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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Crawley

Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Crawley

    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Crawley

    Anyone can develop an addiction. Most drug and alcohol addictions develop as a coping mechanism against trauma such as neglect, grief, divorce, or a debilitating mental health condition.

    This shows us that addiction is not only physical but psychological, meaning we must treat it by healing the mind as well as the body.

    Going from consuming substances on a daily basis to pursuing abstinence is not easy. However, if you take it step by step, it’s certainly possible.

    Given that you are willing to read about drug and alcohol rehab in Crawley, we can assume that you have already taken the first step of admitting you need help. Now it’s time to take action and seek professional help.

    You can do this by contacting OK Rehab, and we will take care of all the other steps for you.

    How to Get Professional Help in Crawley

    First, you must consider whether you are ready for treatment. It will most likely involve spending 28 days at a rehab centre in Crawley, engaging in therapy sessions on a daily basis, and committing to giving up drugs and alcohol for the rest of your life.

    We know how difficult this decision is when you are hooked on drink and drugs. However, choosing to attend rehab will be the best decision you make for your physical and mental health.

    Once you have decided that rehab is right for you, simply call us on 0800 326 5559. We have helped countless people through their issues, whether it be a mild substance abuse problem or a severe addiction.

    We also support concerned family members and advise them on how to guide their loved ones to professional help.

    Our first phone call is completely free of charge as we want to make treatment as accessible as possible. On this call, you should express your wants and needs regarding addiction treatment. It is important to do this as it allows us to search for a rehab facility that honours your preferences.

    Don’t worry if you are unsure which type of treatment you would like – we can present the options to you and come to a conclusion together.

    After the phone assessment, we will immediately begin to look for your ideal rehab centre in Crawley. The best part of seeking help with OK Rehab is that you can expect a referral just days or weeks after contacting us.

    It is your responsibility to select a start date, however, the safest option is to enter rehab as soon as possible to prevent your addiction from deteriorating.

    What is OK Rehab’s Criteria for Selecting a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Crawley?

    As we said, we always make sure to choose a treatment centre that suits your needs. Here are a few factors to consider when deciding on your preferred type of rehab:

    1. Location

    Since you are on the page for rehab in Crawley, it is likely that you will want to complete treatment in this location or in the wider West Sussex area. However, if you happen to want to travel elsewhere, we can make it happen.

    Simply state your preferred area on the phone and we will research centres there. We have contacts in most parts of the UK so you are spoilt for choice in terms of rehab location. Most of these rehabs are situated in rural areas with stunning views all round. This means you can enjoy outdoor activities and benefit from a peaceful atmosphere which is vital for recovery.

    2. Therapy

    When you access therapy through the NHS, there is often little choice regarding the type of therapy you are offered. This is not the case in rehab. If you have had bad experiences with particular types of therapy, you can inform us of this and we will find you a centre that specialises in a different type of therapy.

    Most of the facilities that we refer patients to will offer a wide range of therapies so that there is something for everyone.

    3. Facilities

    Depending on your personality type and your interests, you will be more attracted to certain facilities than others. During our phone assessment, we can discuss which facilities are most important to you and therefore find a centre that offers these services.

    For example, if you want to keep up your workout routine at rehab, we will refer you to a centre with a large gym. If outdoor activities are important to you, we will ensure that you attend a rehab in the countryside.

    4. Size

    Most rehab centres in Crawley are on the smaller side with around 30-40 patients. This allows staff to put their full focus on each patient’s physical and mental health. It also allows for a strong sense of community as patients have more time to get to know each other on a personal level.

    However, it is possible to attend a larger rehab if this is something you would be more comfortable with. Again, you can let us know on our phone call and we will honour your preference.

    Aside from your individual criteria, there are certain factors that OK Rehab takes into consideration when researching rehab centres in Crawley. The most important is the success rate of the treatment centre.

    We will only ever refer you to a centre where patients are proven to get sober and stay sober – you don’t have to worry about being on the receiving end of unsustainable treatment.

    Additionally, we require our drug and alcohol rehabs to offer both detox and therapy as this ensures your physical and psychological symptoms are treated.

    Phase 1 of Residential Rehab: Detox

    The first treatment that you will have in rehab is detox. Drugs and alcohol are removed from your system over a period of up to 10 days. This is not the easiest part of rehab as it is difficult to go from being hooked on substances to not consuming them at all.

    Often, withdrawal symptoms arise from the detox, so you can expect to experience shakiness, headaches, nausea, and perhaps even psychological symptoms such as hallucinations. There will always be staff members on-hand to check up on you and prescribe medication when necessary.

    Phase 2 of Residential Rehab: Rehabilitation

    Rehabilitation makes up the largest part of rehab. It is a period in which you learn how to lead a healthy lifestyle that keeps addiction at bay. Some minor lifestyle changes that can aid this are exercising regularly, eating healthily, practising mindfulness, and rebuilding relationships with friends and family.

    Having said that, these activities do not get to the root of your addiction. That’s where therapy comes in. Working with a trained therapist will allow you to safely explore the nature of your addiction and learn how to manage it in a better way.

    Therapy is not just reserved for rehab – we recommend that you continue to have therapy long after you complete treatment as you will always be in recovery.

    Phase 3 of Residential Rehab: Aftercare

    Believe it or not, rehabilitation does not end when you exit rehab. You will receive a relapse prevention plan packed with plans of support for when you are struggling to maintain abstinence in the 12 months following rehab.

    One of the most useful of these is the accountability calls. Rehab staff will contact you and ask how you are managing your addiction which is motivation in itself to stay sober. They will also provide you with support and advice if you are challenged by the temptations of everyday life.

    How to Come to Terms with a Drug and Alcohol Addiction

    Remember that you are not alone. You are no more flawed than anyone else for falling into addiction, as substances are designed to be incredibly addictive. When your body is hooked on drink and drugs, it is virtually impossible to get sober without professional help.

    As common as addiction is, you shouldn’t forget that it is manageable. Tell yourself that you have the power within you to turn away from addiction at any point.

    It will be challenging, but staying trapped in addiction is more challenging in many ways. When you push through the trials of getting sober, you will emerge from the other side happier, healthier, and stronger.


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