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Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Finchley

    Fighting a drug or alcohol addiction can be overwhelming, time-consuming, worrying and isolating. But you do not have to take part in this battle alone.

    Here at OK Rehab, we help individuals like you, who are dealing with substance or behavioural addictions, find the help that they need. With our support, you could finally find the suitable addiction treatment you have been looking for, and self-refer yourself to a local drug and alcohol rehab in Finchley.

    We have already supported thousands across the country as they have taken the many steps to recovery, and now we are ready to help you to do the same.

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    What is an addiction?

    An addiction can simply be characterised as taking part in behaviour that offers a ‘high’ of some sort but is also known to have unfavourable and sometimes deeply harmful consequences.

    Though it is easy for the mind to drift straight to substance addictions like drugs and alcohol, it is possible to become addicted to just about anything. Shopping, collecting, exercising, sex, gambling, and even working; all are examples of behavioural addictions that can, in severe cases, cause just as much damage as substance abuse.

    The common denominator of these various addictions is the ‘high’, but how high is reached is different with each addiction. With drugs and alcohol, the high is a more literal one, caused by a release of chemicals in the brain when the substances are used (injected, smoked, inhaled, snorted, etc.).

    With shopping or collecting, this feeling is instead caused by the purchase of a new item, with gambling it may be winning or placing risky bets, and so on.

    What causes an addiction?

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    An addiction occurs when the want for the aforementioned ‘high’ becomes a need, and soon, an uncontrollable dependence.

    This constant chase for the feeling can lead to the affected individual building up a tolerance to the behaviour. This means that they become accustomed to the effect of the substance, and continually have to ‘up the dosage’ in order to feel the same desired high as they did before.

    For drugs and alcohol, this would mean a slight increase in their intake of the substance, for shopping it could be that the individual has to buy more expensive or a larger quantity of items, for gambling, it may mean having to place larger bets, etc.

    This tolerance can lead to disastrous effects – not just on the wallet, but on the body and the brain too. If left untreated, an addiction can spiral out of control extremely quickly, causing lasting damage to your mental and physical health, and in severe cases, even death.

    How can a drug and alcohol rehab in Finchley help?

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    Rehabilitation is the most effective treatment for substance and behavioural addictions. When compared to other addiction treatment options, such as risky at-home/DIY recovery attempts or outpatient care, rehab simply offers the most benefits along with the least disadvantages, and boasts a much higher success rate among clients.

    A huge benefit to attending a drug and alcohol rehab in Finchley is the complete removal from the ‘outside world’. Though this may sound daunting at first, over time it allows clients to focus more on themselves and on treatment, without the many distractions of life back home.

    For some, a detachment from their home environment is also beneficial to their recovery as their substance use began there, and could be littered with triggers and emotional memories that would make any withdrawal attempt at home highly challenging.

    Rehab also offers clients safe and efficient treatment for both the body and the brain. For the physical side of addiction, clients undergo a full drug and alcohol detox, safely carried out by professionals.

    For the psychological factors at work during an addiction, multiple forms of therapy and counselling are available and are a huge part of the success that rehab boasts. Without adequate and well-rounded care for both aspects of a drug or alcohol addiction, a recovery would be extremely difficult to reach.

    Your treatment also takes place all under the one roof, meaning less stress for you, and more time to focus on your recovery. This simplifies the process of receiving treatment tremendously and also helps us monitor your progress and achievements throughout your journey, which can spur you on to keep up with any improvements you make along the way.

    A huge downfall to recovering at home is the lack of support available to guide you through your detox, treatment and entire recovery journey.

    Support is crucial at this time, and rehab offers the greatest network of support there is in the form of doctors, nurses, medical staff, therapists, counsellors, other clients also receiving treatment, and a whole host of other professionals, ready and waiting to help you in any way that they can.

    This means you always have someone to rely on, or to fall back on if things get rough during your recovery journey.

    Contact us today

    Many of the team members at your chosen drug and alcohol rehab in Finchley, and many of the team here at OK Rehab, have also experienced some form of addiction in the past.

    So, not only are they highly trained and knowledgeable on the subject of addiction and recovery, but they have lived through it themselves, making them even more equipped to understand your situation and offer a helping hand.

    Rehab also has zero tolerance for further substances on the premises. This, at first, can be disarming and can cause many clients to fear rehab or even avoid it altogether.

    However, this is a huge help when you are trying to recover, and actually provides clients with the mental space to focus on themselves and on treatment, rather than being distracted by temptations and cravings – and the many possibilities available to fulfil them.

    Overall, rehab can help in a plethora of different ways, and will benefit each individual in one way or the other. No time in rehab will ever be the same for any client, and every recovery journey is vastly unique, but your recovery is possible no matter what – and it is possible through a drug and alcohol rehab in Finchley.

    Call us today to find out more, on 0800 326 5559.


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