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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Leigh

Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Leigh

    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Leigh

    Are you living with an addiction you wish to be rid of? Are you unsure as to what your options for addiction treatment are?

    If so, a drug and alcohol rehab in Leigh may be the way to go, and OK Rehab can help get you there.

    We are a recovery-advocate service, run mostly by others who have faced addiction themselves in the past. Because of this, we know better than anyone the nerves and confusion you may be experiencing right now at the prospect of finding suitable treatment.

    There are many options out there for those dealing with addictions, and we work to try and simplify and narrow down these options for you so that seeking help is no longer as overwhelming as addiction itself.

    With our support, you could be admitted into appropriate treatment that matches your needs in no time, and be on track towards a full recovery.

    For more information or to begin an enquiry for yourself or a loved one, call us today on 0800 326 5559, or fill in our online form to receive a callback.

    What is rehab?

    Though there are many misconceptions and stereotypes surrounding rehabilitation, it is not as scary as it first may seem.

    Rehab is simply the process of getting you back on your feet and preparing you for life back in the real world. Rehab works to all aspects of addiction, both physical and psychological.

    Through a residential rehabilitation programme, you can undergo a drug and alcohol detox, deal with withdrawal symptoms, identify triggers and root causes of your addiction, work through your illness and trauma, and discover new coping mechanisms to replace the old, unhealthy ones.

    Rehab offers the highest chance of recovery than any other addiction treatment and is the most comprehensive care option for those wishing to experience a substance-free life once more.

    5 things to do before rehab

    It can be daunting heading to a drug and alcohol rehab, and even more scary when you don’t know what you or your life will be like when you eventually leave.

    There are however a few things you can do to ensure that your life will be ready and waiting for your return and to ensure that you get the most out of rehab as you can. These things can also make the move to and from rehab a little easier.

    1. Mentally prepare

    Rehab is not a holiday from your regular life or a spa treatment to be enjoyed, it is a hard process and one that cannot work without effort from you.

    Get yourself ready to put in this effort and hard work, and understand that the journey that lays ahead of you is not going to be an easy one. Whilst recovery is certainly not impossible, it does require you to be open-minded and willing to participate in your treatment in order to be successful.

    2. Tell the people in your life

    It is important that when you leave rehab, you have some people in your life that are willing to ensure you stay on track. You will need help to readjust to life back home, and a supportive network of friends and family can assist with that.

    To have this, you must first let the people in your life know where you are going and why. You may be surprised at their reaction, as usually our loved ones are the people rooting for our success more than ourselves. If they are supportive, they can visit you in rehab or even participate in family therapy sessions.

    Equally as important is letting any employers know about your situation. If you can, find cover for the workload that you won’t be able to fulfil in your absence, and ask if you are able to return when you are ready.

    3. Pack just the essentials

    In rehab, you will be using the time you have to focus on yourself and your recovery. Therefore, you will not need or benefit from having many distractions.

    Though it may feel comforting to bring many items from home, these aren’t always necessary for your time in rehab, so consider only packing the essentials. Remember to pack with your rehab’s banned and allowed items in mind.

    4. Tie up loose ends

    Admin-type preparations ensure that your life will not fall apart in your absence. These can include setting up automatic payments for any bills that will need to be paid whilst you are away or sorting care for any pets you may have.

    5. Stay away from substances

    Though it is an obvious item on the checklist, it is usually also the hardest to fulfil. We will strive to get you placed in your chosen drug and alcohol rehab in Leigh as soon as possible, so none of your time is put at risk.

    However, if this process lasts longer than expected, we implore you to stay away from substance use as much as you can, to ensure that no further damage is done to your body.

    3 things to do after rehab

    It is important that when your time in rehab draws to its conclusion, that you don’t take this a sign to now be lax when it comes to continuing your progress. Rehab is not a cure for addiction, and when you leave it does not mean that you are no longer at risk of a relapse.

    To make sure your improvement continues, we recommend prioritising your recovery and taking the necessary steps to ensure you don’t fall back into old habits.

    1. Attend further appointments

    One of the most important things you can do after your time in rehab is keeping up with your progress. To ensure this, we may schedule further appointments for you at your chosen drug and alcohol rehab in Leigh.

    It is crucial you attend all appointments made for you, whether they be simple check-ins or set up for you to receive additional treatments.

    2. Change social groups

    It may be worth examining the people in your life to make sure they are not potentially dangerous to your recovery. You have to take charge and put your progress, health and wellbeing first, and if certain friends or family members stand to disrupt this, it may be time to move on.

    3. Move away

    For many individuals dealing with an addiction, the home environment can be the exact place that led them to substance abuse in the first place. Various triggers usually reside at home, such as pressuring friends, abusive partners or dysfunctional families.

    Because of this, it may be helpful to your recovery to think about moving away or getting some distance from this toxic environment.

    If you do start to see yourself slipping back into old habits, or craving drugs or alcohol more and more, our helpline is always open, and we will be on hand to help with anything you may need.


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