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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Bootle

Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Bootle

    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Bootle

    Are you located in Bootle and are looking for help with your addiction? Are you seeking rehab away from the bustle of Liverpool city life?

    Wherever you’re currently based in the UK we can help you find the best forms of treatment.

    Addiction is a chronic disorder meaning it requires professional help to overcome.

    If it is left untreated it can cause devastating effects on your physical and mental health as well as damaging relationships with friends and loved ones. The longer you stay in denial the worse your addiction can become.

    This can be very unsafe as it means the addiction develops further and therefore takes a long time for you to overcome it.

    Denial is a huge part of addiction with most people struggling to realise the severity of their drug or alcohol issues. If you are ready for treatment and can commit to making a change in your life, our team here at OK Rehab can help you every step of the way.

    Our staff are trained to a very high degree meaning they can offer advice and guidance at all times. If you would like our assistance in helping you find a suitable rehab clinic in the Bootle area, call us today on 0800 326 5559.

    Should I begin to look for rehab in Bootle?

    Addiction can force you to damage relationships in your life and subsequently become very isolated. Feeling alone can make the idea of treatment and rehab very scary. At OK Rehab our team of friendly advisers are on hand 24/7 and can offer judgement-free advice meaning you are in safe hands at all times.

    Searching for a rehab clinic can feel tricky as there are lots of options in Bootle and the surrounding areas. We aim to find you the most suitable facility that can cater to your needs and expectations for recovery. We do this by conducting a short assessment via telephone.

    Once you recognise that you are ready to commit to recovery your chances of staying sober are far greater.

    There are lots of rehab clinics out there and unfortunately, some can be very misleading. Many clinics promise cheap programmes that are in reality highly ineffective. By using our services, we can make sure that the rehab options presented to you are high-quality treatment programmes with high success rates.

    Choosing to access private treatment means you can bypass any long waiting lists that are often associated with public treatment such as that offered by the NHS.

    Finding the best solution to your addiction can feel very intimidating but with our help, we can get you back on your feet and ready to begin a new chapter in your life.

    Residential rehab is usually recommended for almost all clients due to the intensive nature of this particular programme. It ensures structure and routine are made a priority meaning you can heal in a secure and safe space. You can also expect to gain valuable skills that can see you remain abstinent for life.

    What else can I expect from rehab?

    By calling us on 0800 326 5559 we can conduct a short assessment to determine the severity of your addiction, your physical and mental health as well as your long-term goals for recovery.

    Most people enter rehab for around 28 days as this is deemed the perfect length of time to break old habits and lay the foundations for new, healthier choices.

    Rehab begins for most people with a detox programme. This allows you to transition into rehabilitation and is overseen by medical professionals at all times.

    The main aim of a detox is to slowly withdraw toxins from the body. During addiction, the body builds a dependence upon the substance you are addicted to which means that when trying to reduce consumption, you experience unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.

    Detox is an uncomfortable experience for many, but it is only a temporary programme and can significantly help your body heal, paving the way for lifelong abstinence. During your time at rehab, you will always have access to bespoke medical guidance as well as prescribed medication if it is needed.

    Once you have completed a detox programme you can begin therapy. There are many different forms of therapy and the types you are prescribed will be based on your initial assessments and of course, your personal choice. Cognitive behavioural therapy is most commonly used alongside group and family therapy.

    Combined, these can help achieve very high success rates in recovery.

    Is residential rehab worth the time, commitment, and money?

    The thought of leaving home to enter a facility can feel very daunting. We understand this and aim to make your transition into rehab as smooth as possible. That is why we ask you to ensure you are ready to enter treatment and are clear in your aims for recovery.

    Residential rehab, also known as inpatient treatment, is an excellent form of treatment and often results in very high success rates in people struggling with an addiction.

    Medical staff are on hand at all times to ensure your physical and mental wellbeing, helping you any time you require support. Residential treatment is often a misconception to many people.

    It is, in fact, a neutral space meaning you can escape from the daily triggers and distractions that may be associated with your home life. This form of rehab allows you to focus on yourself and combatting your addiction in a luxurious facility.

    Deciding to commit to inpatient treatment means you can gain access to consistent support and work on skills that will ensure your sobriety once treatment is complete. Everything is included such as catering and laundry, with plans tailored to your personal requirements and expectations for recovery.


    Finishing treatment and returning home can feel like a daunting prospect but at OK Rehab we always work closely with clinics that provide great aftercare services.

    This can be through relapse prevention plans, for example, which can help you feel equipped to deal with your new life outside of rehab.

    We can also support you in attending local groups such as Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous. These groups can help you build a support network of people in recovery who can help you navigate through any hardships you encounter.

    We understand that admitting you have a problem with drugs and alcohol can be very hard but seeking professional help will always be in your best interest. Call our team today for your confidential assessment and begin your journey to a life of sobriety.


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