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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Hartlepool

Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Hartlepool

    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Hartlepool

    We know what you’re going through. Here at OK Rehab, we have all experienced addiction ourselves in the past, so we know better than anyone what you are experiencing at this time.

    We recognise how difficult it can be to find suitable addiction treatment, how scary the prospect of a rehab sometimes is, and how dealing with addiction as well as struggling with everything else that modern life brings can be exhausting.

    This is why we are dedicated to helping those that are in need of support during this challenging time. With our help, you could be placed in an excellent drug and alcohol rehab in Hartlepool in no time, and be on the road to a full recovery.

    Thanks to our vast amount of experience in the field, both through dealing with client’s and our own addictions, we have already helped so many people to live a normal, substance-free life, and now we can help you.

    Call us on 0800 326 5559 to begin an enquiry, and start your new and improved life.

    Taking the first step

    There are many things that can stand in the way of individuals and the addiction treatment that they need. One of the biggest factors that hinder people’s progress is the complex mix of emotions that come with admitting you need help.

    Nerves, confusion, guilt, shame, embarrassment; all can be felt when coming to terms with an addiction, and all can stop an individual from reaching out at all.

    We don’t want this to be the case for anyone, so we strive to strip away the negative stigma and stereotypes that surround addiction and drug and alcohol rehab.

    Addiction is a brain disorder that effects around 1 in 3 people in the UK, and it is nothing to be ashamed of. Seeking help for your situation is not awkward or humiliating, it is brave.

    We are thankful that you are here and considering a drug and alcohol rehab in Hartlepool. We’ve been where you are ourselves, so we know better than most how hard it is to take this step, but just by being here, you have taken the first step towards recovery.

    Recovering at home

    Whilst searching for options for addiction treatment, you have undoubtedly considered the possibilities of an at-home recovery.

    Of course, this option is a viable one for some as it offers more freedom and independence than other options like rehab, and is possible for those able to easily self-motivate themselves. However, this is not usually the case, and at home recoveries are rarely recommended due to the many cons outweighing the shortlist of pros.

    To be successful with at-home detoxes and treatment, it is crucial that you have a supportive network of people that are ready to help you through the challenges of abstaining from drugs and alcohol. The unfortunate truth is that many people attempting to withdraw alone at home do not have this help available, and will be on their own for the duration of their attempt.

    Another obstacle commonly faced by those attempting to recover at home is the ease at which they can access further drugs or alcohol. Nowadays, it is becoming easier and easier to have items delivered to your door – Including alcohol – without having to lift more than a finger.

    Not only does this make the temptations to use again even harder to resist, but without a helping hand, as mentioned above, it can lead to an inevitable relapse.

    Other problems with at home recoveries can include the challenges that arise when you remain in an environment littered with possible triggers. Triggers to an addiction can be almost anything but are usually things like dysfunctional families, abusive relationships, pressuring friends, stresses at work and traumatic past events.

    The majority of these triggers and causes of addiction reside in your home environment, and can make it much more difficult for you to stay sober whilst recovering.

    Why rehab is recommended

    In a rehab setting, all the obstacles and fears faced during an at-home recovery are negated.

    Those who perhaps do not have the support of friends or family back home can instead rely on the excellent team of highly trained medical professionals and therapists at rehab, and can also find comfort in the other like-minded clients who they will meet in group therapy sessions.

    Dangerous substances like drugs and alcohol are banned on-site, so there is no chance of easy access to these leading to an early relapse.

    You are also removed completely from the possible triggers of your home environment, giving you space and time to focus and work on yourself, without feeling as much of a need to reach for drink or drugs to cope with the heavy emotions that are often created at home.

    In a local drug and alcohol rehab in Hartlepool however, you still remain somewhere you are familiar with, making the move to and from rehab much easier.

    Rehab is also the most effective treatment option for those suffering from addiction because it works to treat not just the body with a physical detox, but the mind too.

    Through multiple forms of therapy and counselling, you can hope to achieve a full recovery and learn how to stay sober even after rehab, thanks to the strategies and coping techniques you learn during your stay.

    All treatment taking place under the one roof, an incredible team of understanding staff on hand for anything you need, treatments for the brain and the body combined, detachment from the possibly toxic home environment, and an effective guide to living a substance-free life back home; all of these reasons and many more make rehab the best option for addiction treatment and the one that offers the highest chance of a full recovery for all clients.

    Outpatient treatment

    Between the two extremes of addiction treatment, lies outpatient treatment.

    This method of treatment combines aspects of both a rehab programme and an at-home recovery, with a detox being performed at your home, but daily or weekly visits to your chosen clinic being enforced.

    This mix of treatment offers the same independence that home recovery attempts to offer, as well as less of a time and money commitment, but administers the same vital treatment through the regular visits to the clinic as rehab does.

    To find out which method of treatment would most likely be recommended to you, begin your enquiry today with a free of charge phone call to 0800 326 5559.

    The importance of aftercare

    What most clients fear when leaving a residential rehab programme in Hartlepool is staying sober.

    Rest assured, that you are not abandoned even when you leave the care of your chosen rehab, and we will still be readily available via the helpline – or through additional appointments at the clinic – if you require any further support.

    You will also receive an aftercare plan, thoroughly detailing what it is you learnt during your stay in rehab and guiding you through life back home.

    However, whatever help we give you, the responsibility to continue your progress will now mostly fall to you. To help you through this time, we suggest a few things that can ensure you stay sober:

    1. Change your social group

    Make sure that the people you surround yourself with are helpful to your recovery, rather than potentially dangerous. Your recovery should be priority, and if friends or family members are unsupportive or attempt to get you to relapse, it may be time to move on.

    2. Try new things

    Starting a new hobby, sport or club is a great way to positively impact your overall mental health and can offer a necessary distraction and healthy output for your new life.

    3. Be on the lookout

    It is incredibly important to not be lax when it comes to your aftercare journey, and to remain vigilant and on the lookout for any possible warning signs of a relapse. If you do sense yourself falling back into old habits, we are just a phone call away.


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