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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Great Yarmouth

Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Great Yarmouth

    Throughout the Great Yarmouth area, there are people seeking support to give up drugs and alcohol. What people don’t realise immediately is that there are so many rehab treatment options out there for you that this can become a little overwhelming.

    It’s important you find the type of rehab programme that’s going to be successful in making your recovery as smooth and easy as possible.

    What this means is that you not only want a rehab option that provides a top-quality service, you also want one that is specifically matched to your recovery needs.

    Some people might seek rehab services through their local GP first and be signposted to free local services. While there is the need for this service, it is increasingly stretched and treatments offered through private clinics offer a different environment.

    To find out what private clinics there are in the Great Yarmouth region, contact OK Rehab on 0800 326 5559.

    What’s so good about private clinics in the Great Yarmouth area?

    Private clinics are places designed to feel like a home away from home while maintaining professional boundaries. The staff keep up to date with current developments in addiction treatment and these are what are offered to residents and those who use outpatient services.

    Staff prioritise your health, safety, and comfort. It’s their primary concern to ensure that the withdrawal process is managed effectively and that you aren’t in any pain or discomfort when this happens.

    You’re provided with delicious, highly-nutritious meals in order to support the body as the substances are being removed during the detox. Each person gets their own private space and also benefits from cosy communal areas where you can spend time with others.

    There are staff who specialise in different approaches to treatment covering the physical, emotional, psychological, and social. Each resident is provided a tailored plan of treatment in order to give an individual service and the highest chances of success at the start of their recovery.

    How do you find out which is the best private clinic for you?

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    There are so many private clinics throughout the UK as well as there many options for you in the Great Yarmouth area. When you make the move towards healing, you don’t want the stress of sifting through all the options. You already have enough to focus on trying to mentally prepare for rehab.

    OK Rehab provides a service that makes this part of the recovery process much easier for you. Our team handles referrals from people seeking their ideal addiction treatment service every day. We work alongside clinics throughout the country and know what the best ones offer.

    To find out what private clinics there are in the Great Yarmouth region, contact OK Rehab on 0800 326 5559.

    What happens when you call OK Rehab?

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    The advisor you speak to at OK Rehab will be able to recommend you the best rehab clinic options in Great Yarmouth. There are options further afield if you’re interested in that too. The team is able to make these recommendations based on a pre-assessment that we hold with you.

    This is basically a conversation where we learn about how your addiction is affecting your general health and well-being, your mental health, and your relationships with others. We’ll also be interested in other aspects of your life as this can provide insight on what clinics will be most suited to you.

    For instance, you might really benefit from family therapy, this would mean local options would be more appropriate in order to make it easier for families to navigate and attend sessions.

    After the pre-assessment and with your permission we can then contact the clinic you’re most suited to and ensure you get a placement with them. The admission process to private clinics can be very fast. Many find this helpful in managing their withdrawal and keeping up the motivation to attend rehab.

    How does OK Rehab know what rehab service will be best for you?

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    After talking to you and finding out about your life, we’ll know a few things. We take into account the substance that you use and the severity of the habit. This will mean certain recommendations are more likely to be made rather than others. For instance, a severe addiction is more likely to be treated through a residential stay.

    We’ll think about what your budget is. There are many different treatments. Each person will require different options. For a person undergoing a physical detox, this will require more medication to handle the withdrawal. There are a selection of therapies on offer and what you receive will influence the cost of the stay. The length of the stay will influence the prices too. Some might stay for seven days, on the other hand, a twenty-eight-day stay might be necessary.

    Finally, there are rehab clinics in the Great Yarmouth area, or you might prefer to go to another part of the country. This is best discussed with our team.

    To find out what private clinics there are in the Great Yarmouth region, contact OK Rehab on 0800 326 5559.

    What character traits do you need to draw upon in the initial stage of recovery?

    Going from addictive habits towards a life of healing means switching from one mindset to its opposite. This is a moment where you’ll have to look inside yourself for inner capabilities and lean on others to support you when you doubt yourself or are having difficult moments.

    The most important traits needed when you first start the recovery path are honesty (with yourself as well as with others), self-compassion, determination, and willingness to participate and do whatever it takes to change.

    Recovery is about using what you learn at rehab and taking it on into life afterwards. You’ll have an aftercare plan when you leave rehab. This will include action points for you to implement. At this point you might struggle as it will require big lifestyle changes. Quite often this means leaving old friendship groups and connecting with others who care about your health. Being open to new experiences and people is key in supporting change.

    To make the transition from rehab back to life as successful as possible, it’s important to stay in contact with local 12 Step groups and outpatient services.

    What do you do next?

    You’re already thinking about rehab services in Great Yarmouth which is great. To get an easy-to-follow lowdown on your local clinics and to have the chance to ask questions, contact OK Rehab on 0800 326 5559.



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