthy lifestyle is conducive to sobriety.

    3. You will receive aftercare

    Treatment is not restricted to the 28 days at rehab. When you leave, you will still have access to the facility’s resources for 12 months. The main benefit of this is that you can continue to have individual and group therapy sessions. Some other advantages are accountability calls and helpline numbers.

    Call OK Rehab Now

    If the idea of attending a drug and alcohol rehab in Banbury appeals to you, do not hesitate to call us today on 0800 326 5559. If you are hesitant to pick up the phone, you can fill out the ‘request a call’ form and we will soon be in touch.

    We are passionate about recovery, and we would love to see you share that passion. Even if you aren’t currently ready for rehab, give us a quick call and we will present your treatment options in Banbury. Mild addictions can be treated by a home detox or an outpatient programme.

    Given the vast amount of recovery resources in Banbury, there is no excuse to continue to lead a lifestyle of addiction. Choose sobriety and prepare to watch every area of your life transform.


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