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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Corby

Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Corby

    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Corby

    Many people suffering from addiction feel like they’re alone. But addiction is far more common than a lot of people think. Although it’s sometimes hard to measure due to varying definitions of addiction, statistics show that it’s actually a very common problem. For example, from 2017 to 2018, statistics show that there were around 268,390 adults in touch with drug and alcohol rehab services.

    Furthermore, it’s a disorder that changes the way your brain works. It’s not something that can be controlled, it’s not a decision you’ve made. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. Unfortunately, this also makes it very tricky to treat, which is why professional help is nearly always the best answer.

    OK Rehab offers support to those suffering from addiction through various channels. Below, we have more information, alongside more information about the rehab process as a whole.

    The importance of detoxing

    There might be a bit more variety later on, but nearly all drug and alcohol rehab plans start off with some kind of detox.

    Years of frequent drug or alcohol consumption often creates dependence. Your body begins to become reliant on these substances, resulting in withdrawal symptoms if and when you attempt to stop using.

    These can range in severity depending on both what you’re addicted to and the severity of your dependence. Detoxes aim to cleanse your body of addictive substances in a safe way, avoiding the worst of these symptoms.

    This is done by slowly reducing your intake, usually over a period of around 3 weeks, and replacing said intake with specifically prescribed medication.

    Once the toxic cycle of use has been broken physically, we can then move on and work towards curing your addiction on deeper levels. Those aforementioned withdrawal symptoms are also the reason why we always strongly advise against detoxing alone.

    Suddenly stopping your use without professional help and support could become dangerous in certain circumstances. You should also research the specific withdrawal symptoms for the substance you’re addicted to, as they can vary quite a bit.

    The long-term effects of addiction

    In addition to the impacts on your life in the short term, addiction also has several long-term effects. People who’ve suffered from addiction for a long time can end up with liver problems, kidney damage, damage to their respiratory system and damage to their gastrointestinal system.

    The best way to avoid all of these is to get help as soon as you can. In attempting to suppress it, you might think that you can make it go away: unfortunately, this isn’t very realistic. Like a lot of physical and psychological issues, ignoring it will probably only make it worse.

    The benefits of drug and alcohol rehab in Corby

    We’ve already talked about why drug and alcohol rehab is so important to the recovery process. But now, if you’re new to all of this, you may be wondering how it will help you to recover. Outside of detoxes, the most commonly used treatments in drug and alcohol rehab aim to unpack the underlying causes of your problems, as well as giving you life skills to move forward.

    A major way this is done is through various kinds of therapy and counselling. Mental health issues are often a huge driver of addiction, as people use addictive substances to fill emotional voids in their life. From simple talking therapy to art therapy, through rehab, you’ll finally be able to manage these traumas. Even outside of addiction, that can only be a good thing.

    Talking specifically about drug and alcohol rehab in Corby, the biggest benefit for a lot of people is being treated close to home, if residential rehab turns out to be your path.

    Speaking of residential rehab in Corby, there are quite a few options in and near the area. Some of the most popular ones are Addiction Rehab UK, Recovery House, Turning Point, The Bridge and the Clifton Clinic.

    Reaching out to OK Rehab

    Now let’s look at the support that OK Rehab offers in more detail. To start off, our helpline is open for advice on any addiction related issue. Even if it’s not you suffering from the addiction, if you call us, we can guide you on where to go next. On that subject, we also offer an intervention programme, if there’s someone you feel you need to get through to.

    If you are the one suffering from the addiction and would like something more concrete and detailed, we can also create a personalised treatment plan.

    With only a few questions, (some examples being “what are you addicted to?” “how long has your addiction been happening for?” “does anyone else in your life know about your addiction” and/or “have you tried to get help before?”), we’ll be able to create a plan that suits you.

    This focus on individual circumstances is very important, as addiction itself can vary by quite a bit depending on several factors. As indicated by the assessment questions, the most important are what you’re addicted to, how long and deep-rooted your addiction is, your home circumstances and your personality.

    We also want to emphasize that, although we may advise you in a particular direction, ultimately in all of this the choices will be yours to make.

    If you’d like to get help and support from us, or if you’d simply like to know more about addiction, simply call: 0800 326 5559.


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