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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Isle of Wight

Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Isle of Wight

    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in the Isle of Wight

    Whilst the Isle of Wight may be associated with picturesque views of tranquillity and coastal walks, many of its residents still struggle with addiction. We understand that if you live in a smaller area of the island it may feel like a struggle to find a suitable treatment facility, but we can help provide guidance and support, pointing you in the right direction for treatment in the Isle of Wight.

    The government have put measures in place to lower the number of people struggling with addiction though it is still a big concern with rising numbers across the country. Fortunately, with our help, we can put you directly in touch with local professionals ranging from doctors to licensed therapists and counsellors.

    By contacting us immediately on 0800 326 5559 we can begin to help you on your road to recovery.

    What is rehab?

    Rehab describes drug or alcohol treatment that usually takes place in a residential setting. Rehab within a residential setting encourages abstinence and intense programmes can remove triggers and distractions that may be found in the home setting. If you have tried to leave addiction behind in the past but found it too difficult, residential rehab can provide you with the stability you need.

    As well as treating drug and alcohol addiction local rehab clinics can also help with behavioural addictions. The type of rehab you decide on should be best suited to your needs rather than what is most beneficial to your lifestyle or financial status.

    At OK Rehab we can find you the most suitable form of rehab whether it be inpatient or outpatient. If you are committed to recovery, we encourage you to call our team today. When you get through to a member of our team, we will conduct a short assessment to find out more about your addiction and your aims for treatment. With this information and your consent, we can then put you in touch with local providers who can offer you the highest standard of care to reflect your needs.

    Residential treatment is more encouraged than home treatment, especially if your addiction is severe and you have tried to recover in the past. Rehab clinics in the Isle of Wight can provide you with a luxurious and stress-free environment in which you can recover under the supervision of medical staff.

    There are a variety of treatment programmes available throughout the UK and we understand the complexity of trying to find one best suited for you. At OK Rehab we value you as an individual and will always put your needs first.

    If you or someone you know would like to know how rehab can benefit you, contact us today.

    What are the stages of rehab?

    Below, we outline the three main stages of rehab:

    1. Detoxification

    With the help of approved medication and supervision by medical staff, you can begin to ease the symptoms of withdrawing from drugs or alcohol. A detox programme usually lasts around one to two weeks with the severity of withdrawal symptoms depending on how long you have been addicted to the substance and how severe its effect is.

    Detox is always tailored to each client, and we pride ourselves in working with clinics that provide 24/7 care and supervision.

    2. Rehabilitation

    Rehabilitation is the next stage of your treatment programme and its length can vary again depending on your needs for recovery.

    Every single person seeking treatment recovers at their own pace, therefore there is no time limit on how fast a person should rehabilitate. People also respond to treatment methods differently and there are a variety of programmes suited to your needs at a residential rehab facility.

    We work closely with local clinics that provide evidence-based treatment programmes. This means that we combine traditional forms of therapy with holistic forms that complement your needs.

    3. Aftercare

    Aftercare is vital in ensuring a successful recovery upon returning home. Not all rehabs offer this programme, but we believe it is very important and work closely with clinics that provide this form of treatment.

    If aftercare is not effectively put into place this can majorly set you back. It can also undo all the hard work that you have put into seeking change within your life. Unfortunately, if this is the case it can lead to relapse.

    At OK Rehab we greatly emphasise the support we provide for our clients when they complete treatment and return home. We invite you to speak to us any time you need a helping hand or someone to talk to. If you also feel that you need to be readmitted to a facility, perhaps due to a relapse, you are always encouraged to reach out to us so we can put you in contact with local providers.

    If you do relapse, we always ask that you tell someone immediately. You do not have to feel guilt or shame about this it simply means that your treatment must be changed to reflect your needs. We can readmit you to a facility so you can begin an adjusted treatment plan to see you recover successfully.

    Aftercare also includes things such as one-to-one and group therapy on an outpatient basis. This usually means you will attend weekly sessions, so it is important to choose a treatment facility that is easily accessible to you.

    This is also known as localised treatment and often results in a higher rate of success with recovery. If for any reason, you wish to attend a clinic further away from home this can also be arranged.

    Rehab is what you make of it and if utilised correctly can provide you with life-changing skills and knowledge. It requires dedication and commitment to see you through into a substance-free life. With help from a support network and professional guidance, you can begin your journey today.

    Misconceptions about rehab

    You may feel apprehensive about going to rehab due to misconceptions often presented in the media about celebrities and their recovery journeys.

    You may think that residential treatment is only for famous people with lots of money, but this doesn’t have to be the case. These services can be easily accessible for many people within the Isle of Wight. We can help provide you with multiple options that suit your budget.

    If you are worried about the financial part of rehab, our helpline advisors can help talk you through your available options meaning treatment could be covered by medical insurance or payment plans.

    Someone I love is struggling with addiction, what can I do?

    Seeing a loved one suffering in the throes of addiction can make you feel helpless. You may have tried to offer help in the past, but it has been refused.

    Often those with addiction are the last to see the severity of their problem. Participating in a treatment programme requires dedication, as mentioned earlier, therefore it can be incredibly hard to help someone you love into treatment especially if they are convinced that they don’t need it.

    Denial can be heart-breaking to friends and family, and you may feel incredibly hurt.

    Hiring a professional interventionist can be a great way to help someone seek addiction treatment. This means they will be invited to your house, for example, to mediate a conversation about addiction. It can often help to ask a professional to attend as they can supply correct facts and figures about addiction and rehab. Often professional interventionists are also licensed therapists so they can help you and your loved one begin to open up a conversation about drug and alcohol use.

    What can private treatment provide?

    Within the UK there are currently many people depending on services for addiction offered by the NHS. Whilst the NHS is an incredible service there is a high demand for treatment meaning severe waiting lists. If you are suffering from an addiction you may not be able to wait more than 12 months to seek help.

    This could be damaging to your health, so we encourage you to seek private treatment from us here at OK Rehab. The clinics we partner with offer many solutions and treatment programmes meaning we can help offer you support and guidance no matter your commitments or budget.

    After you have contacted a member of our team on 0800 326 5559, we can begin your admission process. With your consent we can pass on your information to local treatment providers who we believe can provide you with the most suitable treatment.

    Some treatment facilities even offer same-day admission meaning once your referral is cleared you can begin your transition into rehab.

    Call OK Rehab today

    To learn more about the treatment we offer, call our confidential service today. A friendly helpline advisor will be available at all times to ensure you receive the best care possible.

    There are many facilities available on the Isle of Wight meaning you are always in safe hands. It may feel anxiety-inducing thinking about the number of options available but that’s where we can help. We aim to take the hardship out of finding a facility in your area, so reach out to us today for further support.


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