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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Gravesend

Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Gravesend

    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Gravesend

    Substance abuse and addiction are huge problems across the country, including here in Essex. For those stuck in the horrid cycle of addiction, it can often be hard to envisage a way out of that hell.

    Nevertheless, there is always hope, and the best possible course of action for anyone struggling with addiction is to go to rehab. Here at OK Rehab, we can advise you on the best choice of facility for you, and make your referral into that facility as straightforward as possible.

    We only refer to private facilities – this means that there are no waiting lists and that you can start treatment within a matter of days.

    We have links with rehab centres across the UK, as well as having an in-depth knowledge of how each of those centres operates, and the kinds of treatment which they prefer. Once we have more information about you, through a personal telephone assessment, we can make an informed decision as to where you would be best suited.

    Call us on 0800 326 5559 to begin your assessment now, or read the sections below to find out more about what we do, and how rehab can help you.

    OK Rehab – How we can Help

    We are an agency that specialises in finding the right rehab for you. We take into account your personal circumstances, location, and the severity of your addiction, and then make a recommendation for referral based on these factors.

    We do this through a personal telephone assessment, which does not take too long to complete. The goal of the assessment is to get to know you better, and to make an informed decision on your treatment. Once we have done so, we can make a referral as soon as possible.

    If you are ready to begin the referral process, give us a call on 0800 326 5559. Alternatively, read on to find out more about the services we offer, and what you can expect from a stay in a dedicated rehab facility.

    What to Expect from Rehab in Gravesend

    There are a lot of misleading images portrayed of rehab in the media, particularly in movies and reality TV shows. They often portray rehab as a place that is exclusively for the rich and famous or sometimes depict rehab as some kind of dark, distressing environment

    . Thankfully, neither of these things are true. Although rehab will be a considerable investment, it is affordable, and there is no better environment in which to recover from addiction.

    Broadly speaking, rehab can be divided into three phases – your detox, your therapy sessions, and then your preparation for staying in recovery once you have left the facility. Detox will come first, as you might expect.

    At rehab in Gravesend, you will be able to go through the challenge of detox, under the expert guidance and supervision of medical professionals. There is no doubt that detox can be a rocky process, and it has the potential to throw up a number of unpleasant symptoms as withdrawals kick in, such as muscle pain and increased sleeplessness or anxiety.

    However, the staff at rehab will be able to guide you through this process in a manner that does not jeopardise your chances of achieving recovery. While we’re on this subject, we want to make something very clear – you should NOT attempt to detox before you actually arrive at rehab, or go ‘cold turkey’.

    Doing this by yourself is extremely dangerous, and can often lead to seizures or death. Wait until you get to rehab, and leave detox to the team of professionals looking after you.

    As you come out of detox, you will be able to begin your therapy sessions, which are a hugely important part of rehab. You will be able, in a safe environment, to get to the bottom of the issues surrounding your addiction.

    You will be able to talk through issues with professionals one on one, as well as sharing with others in group therapy. These can both be extremely valuable to your recovery.

    The professionals can help you make sense of your issues and challenges while listening and sharing with others in the same position can provide empathy, as well as gaining new perspectives from others.

    As you progress through therapy, you will gain a much stronger understanding of your own addiction, as well as the psychological aspects of addiction as a whole. Therefore, you will be in a much better place to keep your addiction at bay.

    However, towards the end of your time at rehab, you will be required to turn your attention to the future, and staying in sobriety once you are out of the controlled environment that is rehab. This is the thinking behind putting together a personal relapse prevention plan, which you will do with the help of a professional at the centre.

    This will involve setting out new activities in which to involve yourself, as well as identifying harmful old habits or places to stay away from. Staying in recovery is a lifelong challenge, but with a proactive approach and ongoing therapy, it is entirely possible.

    Top-Quality Treatment in Gravesend

    The treatment centre in Gravesend is an idyllic location, in a rural tucked away from the business and noise of the modern world.

    You will have a safe, quiet environment in which to go through the recovery process, as well as being able to stay in accommodation of a very high standard, with chefs on-site catering to a range of diets. It really is a dream location.

    If, for whatever reason, the Gravesend facility is not suitable for you, we also have locations in the likes of Maidstone, Canterbury, Dover, Margate, and Gillingham.

    Get Addiction Help in Gravesend

    If you are ready to acknowledge your own addiction, and commit to confronting it and changing your life for the better, please give us a call on 0800 326 5559, where a trained OK Rehab is waiting to take your call.

    Once we have been through your assessment, we will be able to refer you to a facility in Gravesend or the surrounding areas as soon as possible.

    We are happy to discuss financing and other practicalities at length – once we have made a decision as to where to refer you, we will be able to tell you exactly how much treatment will cost, and how long you will need to stay. In terms of money and time, think of rehab as a valuable investment in yourself, and a sober, healthy, and fulfilling future.


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