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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Lichfield

Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Lichfield

    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Lichfield

    We get just how challenging it can be to juggle daily life with the constant temptations of substance use, and also with the added pressure of attempting to find addiction treatment.

    We strive to make accessing suitable and helpful addiction treatment easier for anyone dealing with addiction so that you can find the help you need before it’s too late. With OK Rehab, you can self-refer yourself into treatment that is most suited to your personal needs, whether that be at home, with an outpatient clinic, or a drug and alcohol rehab in Lichfield.

    It can be hard to take this first step on the journey to recovery, but it is a crucial one to take if you wish to live a substance-free life once more.

    Call us today on 0800 326 5559 to find out more about the enquiry and admissions process, or to ask any questions you may have surrounding addiction treatment.

    What are my treatment options?

    There are three main options for recovering from an addiction, though only one is recommended to almost everyone dealing with a drug or alcohol addiction as it is the most effective; rehab.

    The remaining two options are outpatient treatment and at-home recovery.

    Outpatient treatment involves the client residing mostly at home and maybe undergoing an at-home detox, but visiting their chosen outpatient clinic regularly for treatment and check-ins. This option does give you as the client much more freedom and independence with your treatment, and it means a smaller investment of your time. This means that you may be able to stay at your job whilst receiving treatment, and can continue your life relatively normally.

    However, this treatment option also requires a lot of self-motivation, trust, and willingness to improve. We will only ever recommended outpatient treatment to clients we know can handle it, those we can trust to look after themselves for unsupervised periods of time or maybe have a strong network of friends and family that can pitch in, and those that maybe have less severe addictions/use less serious substances.

    Don’t worry if this option is not suggested for your recovery journey. What you require is determined by many factors – most of which are now out of your control – such as the substance or substances you have used in the past, how long you have been using, your current mental and physical health, and even your family history.

    Though you may wish to experience outpatient treatment, you will need to put your faith in the knowledge of our team here at OK Rehab, and know that we will place you where you will have the highest chance of a successful recovery.

    The other option is of course an at-home recovery and detox. This treatment is self-explanatory; involving all treatment being done by you at your residence. Much like outpatient treatment, this method allows for much more freedom and minimal professional intervention.

    However, also similar to outpatient options, at home recoveries can be tricky and are only ever suggested to those that are experiencing much less serious addictions.

    This is due to many obstacles that are commonly faced when attempting to recover from a drug or alcohol addiction alone at home.

    These can include exposure to the triggers of your home environment leading you to relapse, no treatment for the mental aspects of addiction, detoxes carried out improperly and unsafely, easy access to further drugs or alcohol, no support from people throughout your recovery, and no way to track your progress.

    The final and most recommended option for addiction treatment is a drug and alcohol rehab in Lichfield. In a rehab setting, all the drawbacks that are experienced with outpatient and at-home options are negated; you are detached from your possibly toxic home, you receive professional treatment for both the body and the brain, all procedures are carried out safely, you cannot access any further substances, you have constant support from staff and therapists, and your progress is constantly monitored, allowing you to look back and see how far you’ve come.

    Rehab is the only option that offers excellent around the clock care and quality treatments that work to tackle both the physical and psychological aspects of addiction.

    You can rest assured in rehab that you will always be on the right track towards recovery, and because all treatment is personalised to you, if you ever veer off the track for any reason, your treatment plan can be altered to suit your shifting needs as you go.

    What happens when I finish treatment?

    When you eventually leave the care of your chosen drug and alcohol rehab in Lichfield, you will not be abandoned. OK Rehab will be there for you no matter your circumstances, and we will always be available via the free-to-call helpline, or additional appointments can be made for you at the clinic if necessary.

    You will receive an aftercare plan, which will detail everything you have learnt during your time in rehab, and will act as your personal guide to life back home.

    Though we will be there to support you if you need anything at this time, the main responsibility to continue your improvement will now fall to you. To help with this big change, we suggest a few things which can help you to maintain your new substance-free life.

    Examine your family and social group for anyone that may be detrimental to your recovery. This can be a family member that drinks or uses drugs around you with no regard for how this may impact you, or a friend that is pressuring you to relapse. You need to prioritise yourself and move on from people that may be harmful to you.

    Starting a new hobby such as a sport or club can be a great way to uplift your general mental health, and can also offer a necessary change from your old routines.

    The most important thing you can do after rehab, is simply to remain vigilant. You will know by now the warning signs of a relapse and the symptoms of addiction. If you notice yourself slipping back into old habits, it will be up to you to reach out once more.


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