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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Isle of Man

Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Isle of Man

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    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in the Isle of Man

    A drug and alcohol rehab house on the Isle of Man

    Many people throughout the UK struggle with drug and alcohol use, and the Isle of Man is no exception.

    Type of drug or alcohol issue Isle of Man
    Adults classed as binge drinkers 24.8%
    Adults affected a family member’s use of alcohol and/or drugs 20.3%
    People who smoke tobacco daily 8.4%
    People who smoke e-cigarettes daily 2.4%


    Do you feel that addiction has taken things from you? Are you ready to fight back and receive support and guidance from trained professionals?

    Our helpline advisors are trained to offer free and confidential advice at all times, meaning you can call us to discuss admission at any time that suits you. Get in touch today on 0800 326 5559.

    How can rehab in Isle of Man help?

    Rehab clinics across the Isle of Man can offer a wide variety of treatment options to help patients recover from addiction.

    Our aim at OK Rehab is to offer a safe environment filled with support and guidance which can help you overcome any issues with addiction. With our help you can also learn the necessary skills needed to break the chain of substance abuse.

    Residential rehabilitation offers a relaxing and luxurious environment for individuals to overcome their battle with addiction and enter into life-long abstinence from drugs or alcohol.

    Addiction treatment can help treat both the body and mind with clinics offering traditional forms of therapy as well as holistic forms to ensure a well-rounded recovery.

    Why should I access treatment in Isle of Man through OK Rehab?

    Two women talking at a table at drug and alcohol rehab in the Isle of Man

    At OK Rehab we can remove the hardship out of finding a local clinic suited to your needs. We can put you in touch with local drug and alcohol rehabs in Isle of Man who can offer immediate referrals meaning you can access a rehab facility as soon as possible.

    We understand that deciding on an appropriate clinic can be overwhelming. You may feel influenced by friends and family or also by the free services offered by the NHS.

    Whilst these may feel like legitimate considerations, it is important to remember that you are recovering for yourself and your future. In terms of NHS treatment, it can often result in long waiting lists, unlike the services we offer.

    By calling us today we can arrange a short assessment to find out more about the severity of addiction and what you aim to take from rehab. We offer support and guidance to you at all times meaning we can help direct you to services we know to be reliable.

    Do I need to complete residential drug and alcohol treatment?

    There is a high chance that you will be offered residential treatment, especially if your addiction is severe. Residential treatment is often thought of as the most reliable form of addiction treatment and produces high levels of successful recovery.

    The fact that it is so successful is due to the importance of following structure and routine. We understand that rehab can be challenging, especially when embarking on a drug or alcohol detoxification programme.

    During this time, you may feel uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms due to your body attempting to purge itself from toxins left behind from substance abuse.

    We must highlight that during your time at rehab you will always have our full support. During detox, staff are available 24/7 to offer support and medication if you need it. Whilst detoxing is not a pleasurable experience, it is vital in ensuring your safety and ability to move onto talking therapies and further rehabilitation.

    We also encourage the use of holistic forms of treatment meaning you can heal your mind on a spiritual and emotional level. This means that by the time rehab concludes you will have learnt the necessary skills required to succeed back at home and continue recovery.

    How much does drug and alcohol rehab cost in Isle of Man?

    A bank card on a laptop

    The cost of rehab varies greatly depending on the form of treatment you access as well as the area it is located in.

    Rehab is usually priced at around £1,000 to £3,000 per week though this can depend on if you partake in a detoxification programme which can usually cost around £2,500.

    If you would like to find out more about specific costs for drug or alcohol rehab get in touch with us, and we can provide up to date information that can help you make the right treatment decision.

    What addictions are treated?

    At OK Rehab we offer support for many addictions including, but not limited to:

    By getting in touch with a member of our team we can provide further details about the drug and alcohol support and programmes available for various forms of drug and alcohol addiction.

    We work closely with multi-disciplinary teams of doctors, therapists, and clinical staff meaning all programmes are delivered to an exceptional standard.

