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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Ellesmere Port

Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Ellesmere Port

    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Ellesmere Port

    When it comes to recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction, we get it more than anyone.

    Many of our team here at OK Rehab have previously worked through addictions of their own, so we are the people most equipped to understand the situation you may be in right now and the mixture of feelings you are no doubt experiencing.

    It is an overwhelming and stressful time; coming to terms with addiction, seeking help, struggling to find the right treatment for you, being swamped by all the possible options, it can make anyone crack under pressure.

    Because of this, many individuals tend to resort back to the seemingly most desirable, but also the most lethal option – returning to substance abuse.

    This may feel like a viable route for you right now, and certainly an easier one than seeking help from strangers, but it can cause long-lasting effects on your future. Only through a drug and alcohol rehab in Ellesmere Port can you be assured a safe and successful recovery from abuse or addiction.

    With our help, you could be placed in a suitable rehab local to you in no time and could receive life-saving personalised addiction treatment. This is the best route to long-term recovery and offers the least chance of a dangerous relapse along the way.

    Drug and alcohol rehab in Ellesmere Port

    Finding the right rehab can be extremely difficult, especially when you are already having to fight withdrawal symptoms and the ever-present lure of drugs and alcohol in your home environment.

    At OK Rehab we can support you during this challenging and crucial time and can help narrow down your options for addiction treatment. We will work to find the perfect drug and alcohol rehab for you in Ellesmere Port, or one further afield if you wish.

    We almost always recommend a local recovery rather than one far away from your home. This is because having your rehabilitation centre close to where you live makes for a much smoother transition period, and allows you to heal somewhere where you are familiar and comfortable, but still, a place that is completely detached from any possible triggers at home.

    By contacting us today we can help you find a suitable rehab that fits your needs. We can take into account your personal budget and financial situation, your characteristics, where you would prefer to be placed, and the treatment you will need for your addiction.

    We are able to find the perfect place and create a bespoke treatment plan for you thanks to the two assessments that you will undertake when you start the admissions process.

    The first will take place over the phone and is free of charge, and during this call, we may discuss aspects of you such as your age, weight, and other personal information, the length and severity of your addiction, the substance/substances you have used, and any further data we may need.

    The second assessment will occur when you have arrived at your drug and alcohol rehab in Ellesmere Port and will be performed by a doctor. During this assessment they will be able to further determine the state of your mental and physical health, so we can get a clearer image of you as a patient, and what methods of treatment you may need during your stay.

    The importance of tailored treatment

    Through the assessments mentioned above, we can gauge what treatments and which rehabilitation centre will be the most appropriate and beneficial to you.

    Any and all information we receive during these assessments remains confidential, and will only ever be used to aid our advisory and referral services.

    These assessments are crucial to your process of recovery. They give us the opportunity to understand you further, so we can make sure you receive treatment that will work for you, and not a blanket one-size-fits-all method. That in turn gives you the opportunity to excel in rehab with treatment bespoke to you and only you.

    Treatments like group therapy will not be advantageous to all clients, so we strive to make each treatment, therapy and counselling session you take part in actually contribute to your recovery.

    For example, if you try group therapy and find it is not in fact the right fit for you, we can switch you to individual therapy sessions instead, and take it from there.

    Thankfully, in a residential rehab programme – which is the most likely option for addiction treatment that we will recommend – you are monitored closely 24/7, meaning if you do not respond well with a certain method of treatment, we can make any necessary alterations to aid your recovery as you go.

    The information we gain from the assessments goes towards your aftercare plan too. When you eventually leave our care at rehab, you may receive a plan detailing further treatment and aftercare for your addiction. Just like any treatment, you will have received in rehab, this will be tailored to you, and will have been created with your personal needs in mind.

    Treatments you can expect

    Because of the two assessments, you undergo during the admissions process, we cannot tell you at this time exactly what your treatment or rehab experience will be like.

    There are multiple types of treatment that you may encounter and participate in during your stay at a drug and alcohol rehab in Ellesmere Port. Besides the initial detox you undergo and any medication you are prescribed at that time for withdrawal symptoms, you can expect a number of therapies and counselling sessions to be an option.

    These include art therapy, family therapy, equine therapy, CBT, DBT, group and individual therapy, and general addiction counselling.

    What you receive is directly down to you, so get in contact with us today to find out more. We can discuss you and your addiction further when you call us on 0800 326 5559, and identify what forms of treatment you are likely to receive.


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