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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Inverness

Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Inverness

    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Inverness

    If you are dealing with a drug and alcohol addiction, know that you are not alone. According to a charity study, around 1 in 3 people in the UK experience some form of addiction throughout their lives.

    Unfortunately, many of these individuals never reach out for help or deny their need for addiction treatment.

    Here at OK Rehab, we know how much of a difference suitable treatment can make to a struggling person’s life, so we strive to ensure that no one misses out on the crucial care that can be accessed through a drug and alcohol rehab in Inverness.

    With our help, you could self-refer yourself into rehabilitation and begin the journey to recovery. We believe your recovery is possible, and we will help you every step of the way to guarantee that you reach your goals.

    To find out more about our services or to begin an enquiry for yourself, call us today on 0800 326 5559.

    When should I seek help?

    It can be hard to decipher when the right time is to reach out for professional help. Put simply, the best time to seek help is immediate.

    This means that as soon as you begin to notice signs of addiction within yourself, you should be speaking with a professional about these symptoms.

    Of course, many individuals are unable to see these changes in their own lives, and will deny that they have a problem with substances, or refuse to seek help at all. In this case, it may be up to family members or friends of the affected individual to reach out on their behalf.

    If you are unsure of the various signs of addiction, they are likely to crop up in three different ways; physically, mentally, and socially. Some of these include:

    Physical Symptoms

    1. You are unable to sleep or have an unusually irregular sleeping pattern
    2. You have noticed a drastic change in your appearance, such as an unexpected loss of weight
    3. You experience withdrawal symptoms when you have not used the substance you use in a short period of time (these can include nausea, muscle pain, headaches, fatigue, mood swings, etc.)
    4. Your tolerance for the substance has increased since your first use
    5. Your tolerance continues to increase with each use, resulting in you requiring a higher dose to reach the same desired effect

    Mental Symptoms

    1. All you can think about is the substance, or when your next use of it will be
    2. You are more on-edge and easily agitated than usual
    3. You are lashing out at loved ones for seemingly no reason
    4. You have experienced heightened symptoms of a new or existing mental health issue, such as depression or anxiety

    Social Symptoms

    1. You are more withdrawn in your social and work life than usual
    2. You are avoiding certain responsibilities that you used to perform with no problem
    3. You are avoiding social events, gatherings and parties.
    4. You are lying to loved ones about your use of the substance
    5. You are refusing help from loved ones when they express concern over your use of the substance
    6. You have a stash of the substance hidden somewhere secret

    If you have seen a few or more of these signs in your life, we suggest reaching out to us here at OK Rehab immediately. The earlier we catch an addiction, the easier it usually is to treat and recover from, so we recommend getting in contact as soon as you can.

    Why should I opt for professional treatment?

    There are many reasons why professional treatment in a drug and alcohol rehab in Inverness is the most recommended addiction treatment option, the main being that it offers the highest chance of a successful recovery for clients.

    This is because rehab prevents you from hitting the many obstacles that are commonly faced with other treatment options.

    Though at home and outpatient treatment offers more freedom and independence – and also a smaller investment of your time and money – these options are not always guaranteed to guide you towards recovery.

    Firstly, you have much less support from professionals during your recovery than you would in rehab, meaning that you are alone for much of your journey. If you are someone who excels with a helping hand or does not have a strong sense of self-motivation, this can prove very tricky when attempting to stay withdrawn from substances.

    It can also sometimes be dangerous to carry out detoxes alone at home, and in some cases, a detox done improperly can even lead to death.

    In a rehab setting, you can rest assured that the team will be on hand to help you throughout your journey with anything you may need, and that procedures like detoxes will be carried out safely by professionals.

    At home, it is also much easier to access further drugs or alcohol when temptation becomes too much to resist, whereas during a professional rehabilitation programme it is almost impossible to do so – meaning no unwanted relapses whilst you are in rehab.

    Professional treatment is also the only way in which all aspects of addiction can be treated. Although at home it is likely that you will succeed with a physical detox, you are usually still left with many untreated psychological factors of addiction that can lead to a relapse if they are not considered.

    Luckily, in rehab, you receive not only treatment for your body, but also your brain.

    Through multiple forms of therapy and counselling combined, you can hope to better understand yourself and your addiction, identify your personal triggers and the root causes of your substance use, discover new coping techniques to replace old ones, and generally prepare for your life back home.

    Overall, a drug and alcohol rehab in Inverness is the only addiction treatment option that offers 24/7 care and attention from highly trained staff and therapists, effective and bespoke treatment for both the physical and mental aspects of addiction, detachment from temptations and triggers at home, and safe detoxes and treatments.


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