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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Islington

Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Islington

    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Islington

    Many people struggle with drug and alcohol dependency in the borough of Islington.

    Unfortunately, Islington has even been named the fourth-worst place in the UK for drug abuse. Not only does this mean deaths related to drugs are extremely high, but it also means the borough is plagued with unemployment, crime, and health issues. Addiction affects all areas of our lives.

    If you want this tragic statistic to change, it starts with you. Say no to substances and yes to recovery by using the OK Rehab helpline today.  We can facilitate your entry into a drug and alcohol rehab in London within hours.

    What Can OK Rehab Do For Me?

    All our staff have walked in your shoes at one point in time. They understand how difficult it can be to admit you need help with substance abuse, so they will respond to your request with great compassion.

    We offer a free initial assessment where we discuss your history with addiction and propose treatment options. Following on from this conversation, we immediately begin to research rehab centres in Islington to find the best one for you. This means you do not have to be burdened with long waiting lists, which are a major reason many people are not yet in recovery.

    If you are concerned about a friend or family member showing signs of substance dependency, we can assist you in supporting them and potentially organising treatment for them.

    The care that you receive at our chosen rehab centres is always top quality. We keep our standards high, so we select facilities with excellent success rates and impressive facilities.

    Furthermore, when you go through OK Rehab, you are guaranteed to have a tailored rehab experience. All treatment you receive will be selected based on its benefits for your particular addiction.

    Finally, our rehab centres in Islington offer aftercare for the entire year following your stay at rehab. This includes individual therapy sessions, group therapy meetings, 24/7 access to the helpline of the rehab, and regular check-ups for accountability purposes.

    What is Residential Rehab in Islington Like?

    Most rehab centres in Islington are located in rural areas, allowing for relaxing outdoor leisure activities and a general tranquil atmosphere.

    You will usually spend around 28 days in rehab, as this is sufficient time to get a great grounding in therapy techniques. However, the time frame cannot be predicted as it depends on how quickly you progress through treatment.

    Residential rehab is community-focused, so you should expect to engage in group activities such as group therapy and educational workshops. Staff are a significant part of this community as they contribute to a 24/7 care system.

    At rehab, every day centres around your recovery, which is clearly very different to general life. This means that you have all the time in the world to focus on recovering from your addiction.

    Detox and therapy are the main activities that define the rehab experience. When you first enter, you will undergo a strict detox to ensure your body is cleansed of harmful chemicals. Then, you will begin to have daily therapy sessions to get to the root of your addiction problems.

    It is important to remember that no one shares the exact same experience of rehab. The treatment that you receive will depend on your addiction type, time frame, and severity.

    Is My Addiction Severe Enough For Rehab?

    Many people who struggle with substance abuse wonder if rehab is a step too far for them.

    The vast majority of the time, if you are struggling with addiction, rehab will benefit you.

    The nature of addiction is that it can quickly spiral out of control at any moment, so it is strongly recommended treating it as early as possible.

    If you are still unsure whether rehab is right for you, contact our team for advice. We will listen to your story and discuss your options together.

    The Lasting Effects of Residential Rehab in Islington

    While you are only physically in rehab for a month or so, the effects of rehab can last a lifetime.

    We encourage people to remember this when they face challenges in rehab, as these short-lived troubles are worth it for long-term sobriety.

    If you enter rehab with a positive mindset and a passion to stay sober, you will acquire a wealth of wisdom that you could carry with you for the rest of your life.

    Many patients find themselves returning to useful coping mechanisms learnt in rehab when they are faced with temptation, which is a testament to the success of regular therapy.

    Another factor of rehab that promotes long-term recovery is the aftercare plan. We intentionally select rehab centres in Islington that offer this option as it is proven to reduce the rate of relapse significantly.

    Finally, in rehab, you are encouraged to change your entire lifestyle to make sobriety as seamless as possible. This can include changing your friendship circles, avoiding triggering places, and incorporating regular support group sessions into your diary. Living a sober lifestyle after rehab becomes much easier when every aspect of your life reflects that you are firmly in recovery.

    Contact OK Rehab Today

    To speak to one of our expert helpline advisors, give us a call on 0800 326 5559. Alternatively, fill out the ‘request a call’ form on our website, and we will soon be in touch.

    When you reach out to OK Rehab, we take away all the responsibility of organising treatment, which can be a huge burden for people that are struggling. All you have to do is accept the referral to a treatment centre and arrange an appropriate start date. In times of great need, this can even be a few days after our phone assessment.

    Though there are countless amazing rehab centre in Islington, you have the option of travelling to another area if you prefer. Simply state your preference on our phone call, and we will be sure to research rehab centres in the area that you select.

    Ultimately, your treatment experience is yours alone, so your opinion matters most. Contact us today to make your voice heard.


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