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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Barnstaple

Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Barnstaple

    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Barnstaple

    Are you thinking of receiving treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction? Are you concerned that now isn’t the right time? Or perhaps you are unaware of what rehab consists of?

    If you are located in the Barnstaple area and want to find out more about the services OK Rehab can provide, then read on.

    At OK Rehab we understand that reaching out for professional help is a daunting task. You may feel like there are too many things weighing you down or that you can’t even afford private rehab. This doesn’t have to be the case and for over twenty years we have provided valuable help and guidance to many people across the UK, helping them get back on their feet and into recovery.

    You may be worried about committing to treatment but hopefully, by reading our webpage today you can find yourself more equipped and knowledgeable about the rehab process and what it involves.

    Reach out to our team today on 0800 326 5559 for more information on rehab and read our web pages that answer many frequently asked questions regarding addiction treatment.

    Why should I choose private treatment?

    Understanding the value of rehab can help you see the benefits it can provide to you. Here are some of the many reasons why private rehab clinics are so effective compared to public services:

    • The facilities on offer are state-of-the-art. Programmes are also evidence-based and have helped many people succeed in the past. The funding for private rehab is consistent compared to that of many public programmes that have been cut due to government underfunding. At private rehab, there is a lot more choice on offer meaning you can enjoy privacy in a single occupancy room with a bathroom rather than a shared dormitory.
    • Private rehab can offer support any time you need it. If you complete treatment but feel like you need to enter rehab again, this is always possible. To try and do this in a public programme would be incredibly difficult and can cause tragic repercussions on your life if you cannot access the care you require.
    • With private rehab, aftercare is offered with your treatment programme. This means that you can gain access to care after you have left your chosen centre. The first twelve months in recovery are crucial in ensuring you have the necessary tools and plans in place to thrive. By offering vital support during this period your chances of lifelong recovery are increased.

    It is worth taking into consideration the benefits of private rehab and what it can offer to each individual. Many people think of rehab as a lifeline as it can give you a second chance to leave behind your addiction for good.

    What is detoxing and when can I begin?

    A detox programme is offered to almost all clients and must be completed before you begin therapy. It involves the removal of toxins from the body, left behind by substance abuse, under medical supervision. This is to ensure you are physically stable and ready to begin rehabilitative therapy.

    Your detox will begin when you enter your chosen rehab programme. Detoxing can allow you to recover physically and focus on healing your mind.

    Before detoxing can begin you will be required to complete the admission process to ensure the treatment you begin is tailored to your needs.

    At OK Rehab we do not advocate for detoxing at home as this can result in fatalities. Detoxing at home can aggravate your addiction, making it even harder to ever seek professional help. Your best chance of entering recovery for life is to commit to a private rehab clinic where specialists can help you avoid ongoing consumption.

    What needs to change once I finish treatment?

    You may find that your current routine and lifestyle fit around your substance abuse. Have you left a job so that you can take drugs or alcohol daily? Have you left behind a hobby you used to enjoy so that you can focus on your priority, your addiction?

    Changing your behaviour and routine after rehab can be managed effectively with the help of staff at your chosen clinic. If you refuse to change your routine post-rehab you are placing yourself at a very high risk of relapsing. This can undo all of the hard work and progress made at rehab.

    During your time at rehab, you can help manage changes to your sleep schedule, your nutrition, social support network, and more so that upon completion of treatment you can focus on implementing these changes steadily and healthily. Support workers are also on hand to help you plan relapse prevention toolkits so that if problems do arise you can deal with them effectively.

    Filling the gap left behind by drugs and alcohol with more meaningful coping mechanisms can help both your body and mind.

    We hope that by reading our webpage today you find yourself more knowledgeable and aware of the opportunities available at a drug and alcohol rehab clinic in Barnstaple.

    Am I ready for treatment?

    Combatting your addiction can result in a wide range of advantages to your physical and mental health as well as your lifestyle and relationships with others. Have you been struggling with addiction for a long time and are ready to seek the benefits available at rehab? If so, attending a rehab clinic in the Barnstaple area can help you take back control over your life.

    You may think you can battle your addiction without going to rehab, many people feel the same. Denial is a huge part of addiction and until you see that you have a problem, efforts to recover can be futile. Thinking that your problem with substances isn’t that bad can give you a false sense of security, making you think you have everything under control.

    To live a better life, you must be able to overcome this denial. Acknowledging your problem is the first step towards recovery. Are these things stopping you from accessing vital help?

    • Stigma associated with substance abuse and addiction. Are you worried that people will avoid you or stop being friends with you once they realise you are struggling?
    • Are you scared of appearing vulnerable and being honest with those around you?
    • Are you worried about losing your job?
    • Are you worried about the financial aspect of rehab and how you can pay for it?

    None of these factors should stop you from seeking recovery. OK Rehab can help you with any worry or anxiety you have and talk you through your options. If you have an addiction, seek the help you deserve today. Don’t let your fears stop you from accessing professional support.

    Seek help today

    Now that you have the appropriate information regarding drug and alcohol rehab in Barnstaple, we hope that you make the right decision for your health and wellbeing by reaching out to us. The journey to recovery can only begin once you make that first step.

    OK Rehab is an advocacy service helping people across the UK source addiction treatment and resources. Call our helpline today on 0800 326 5559 to speak to a friendly adviser.


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