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    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Greenwich

    If you are a resident of the Greenwich area and struggling with addiction, we at OK Rehab can help. We are a specialist service that exists to get people who are struggling with substance abuse into a rehab facility that is right for them.

    We do this by conducting a telephone assessment with you, the aim of which is to find out more about your condition and how it has manifested in your life. Once we have enough information to build a clearer picture of your struggle, we will be able to make a decision as to which of the rehab centres you would be suited to.

    From there, we make referrals as quick and painless as possible and can help you navigate the other practical considerations of arranging a stay at rehab.

    We can refer our service users to facilities in Greenwich and the neighbouring areas. All you have to do once you’re ready to face your addiction is call on confidentially on 0800 326 5559.

    When you are ready to proceed, we can begin the consultation and get you the help that you need within a matter of days. We only refer to private rehab facilities – this means that you won’t be stuck on any kind of waiting list, and can start treatment almost immediately.

    Below, we have answered some of the most commonly asked questions about rehab.

    How effective is rehab?

    Quite simply, rehab is the most effective method of treating addiction, due to the dedicated and intensive nature of care. You will stay in a safe, controlled environment for a number of weeks, where you can focus exclusively on your recovery, without all the distractions and chaos of the outside world.

    Some of the treatments you will receive in rehabs, such as group therapy and one-to-one counselling, can be accessed outside of rehab, under your own steam.

    However, it would be incredibly difficult to arrange and organise a treatment schedule such as the one you will receive in rehab, and you may end up spending a lot more money and effort even if you were able to do so.

    What kinds of addiction can be treated through rehab?

    On the wider market, there are rehab facilities available for most kinds of addiction, including gambling and sex addiction.

    However, here at OK Rehab, we only deal with people who are going through substance addiction. This could be alcohol, cannabis, heroin, cocaine, or any other illicit substances.

    Whatever substance you are addicted to, you will be able to get help through OK Rehab. There are no separate facilities for different substances. For example, say there are two people, one with an addiction to alcohol, one with an addiction to heroin – they would both be able to get treatment for their issues within the same facility.

    This is because rehab deals with the underlying issues of substance abuse and addiction.

    What treatments can I expect at rehab?

    Your treatment plan will be tailored to you – this will be put together once you arrive at rehab. Although everyone’s treatment plan will be slightly different, there are some aspects of addiction treatment that are universal. For a start, you will need to go through detox once you arrive.

    This can last for anything up to 10 days and can be quite a challenging process. However, at rehab, your detox will be supervised and managed by a team of dedicated professionals. This means that any withdrawal symptoms you go through can be managed, without damaging your chances of recovery.

    After detox, your therapy sessions can begin. With a newly sober mind, you can work your way through the issues underlying your substance abuse and addiction, with the help of mental health professionals.

    You will be encouraged to take part in group therapy, as well as individual counselling sessions. You will have a number of other therapies lined up as part of your plan, which could include CBT, DBT, art therapy, and motivational therapy, as well as more leftfield activities such as yoga, meditation, and reiki.

    All of these different activities are designed to have a beneficial effect on your well-being.

    After a few weeks, the time will come to plan for a successful transition back into society. As part of this, you will put together a detailed plan for relapse prevention, with the help of one of your mentors.

    This will identify areas to embrace in your new sober life, as well as problematic areas of your previous life that you should do your best to stay away from.

    Wherever you are recommended to attend, this will be the broad overall structure of your treatment – detox, followed by therapy, followed by relapse prevention planning and aftercare.

    Will I have to put my work life on hold while I go through rehab?

    In a word, yes. The nature of rehab is that is an intensive treatment, over a number of weeks, which requires your full attention and dedication. This means that all your other commitments, such as work, relationships, and family, will have to be put on hold while you are in treatment.

    We understand that this may be of concern to you, especially if you have dependents and other responsibilities.

    We are happy to talk through these practicalities with you once you call us on 0800 326 5559. Although it may take a lot of organisation and ‘juggling’ to postpone your various commitments, your health is the most important thing of all and needs to take priority.

    How long will I need to stay?

    This will vary from person to person. For most rehab service users, the average stay is about 28 days. This gives enough time for you to detox safely, to go through therapy in your own time, and to prepare for life outside the centre once you leave. A month might seem like a long time to be in a treatment programme, but consider how valuable it would be to live the rest of your years in wellness and sobriety.

    Contact OK Rehab today

    Hopefully, you now have a much more detailed understanding of what is involved in a stay at rehab, and how we can help you get there. If you are ready to proceed with your referral, call us on 0800 326 5559.

    We can get your assessment underway as quickly as possible, and get you referred to the right rehab facility in the Greenwich area. We are also happy to answer any remaining questions or concerns that you might have.

    The journey of recovery is a challenging process that may seem a bit daunting, but it is definitely preferable to a lifetime spent in addiction.



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