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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Ilkeston

Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Ilkeston

    As soon as you think you might want to go to rehab, it’s ideal to find out what your options are. It’s also important to concentrate on the positives of what you will gain in accessing treatment.

    Yes, the challenge of quitting will be tough, but you’re about to receive all the amazing benefits of choosing a life of recovery.

    Many people with addictions will have spent a period of time in denial of the problem. This is common. Society isn’t always kind in how it views addiction and these values can run deep in many people.

    Admitting there’s a problem can take years for many. After this, there is then the decision of whether the person will continue to use drugs and alcohol or whether they will try to stop.

    Quitting addictive substances isn’t easy at all. This is due to how the brain and body come to rely on them.

    This is without even thinking about how the person can still be experiencing very ambivalent feelings around drugs or alcohol.

    Some people might still enjoy the substance despite knowing how badly it’s damaging their health and wanting to stop for much of the time.

    There are treatments that can support a person to reach a healthier and more positive inner space in this area. Motivational interviewing is particularly helpful, for instance.

    There is a huge range of treatments that you can access to heal. Call the OK Rehab team today on 0800 326 5559 to find out more.

    The repercussions of problematic substance misuse

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    An addiction hooks into a person’s life from every single perspective. No stone is left untouched. What this means is that even when a person is doing well in one area, another might become upset by something and this can knock the person back everywhere.

    The areas impacted by drug and alcohol use are:

    • Physical health. The toxins in the substances build up in the body and this starts to damage the organs. In the long run, this creates chronic illnesses and diseases.
    • Psychological health. A person might turn to drugs and alcohol to self-medicate if they have mental health conditions. This is actually quite common but can create addictions. Also, when a person uses drugs and alcohol regularly, they can develop mental health symptoms. It’s really a vicious cycle.
    • Familial and social lives. Addiction is an illness that affects entire families and friendship groups. It can cause worry, tension, deep sadness, and arguments. A lot of damage can occur as a response to addictive behaviours.
    • Finances. Many people with addictions accrue debt. This can be linked to dealers, payday loans, or the bank. It can cause great stress and worry and many can end up feeling suicidal due to the gravity of this issue alone.
    • Education and employment. Many people will lose sight of their responsibilities when an addiction takes over. This can result in missed opportunities and place great strain on their families.
    • Aspirations. Becoming addicted to drinking and drugs can reduce a person’s sight so that all they see is the substance. When this happens, the joy and pleasure gained in positive and healthy parts of life are often lost.

    Do you need to go to rehab?

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    There are endless benefits to accessing rehab. The truth is, if you have an addiction, you need treatment. Every illness needs to be addressed in order to be faced and if there is any chance of recovery. It’s the same with addiction.

    Some people will go to rehab as a resident and stay for a period of time whereas others might instead access treatments as an outpatient. The latter means that you remain living at home but go to the clinic when therapy is scheduled.

    Outpatient services are mainly helpful for those who have very mild substance issues and for those who have already been through a residential stay.

    If you have a serious addiction, then a stay at rehab is going to be highly likely. Residents usually stay between four to six weeks. Sometimes, however, some people might access a short stay.

    This will need to be discussed with the clinical team at the rehab centre. OK Rehab can have this conversation on your behalf if this is something that you would prefer.

    Do I need to have therapy?

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    Therapy is what doctors use to treat illnesses of the mind. Addiction is certainly that. This is why it’s essential that you access top-quality psychotherapies in order to begin healing your thoughts and the workings of your brain.

    Psychotherapists at private clinics are some of the best in the country. They are highly skilled, experienced and have huge compassion in relation to addiction.

    There are many approaches to therapy and you’ll most likely have a therapist who uses an integrative approach. This means they can use different techniques to support you.

    What’s very common, though, throughout the UK is that people will undergo cognitive behavioural therapy. This is the branch of behavioural psychology that focuses on thought as a predecessor of behaviours.

    Therapists will reveal to you how to catch your thoughts and take control of them. When you can do this, your behaviour begins to change.

    Is recovery possible?

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    Recovery is definitely possible. You will, however, really need to think about your mental head space. It takes grit, determination, courage, and honesty to be able to stop taking drugs and drinking.

    You’ll have to be willing to change and to make changes in your life.

    This often means that your life will start to look different as you start to spend time with other people and take part in new activities.

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