    What forms of drug and alcohol treatment are on offer?

    Colourful graffiti art of a face

    There are a wide variety of drug and alcohol treatments on offer at facilities across the Isle of Man and these can be beneficial to you in a multitude of ways. Certain people respond differently to various forms of treatment so there will always be an assortment on offer.

    Detox at drug & alcohol rehab in Isle of Man

    Firstly, we encourage a medically supervised detox to ensure your body can begin to heal in a safe and secure environment. Once this is complete you will move onto more therapeutical forms of rehabilitation which include talking therapies as well as holistic therapies.

    Therapy at drug & alcohol rehab in Isle of Man

    Some of the most common forms of treatment include:

    Are there any other treatments available in Isle of Man?

    There are also many more forms of treatment so get in touch to find out more.

    Are the treatments at drug and alcohol rehab in Isle of Man effective?

    You may also be pleased to know that all clinics we work with offer evidence-based treatment programmes meaning we won’t use treatments that are ineffective or haven’t presented with high rates of success in previous patients.

    What will accommodation be like?

    A bedroom with neutral scatter cushions at drug and alcohol rehab

    Most clinics offer single or dual-occupancy rooms, and a charge will incur if you choose a private en-suite over a shared bathroom. We will always work with you and your budget to create a suitable treatment plan.

    Many clinics in the Isle of Man include luxurious facilities such as private swimming pools and gym facilities as well as massage rooms and saunas. We want you to be able to relax during your time at rehab and work on soothing your body and mind.

    This ensures that you will be at the best of your abilities upon completing treatment, ready to live a happier life.

    If you are entering treatment on the Isle of Man, you can take advantage of the island’s serene and peaceful environment allowing you to walk the grounds of many clinics and enjoy the natural scenery.

    The Isle of Man is also surrounded by a motorway network making it easily accessible for all clients.

    What does a typical day in drug or alcohol rehab look like?

    A woman chopping vegetables

    Due to the importance of schedule and routine, a typical day in rehab begins with a set wake-up time allowing you to get ready and prepare for a nutritious breakfast.

    After breakfast, you will take part in a therapy session followed by lunch. During the afternoon you will have free time to enjoy a leisure activity of your choice and will usually be invited to attend a meeting.

    In the evening, after a scheduled dinner you will again be asked to attend a therapy session or a meeting with a support worker or member of staff.

    A scheduled bedtime is usually put in place for when all sessions are complete. Bedtime is around 10 o’clock each night. This ensures you can rest and wind down ready for the day ahead.

    Positive routines during rehab can help you maintain good mental and physical health. The nutritious meals prepared by staff mean that you can eat well and balance your time effectively during the day.

    A night-time routine also ensures your mind can rest well after therapy sessions and it is important during your time at rehab you allow yourself self-care.

    Routine also allows you to establish a rhythm to your day that you can then adapt to your home life when you leave treatment. It allows the body and mind to learn new behaviours and become familiar with these instead of negative patterns associated with addiction.

    Are there any free alternatives to rehab?

    Floor art of the NHS

    Alcoholics Anonymous Isle of Man, Narcotics Anonymous and Cocaine Anonymous are charities which offer free drug and alcohol support on the Isle of Man.

    Rehabilitate with the best chances for success

    Achieving strong recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is the most common aim of all our clients. Accepting that you need help with your addiction is an important step. We recognise the bravery in this and commend you on your honesty.

    Once you begin to be open and honest with yourself you will find it much easier to seek help and support. Remind yourself that this is all temporary and by entering rehab as soon as possible you can begin to make healthier choices for your future.

    Embracing rehab for what it can provide will help you succeed during treatment. Setting realistic goals for recovery will see you make the most out of treatment and pave the way for success.

    The acceptance of help from both professionals and loved ones means you can create a support network during this difficult time.

    If you are determined to make positive changes to your life and are searching for help in combatting addiction, call us today on 0800 326 5559.


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