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    Addiction is a prevalent and non-discriminatory disease, and there are many common misconceptions within the field.

    One of the most misplaced beliefs about addiction is that ‘hitting rock bottom’ is usually the end of an addiction.

    This belief is constituted by the idea that once a person has lost everything to addiction, they will simply stop drug or alcohol abuse.

    However, this is not always the case, and many individuals require even further care if they progress to this stage of addiction and its associated effects on their quality of life.

    Across Wales in 2020, there were over 220 deaths associated with drug poisoning[1], some of which could have been prevented with rehabilitation and rehabilitative care.

    This is why it is important to distinguish the stereotypes from the truth and understand what is meant by ‘hitting rock bottom’.

    There are countless options available in and around the Glamorgan area and OK Rehab are ready to receive your call concerning anything you read or to discuss your rehabilitation needs.

    Does ‘hitting rock bottom’ mean I need to go to rehab?


    The idea of hitting rock bottom is not the same for everyone. Some people may believe that they hit rock bottom every day, whereas others may have a few moments in their lives where they feel this way.

    For all individuals, whether this is a first-time experience or if you are returning to rehab after previous treatments, there is no set time for when it is best to enter a rehabilitation centre.

    The only factor dictating when or why someone enters rehab is the individual’s desire to overcome their addiction. OK Rehab cannot help individuals who are not as motivated as we are to aid in recovery, and we encourage individuals to put in as much effort and hard work as we will.

    Deciding that it is time to seek help is an important first step, including admitting that you need help, too.

    There are several reasons as to why this can happen. Some people enter rehabilitation after a major life crisis caused by their addiction. This can include financial issues, career difficulties, and relationships with friends and family.

    On the opposite end of the spectrum, some people enter rehab after a relatively short amount of time afflicted by addiction.

    The important factor here is that it is the individual’s decision. Centres and companies such as OK Rehab will never force clients to do anything, and every decision is made with your best interests at heart.

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    There is no advantage to continuing to suffer after rock bottom. Rehabilitation centres aim to reduce any future losses and equip you in the best way possible to help manage your addiction throughout your life.

    OK Rehab understands how difficult it can be to break the cycle of addiction, and we assure you that our team will listen to every detail and requirement of your call in the most professional manner possible.

    Every individual is different, and this is reflected in the way that we handle every call. You will never be made to feel shame, embarrassment, or nervous. Rest assured that our team is comprised of highly professional, friendly, and non-judgemental staff.

    The severity of your rock bottom will not affect your treatment across the various centres we suggest, and we encourage anyone relating to anything they have read so far to contact us today at 0800 326 5559.

    It is never too late to start discussing your rehabilitation needs.

    Rehabilitative care can start today

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    If you’ve read this webpage and have decided that it is time to seek help and conquer addiction once and for all, either for yourself or for someone you know, then give our team a call today.

    At OK Rehab, we are committed to matching individuals to the most suitable rehab centre and/or treatment programmes possible in the Glamorgan area.

    Please get in touch with us on 0800 326 5559 today to start your journey to rehabilitation as soon as possible.

    OK Rehab also offers a range of services across the UK, please check for more details on our website or call us for more information.


    1. Office of National Statistics; Number of deaths related to drug poisoning, persons by local authority, England and Wales, registered in each year between 1993 and 2020



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