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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Mendip

Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Mendip

    Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Mendip

    If you’re living in Mendip or the surrounding area and your drug and alcohol usage has become problematic, it’s time to consider whether you might need to seek professional addiction support. The good news is, there are trusted rehab facilities available locally to you, so it’s possible to assess recovery treatment without travelling too far afield.

    It can be difficult to admit that your substance use has become an issue or developed into an addiction, and often it takes time to recognise the signs of addiction in yourself. If you’re unsure whether your consumption is at a level that constitutes an addiction, our team of helpful addiction referral specialists will be happy to have a confidential and informal chat to help you conclude whether you should be considering recovery treatment.

    The earlier you commit to recovering from your substance use problems, the more easily achievable this will be. Addiction left untreated can both increase in severity and cause a whole host of other long-term physical and mental health issues. Although rehab might seem like a daunting option, local professional addiction recovery services offer you the best possible chance to make a long term recovery and achieve sustained sobriety.

    We have pre-empted some commonly asked questions about addiction recovery and rehab treatment services below. Feel free to get in touch with any additional questions that you have about rehab availability in Mendip and Somerset or the finer detail of drug and alcohol addiction and the range of treatments used to treat them.

    How can OK Rehab help me to source a place on a local rehab programme?

    At OK Rehab we offer a range of drugs and alcohol addiction advice and referral services. Our experienced staff help people who are struggling with addiction problems across the UK on a daily basis to secure the addiction recovery support that they need. We have a range of partner rehab facilities in and around Mendip and can fast track your admission onto a comprehensive treatment programme.

    Once you have decided that addiction recovery is the right step for you, we will put you through an initial assessment to determine to what degree you are struggling with an addiction problem. We will ask about which substances you use, in what quantity and how often, as well as how drug and alcohol usage affects your life on the whole. We will also ask you about your personal preferences in terms of location and talk through your budget with you.

    When we have completed the assessment, we will be able to recommend the most appropriate type of treatment programme for you and where you can source this treatment locally. Alternatively, if you would prefer to attend rehab outside the Mendip area, we can also arrange this. You should bear in mind, however, those treatment facilities are created with privacy in mind and are often in secluded locations, away from the public eye.

    When you are happy with your choice of facility, we can take you through the pre-admission process and arrange a mutually agreeable admission date for you.

    How do I know when it’s time to consider rehab?

    It can be all too easy to delay your recovery due to poor timing and other responsibilities. It’s also common to assume that your addiction problem is not serious enough to consider treatment yet. The truth is, the earlier you address the problem, the easier time you will have in recovery. If you choose to recover at a later date, the likelihood is, your addiction problem will have increased in severity, which means that you will need to spend more time in rehab in order to recover.

    The right time to consider rehab is now. Taking the leap whilst you are in the right frame of mind to do so is absolutely the right choice. Of course, delaying treatment also gives you time to change your mind or talk yourself out of rehab. So if you’re considering that you need help with your addiction, the chances are, you’re right. Now is the best time to make that commitment to reaching sobriety and improving your life.

    If you’re still unsure, looking over some common initial signs and symptoms of addiction can help you determine whether you have a problem or not:

    • Inability to stop thinking about or trying to find more drugs or alcohol
    • Feeling ill or mentally uncomfortable when you don’t have access to substances
    • You’ve developed mental health issues such as anxiety and depression
    • Friend and relatives have mentioned your drug and alcohol usage or shown concern
    • You get defensive when someone suggests that you may have a problem
    • Your usage has increased in either quantity, frequency or both

    What sort of addiction treatments can I expect throughout my rehab programme?

    If you attend a residential rehab in the Mendip areas, you can expect a personally developed addiction treatment plan which aims to address the physical and psychological factors of addiction. Our partner centres follow a structured, holistic approach to rehab, which is recognised nationwide as the optimum treatment programme for addiction recovery.

    You will undergo a drug and alcohol detox programme in the early stages of your rehab in order to prepare you for the remainder of your therapy. This is monitored throughout by medical professionals who will do their best to minimise the withdrawal symptoms experienced and keep you safe.

    Psychological assessment and support

    After detox, there will be a variety of physiological treatments, such as

    • cognitive behavioural therapy
    • motivational therapy
    • Group therapy sessions
    • One to one counselling

    The main goal is to change the way that you think about substance use and help you to reduce your mental connection to drugs and alcohol. You will develop healthy behaviours and coping strategies to help you stop reacting to the social and emotional triggers that have affected you in the outside world.

    Treatment options and the duration of your rehab will vary based on the severity of your illness, as well as any pre-existing health conditions. Your own commitment to recovery will also have an impact on the speed of your success.

    Aftercare Services

    Although you will leave rehab with a substantial relapse prevention plan, a range of aftercare services will also be available to support your independent recovery, post-rehab. When you return home to Mendip, you will be in the best possible place to maintain your own sobriety, however, group sessions will be available on an ongoing basis to help you stay motivated.

    Speak to our team at OK Rehab today to begin your journey to a new and sober you.


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