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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Kidderminster

Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Kidderminster

    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Kidderminster

    If you are currently located in the Kidderminster area, there are great options for rehab. Have you been thinking about seeking professional help for your addiction?

    Call our friendly team today on 0800 326 5559 and let OK Rehab help you find suitable treatment options in Kidderminster.

    By finding yourself on our webpage today it suggests that you are ready to receive help and look forward to a more positive future free from the clutches of drug or alcohol addiction. In most circumstances’ clients will choose a combination of medical services tailored to their requirements and needs, this allows rehab to be as effective as possible.

    Throughout the UK, more and more families are becoming affected negatively by drug addiction. Addiction can affect anyone, no matter their situation, so if you are struggling and feeling apprehensive about reaching out, we recommend making use of our services.

    We can offer professional support and guidance ensuring you receive the best care at all times.

    If someone you know and care about is struggling with addiction, we can also help provide support to family and friends via referral schemes and intervention programmes. Don’t suffer in silence, reach out to us today.

    What happens at rehab?

    If you are committed to seeing change, rehab can be beneficial to you in a variety of ways. You can choose between inpatient or outpatient care, though we always recommended inpatient care if your addiction is severe, as trained professionals can help you combat the psychological and physical effects of addiction safely.

    In an outpatient scenario, you will be expected to visit a facility daily. Your visits will allow you to receive specialist care and medications that have been prescribed to you. Outpatient care is a lot more relaxed and requires arguably more self-discipline as you have additional control over your treatment options.

    It also relies more on your community as you are expected to attend local groups such as Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous.

    Inpatient rehab is a more structured programme and requires a lot of motivation and dedication. Inpatient treatment works on a residential model meaning that you live in a facility in Kidderminster during your treatment programme. The length of your programme usually lasts around 28 days though this is dependent on the severity of your addiction and the care required.

    What is detoxing?

    Before you can continue with therapy and the benefits of rehabilitation you will be asked to undergo a detoxification programme. This is designed so that you can begin to break your physical dependence on drugs or alcohol. A detox programme is always medically overseen ensuring your safety and wellbeing at all times.

    To break the tolerance your body has built towards drugs or alcohol you need to abstain from using substances.

    Entering into a residential facility is often the best way to do this as you can rely on the support on offer as well as medication to handle any withdrawal symptoms that may appear.

    After you have completed a detox programme you can begin to undergo rehabilitative therapy. This can help you deal with the psychological effects of drug or alcohol addiction and allow you to break down the emotional ties associated with your addiction.

    The specialists in your chosen facility have a wide variety of tools and skills available to help you deal with any mental health problems posed by your addiction.

    Treatment options at Kidderminster facilities include:

    • Breaking down emotional issues tied to your addiction
    • Helping you understand how your behaviour hurts others
    • Teaching coping mechanisms to help you cope with temptation
    • Learning more about the effects of addiction on the body
    • Helping you break down triggers and how to combat them
    • Teaching you more about the skills needed to reintegrate successfully into home life

    Rehabilitative therapy can give you the skills and knowledge needed to live a life of sobriety. If followed by aftercare and group support programmes, you can make the most out of the services on offer and lead a life of success.

    What treatments are available at rehab in Kidderminster?

    At OK Rehab we firmly believe in the combination of effective psychological and physical treatment to help treat addiction. By healing both the body and mind you can begin to experience the great benefits of long-term recovery.

    We understand that every person requires a personalised programme to ensure their success. Having been in operation since the year 2000, we have helped many clients across the UK successfully battle their addiction and enter lifelong recovery.

    Some of the many treatments on offer during your time in rehab include:

    1. CBT (Cognitive behavioural therapy)

    This form of therapy is very effective and can help change your thinking patterns. It can also help you find strategies and coping mechanisms so that you can overcome your addiction healthily.

    2. One-to-one therapy

    By working closely with a highly trained therapist you can begin to heal in a private environment. Confronting your issue and finding the root of your problem can help lead to your development and sobriety.

    3. Group therapy

    Engaging with people in similar positions can help you through the rehab process as you share stories of encouragement and motivation. This can help you create a support network that can sustain you along your recovery journey.

    4. Aftercare and relapse prevention

    The first twelve months after the completion of treatment can be crucial in your long-term recovery. To ensure that you can transition back to home life safely, you can gain skills in relapse prevention during your time at a facility in Kidderminster.

    Aftercare also means that you usually attend weekly sessions in your facility after your treatment programme has ended. This is to make sure you remain motivated and make use of the support network available to you.

    We also ask that you reach out to us any time you need a helping hand. OK Rehab can help you day or night and by calling our number on 0800 326 5559 you can speak to a trained helpline adviser immediately.

    Begin your recovery journey today

    Rehab requires self-discipline and motivation meaning that you must acknowledge your problem and readiness to recover before entering treatment. Understanding this can make your time at rehab much more beneficial and help equip you with the skills needed to transform your life for the better.

    At OK Rehab we can offer support and guidance to addicted people and their families. We work closely with private clinics throughout the UK offering professional support at all times. We can help you navigate the world of rehab whether you decide to attend an inpatient or outpatient programme.

    Call us today on 0800 326 5559 or fill in an online enquiry form and a member of our team will contact you very shortly.

    This may be the first time you have spoken aloud about your addiction so we understand you may feel apprehensive. Rest assured that our team will do everything in their power to ensure your call is as stress-free as possible, keeping all information disclosed confidentially.

    We also offer support in many areas of the UK including Evesham, Hartlebury, Bredon, Tenbury Wells, and Worcester.


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