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Drug & Alcohol Rehab East Kilbride

Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab East Kilbride

    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in East Kilbride

    Drug and alcohol abuse in East Kilbride and across Scotland continue to rise and sit amongst some of the most substantially affected areas in Europe. If you live in or around the East Kilbride area and are concerned that your habit has become an addiction, it’s time to reach out to OK Rehab.

    It can be incredibly difficult to reach out for the professional help you need when you’re struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, especially when this type of activity is normal within your family or social circle.

    One of the most important aspects of recovery is to diminish your triggers, and when surrounded by them on a daily basis, this can be a near-impossible task.

    Our addiction recovery advocates, here at OK Rehab, are in addiction recovery themselves, so they understand what you are going through and how difficult it can be to admit you have a problem, let alone reach out for help.

    We offer a confidential and non-judgmental support service, completely free of charge, just call us on 0800 326 5559.

    Reputable drug and alcohol rehabilitation services in East Kilbride

    When you’ve made the choice to seek help for your addiction problem, it can be difficult to know where to go. There is actually a range of different treatments available, depending on the severity of your addiction and the substances used. That’s where we can help to guide you. At OK Rehab, we also offer a referral service to a range of partner rehab facilities both in East Kilbride and across Scotland.

    All programmes will be tailored to your individual needs, so they give you the absolute best chances of recovery. All of our partner centres offer leading holistic drug and alcohol addiction treatment, with highly trained and experienced medical staff, who specialise in addiction treatment, on hand day and night.

    Give us a call today where we will take you through an assessment to gain a greater understanding of your addiction, how it affects you and what your long-term goals are for recovery. This will include questions about your use of drugs and alcohol, including amounts, substances and how long you have been using them.

    Some people feel that recovering close to home is preferential, others would prefer to be further away from East Kilbride so that they are able to focus more substantially on their recovery. Whichever location you decide on, all of our partner centres use a common repertoire of renowned addiction treatments and follow strict guidelines from the CQC (Quality Care Commission).

    What if I feel confident that I can manage my own addiction?

    It’s perfectly possible that, particularly in the early stages of a drug or alcohol addiction problem, you have been able to keep your usage separate from the other aspects of your life. You might be maintaining relationships, jobs and finances and wonder whether there is any real need to seek help, particularly until you lose control.

    Other than the obvious dangers of ongoing drug and alcohol use, such as risking your physical and mental health, as well as your life, in the long term, the fact is that addiction progresses over time. When your body and mind are completely dependent on substance use, control over other aspects of your life will inevitably begin to slip.

    The important thing to consider is, whilst it’s possible to recover from any level of addiction if you have the determination to do so and the professional medical care that you need, it does become more difficult, as the addiction takes a more substantial hold of you. By choosing to recover as soon as you suspect a problem, you can save yourself the additional risks to your health and lifestyle through continued addiction.

    Should I choose outpatient or residential addiction treatment?

    There are a variety of outpatient treatment services available in East Kilbride, which offer a good standard of care and support in your addiction recovery journey. It’s important to consider, however, that a substantial level of self-control is required in order to benefit from outpatient or community-led addiction recovery services.

    This option offers more flexibility to those who have no other option, due to life commitments, such as parenting or other caregiving needs, however, it is usually only recommended to those with substance abuse problems, as opposed to full-blown addictions.

    If you have a moderate to severe drug or alcohol addiction, it’s much more likely that we will recommend private residential rehab at one of our partner facilities in East Kilbride, or the wider Scotland area, if preferred. Private residential rehab is widely accepted as offering the highest success rate for recovery, for those struggling with drug and alcohol addictions.

    What sort of treatments can I expect at private residential addiction recovery centres?

    Private residential rehab facilities in East Kilbride offer comfort, convenience and round the clock care. The medical staff will develop a tailored treatment programme for you on admission, which will attempt to disrupt both the physical and mental attachments your body has developed to drugs and/or alcohol throughout your addiction.

    Clinics are in secluded and natural surroundings, with private bedrooms available, as well as a range of modern treatment rooms and recreational activities. All of your needs are catered for, with dietary requirements acknowledged and individual support available whenever you need it.


    After admission, most clients will undergo a medically-assisted detox at the facility’s private clinic. Detox is often the most difficult part of the process and something that causes many people to delay their recovery, however, this method of detox offers both the most comfortable and safest option available. Independent detox is high risk and we would not recommend that you make an attempt to detox without professional monitoring.

    Through medically assisted detox, your withdrawal symptoms can be managed safely by ensuring that your substance use is reduced in a very gradual way. It may also be possible to minimise the impact of withdrawal symptoms with medication for certain substances. All of our partner detox clinics follow the recommended NICE guidelines for safe medical detox.

    Psychological treatment

    Once you have completed detox you will get a window into what life would be like if you remain sober. This offers the ideal opportunity to introduce the psychotherapy aspect of your recovery. Through a range of therapy sessions, you will learn why your addiction developed, what the triggers are that continue to drive your addiction and how you can diminish them.

    Depending on your specific addiction experience, a range of leading psychotherapy treatments will be provided, which will include some or all of the following:

    • Cognitive behavioural therapy
    • Dialectical behaviour therapy
    • Motivational therapy
    • Family therapy
    • One to one counselling
    • Group therapy
    • Alternative therapies such as art, music, yoga and reiki
    • Educational seminars surrounding addiction-related subjects

    Through individual counselling with a trained mental health specialist, it is fairly common for a dual diagnosis to be revealed. Comorbid mental health problems are prevalent in drug and alcohol addiction, whether this is due to the effects of the substances or as a preexisting condition that may have contributed to addictive behaviour in the first place.

    This is often a cyclical issue and it’s incredibly important that both the addiction and the mental health issue are dealt with, in order to prevent relapse going forward. You will be provided with full support throughout your addiction recovery programme, and referred on to additional mental health care outside of rehab, where necessary.

    What happens when I complete the programme?

    When you complete the residential rehab programme and return to your daily life in East Kilbride, you will be sober and ready to start again, with clarity and confidence. You will be provided with full support through a range of aftercare services, which are included in the programme and will continue without additional cost for at least 12 months post-discharge.

    As well as regular visits to the clinic, we will encourage you to build support networks in the local area through services like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. This type of abstinence-based group meeting instils accountability, as well as support, helping you to maintain your sobriety for many years to come.

    Contact OK Rehab today on 0800 326 5559 for help, advice or to let us help you to begin your recovery journey, through our referral and pre-admission services.


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