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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Birkenhead

Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Birkenhead

    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Birkenhead

    Have you started to feel concerned that your substance use might be verging on an addiction? It can be tough to recognise the symptoms of addiction in yourself and even more difficult to acknowledge them, once you have. Here at Ok Rehab, we can help you identify whether you have a problem and how serious that problem is. Once that’s been established, we’re also able to refer you to the most suitable treatment programme for your needs.

    Our team of rehabilitation referral specialists have been able to get many of those struggling with addiction in the Birkenhead area started on their journey towards addiction recovery. Whilst it can be intimidating to make that first step, our helpful and non-judgmental team of advisers will be happy to have an informal and entirely confidential chat to help you decide whether rehab is the right choice for you.

    We have a wide range of partner rehab facilities across Merseyside, all of whom follow industry-leading structured rehab programmes that offer substantial success rates. Whether you would prefer to recover in Birkenhead or the surrounding areas, such as Liverpool, St Helens, Southport and Wirral, or even further afield if you prefer, we can recommend the programme and treatment centre that’s right for you.

    If you’re still not ready to get in touch, this article answers some of our most frequently received concerns from those considering addiction recovery treatment in Birkenhead. Whatever stage of addiction you are at, whether you’re unsure whether you are suffering from addiction, or have struggled for many years, there is help available and within reach. It’s never too early or too late to seek help.

    How to find a suitable drug and alcohol rehab facility in Birkenhead

    At OK Rehab, we can provide you with an initial assessment to help us gauge the level of addiction you are experiencing. Once we’ve established this, as well as noted any existing health conditions, financial restrictions and personal preferences, we will be able to recommend the local treatment programmes that are most suited to your needs.

    Both residential and outpatient rehab treatment programmes are available in Birkenhead, with outpatient services more likely to be recommended to those with milder addiction issues and who are able to self-manage their treatment.

    For those with substantial drug and/or alcohol addiction problems, a residential rehab programme is likely to be encouraged. Residential rehab offers the best opportunity to recover from addiction as it removes you from the triggers of daily life and offers an immersive environment of abstinence.

    Whichever programme you choose, we will be able to help you obtain a place at your chosen local facility. Our pre-admission process gives you access to an easy entry into a treatment programme, without the need for additional endorsement from your GP or having to sit on a lengthy waiting list. Once you’ve committed to the programme, we can even provide a mutually agreeable admission date directly with your chosen rehab centre.

    The benefits of personally targeted addiction treatment

    Attending residential rehab in the Birkenhead area, at one of our trusted partner rehab facilities offers you the benefit of a personally customised structured treatment plan. This will be designed for you on entry to the programme and will be based on the type of substance addiction used, the level of consumption and the length of your addiction.

    Any pre-existing health conditions will also be considered, which allows the allocation of the most suited treatments and necessary addiction recovery specialists. This targeted approach to rehab treatment offers the best chance of achieving addiction recovery and is renowned industry-wide for its success rates.

    How to recognise addiction behaviours in yourself

    It can be difficult to see the line between recreational substance misuse and a serious addiction problem, especially when the denial inherent with addiction is taken into consideration. It can sometimes be helpful to consider some of the physical and psychological effects of drug and alcohol addiction and apply them to your own behaviours and experiences.

    Untreated addictions will increase over time, which makes recovery more difficult and gives the side effects more of an opportunity to make a lasting impact on you. If you have noticed any of the following behaviours in yourself, it’s important that you seriously consider seeking addiction advice and treatment:

    • Increased consumption of drugs and/or alcohol and the need for higher quantities of substances to achieve the desired effect
    • Defensiveness when addiction or the subject of your substance use are mentioned by others
    • A loss in cognitive control, such as decision-making and reaction times
    • Mental health issues such as depression and anxiety
    • An increase in physical health problems and frequent illness
    • Feeling ill or experiencing severe cravings when drugs and alcohol are not available

    If you recognise any of the above behaviours in yourself, it’s time to get in touch with our team at OK Rehab for advice and support in finding the addiction treatment and rehab that you need.

    What can I expect from addiction recovery treatment?

    Although treatment programmes are tailored to your individual needs, each will address the physical and psychological dependence of your addiction. This will almost always begin with a full detox. This gives your body the opportunity to relinquish its carvings and makes the psychological aspect of your recovery treatment more successful. Detox can be challenging and will likely produce withdrawal symptoms, however, these can be most safely managed through a medically monitored detox.

    Those who specialise in detox treatment will be able to reduce your consumption at a rate that will minimise withdrawal symptoms. They will also be able to offer medications to assist detox from some substances and be on hand, should an emergency situation occur. Detox can be a dangerous process and that’s why it should not be attempted independently.

    Once your body has broken its connection with drugs and/or alcohol, you will be ready to face the next part of your recovery treatment.

    Tackling the psychological aspect of addiction

    Where there is addiction, underlying mental health issues and responses to previous traumatic events are commonplace and these will often be a contributing factor to your addiction problem, if not the overriding cause. In order to make a full recovery, it’s important that these issues are addressed and therefore professional psychological support is provided as part of every rehab programme.

    The type of therapy sessions you will participate in will depend on your personal treatment programme, however, it will likely include of some the following:

    • Group therapy
    • One to one addiction counselling
    • Family therapy
    • Cognitive behavioural therapy
    • Alternative complementary therapies such as Art and Music sessions

    These will be used in tandem in order to help you to deal with your triggers, learn how to let go of addictive behaviours and replace them with healthy positive behaviours and develop a new mindset on substance use. Professional mental health treatment may be recommended as an ongoing requirement post-rehab.

    Before you leave rehab, you will have learnt coping mechanisms to help you to maintain your sobriety and continue your recovery in the long term. Aftercare support services will also be offered, to ensure that you maintain supported and encouraged, once you return to your daily routine.

    Speak to our referral advisers here at OK Rehab today and begin your addiction recovery journey in Birkenhead sooner, rather than later. In no time, you could be on the right path to a future free from drugs and alcohol.


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