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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Gateshead

Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Gateshead

    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Gateshead

    Substance abuse is a major problem in the UK and Gateshead is no exception to this problem. Many campaigns to tackle drug misuse have failed in the past and many rehab clinics have unfortunately been shut down due to government cuts. This causes substance abuse to escalate as local communities cannot deal with the demand for treatment.

    By contacting OK Rehab and making use of the excellent services we offer you can access private treatment and subsequently avoid the long waiting lists associated with public treatment. We are an advocacy service that believes in accessible treatment for all.

    Our friendly team can offer free and confidential advice as well as referrals to the most suitable rehab services. As we have been operating since 2000, we maintain professional relationships with treatment providers all around the UK meaning we only refer you to the best clinics.

    We help treat a multitude of addictions so no matter what type of addiction you may be struggling with, we guarantee that if you are ready to enter treatment, professional help will always be in your best interest.

    Addiction alters your physical and psychological health and can have drastically negative effects on the relationships in your life. Staff at the clinics we work with aim to treat your body and mind allowing you to focus on a happier future.

    Denial is one of the biggest aspects of addiction and is usually the reason many people fail to seek out professional advice. Once you overcome this you can begin to see the value of rehab and the benefits it can provide.

    Many counsellors and members of our team have overcome addiction in the past and will offer judgement-free support to you at all times. At OK Rehab our helpline is solely made up of people who have experienced addiction. We understand that there is no ‘cure’ but instead believe that with the right treatment and commitment you can continue living in recovery, free from the throes of addiction.

    What will happen when I call OK Rehab?

    By calling our team on 0800 326 5559 you can speak to a member of staff who will conduct a short assessment. Alternatively, you can fill in an enquiry form or send us an email and a member of our team will be in touch to organise your initial assessment. By doing this you can start the process of finding the right rehab clinic that provides the most effective forms of treatment.

    During your initial assessment staff will ask questions relating to your finances and budget for treatment, your psychological and physical health, as well as your aims for treatment. You may feel nervous thinking about your assessment, but our staff are not here to judge you. The assessment allows us to gather sufficient information about you so that we can refer you to treatment providers who we believe offer the necessary services.

    Once your information has been analysed and we find the most suitable facility for you, you can begin to start your treatment.

    Due to the nature of private rehab, you can avoid delays and skip waiting lists, beginning treatment a lot sooner than you may think. This is extremely beneficial to those with severe addictions as it can see you enter treatment in a matter of days, unlike services provided by the NHS.

    What treatments can I experience at rehab in Gateshead?

    Entering residential rehab means you will be able to spend time focussed entirely on recovery. This form of treatment is often considered the most beneficial and can see you overcome your addiction and enter recovery quickly. Residential clinics offer great benefits and facilities to help you on your path to healing.

    Take a look at the list below to find out more about what’s on offer:

    • Laundry and catering services providing nutritious meals
    • Art therapy
    • Music therapy
    • One-to-one counselling
    • Group therapy
    • Private, single occupancy rooms with en-suite
    • Dual-diagnosis treatment
    • Family therapy and support
    • Medically assisted detox

    We also advocate for specialist aftercare and only work with clinics that provide this. This means that you will have access to resources and treatments which can help aid you during your first 12 months of recovery. This can significantly reduce the risk of relapsing and help you strengthen your sobriety.

    Aftercare is usually founded during your time in rehab as you work closely with support workers to put plans into place for your return home. Things such as relapse prevention plans can help you learn about certain triggers and stressors associated with your addiction and help you form positive habits too.

    Why should I seek private treatment?

    Many people in the UK often seek free treatment as a first step in overcoming their addiction. Sadly, this means there is a lot of pressure placed on underfunded services and leaves people struggling with delays in accessing treatment.

    Selecting a private rehab clinic can ensure you receive tailored and personalised approaches to treatment in a luxurious facility, allowing you to successfully overcome your addiction.

    Investment is required both financially and personally but the benefits of rehab are invaluable and can provide worthwhile experiences.

    At residential rehab you can benefit from:

    • Around the clock care from medical professionals
    • A tailored plan to suit your needs
    • The ability to heal both your body and mind
    • Privacy and luxury combined
    • Immediate, evidence-based treatment
    • Support for friends and family
    • Education and workshops to help you manage your finances, your career, and your relationships

    All of the above and more are a benefit of private rehab and can ensure you begin your road to recovery safely and healthily. Rehab can provide life-changing resources and can put you in contact with people in your community who are also in recovery. This can be extremely beneficial upon completion of treatment as you can begin to build a support network of people who understand what you are going through.

    Rehab can change your life in the best possible way, providing resources, skills, and tools to support you during treatment and upon your arrival back home.

    Make that change today

    Overcoming a drug or alcohol addiction isn’t easy. Feeling uncomfortable and anxious about receiving treatment? These are normal feelings to have and by speaking to a member of our team you can begin to work on alleviating any stress you feel. The right support and treatment is out there and choosing private treatment can help you access this.

    We understand that addiction is complex and affects each individual differently. But, by investing yourself completely and dedicating yourself to treatment, recovery can be achieved. If you are ready to commit to rehab and the benefits it has to offer, we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible.

    To benefit from the support and care on offer, contact our team today on 0800 326 5559. From this call we can begin the pre-admission process, helping you enter a local facility that suits your needs.

    Rehab may be a very new idea to you, but OK Rehab can offer true insights into treatment. Allow yourself to recover with the best chance of sobriety through choosing a private treatment programme today.


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