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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Newbury

Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Newbury

    The benefits of drug and alcohol rehab are endless. After months or years of being trapped in the cycle of drinking or using drugs, recovery liberates you.

    Sadly, thousands of people throughout the UK are struggling to take control of their addictive habits. This is usually because people don’t access support or treatment. Addiction is a disease and like other diseases requires treatment.

    A private clinic offers the best treatments in the country. They also offer a range of treatments meaning that each individual is provided with a tailored programme to suit their needs. The specialist input within the welcoming clinical environment ensures recovery rates are at their highest.

    There are both inpatient and outpatient services available. Your lifestyle and responsibilities will make it clear which will be easiest for you to access.

    To find the rehab clinic that is most appropriate to treat your addiction, contact OK Rehab on 0800 326 5559. We can explain your options in and around Newbury as well as reveal what’s possible in other parts of the country.

    Why Is Relapse So Common When People Don’t Access Rehabilitation Services?

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    Craving substances is a huge part of what makes a person use drugs and alcohol.

    The brain has come to rely on psychoactive properties to try and balance the person and regulate their mood. The body has gotten used to having the substances in it and the organs function around them.

    When the substances start to exit the system, withdrawal is severe and causes very uncomfortable and distressing symptoms. Along with this people might relapse if they’re faced with life situations that they’re finding hard to cope with. Alternatively, if people are spending time with people or in places where others use drink and drugs a lot, this will make it harder to stop.

    To get through withdrawal without relapse, a person needs to learn techniques that enable them to change their behaviour. They will also sometimes need medications to manage their symptoms. Also, some people will need to understand how to develop new coping strategies so that when they’re faced with stressful life events, they don’t fall back on alcohol and drugs.

    All of this is addressed at private clinics.

    What Makes Withdrawal Easier Within A Rehab Environment?


    People will enter withdrawal within the first couple of days of entering rehab. This is the moment when they’re unable to get hold of more of the substance. Usually, at home, this would be when all the factors that make a person use will become overwhelming and usually force a person to use again.

    Rehab clinics view the withdrawal stage as the first stage of treatment where the individual enters detox. The reason this is easier to face in a private clinic is that people have a team of professionals around them who know what to do to make this process as smooth as possible.

    There is a team of medical staff who will oversee the detox stage. Where they’re needed, medications are prescribed. The aim is to keep patients as calm and comfortable as possible. Residents will also be supported by being encouraged to eat and drink healthily when necessary, and to sleep where it helps.

    The staff who support psychological healing are on hand to talk through the mental challenges of detox. They’re also able to keep a person to understand what’s going on at a neurological level and this helps a person to face the challenge.

    Detox lasts between three to ten days depending on the substance taken and on the severity of the addiction.

    I Don’t Know If I Can Afford To Go To Rehab In Newbury

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    Many factors will influence the overall cost of a stay at rehab. It will be different for each person who is admitted.

    The reason for this is because of how other each individual and each addiction is. People require different medications and different psychological treatments. There is also a variety in the lengths of stays between patients.

    Before writing off a private clinic as an option for you, it’s worth finding out more. It’s also useful to reflect on how much money is spent on the substance. For many people, the cost of a stay at rehab can be less than what they spend on alcohol and drugs for a month or six months. The difference is, of course, recovery provides a much healthier space for you to be, in six to twelve months down the line.

    You can discuss the price of a stay at rehab or accessing outpatient services through a conversation with the OK Rehab team on 0800 326 5559.

    Is Rehab Suitable For People Who Have Mental Health Issues?

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    In the private sector, professionals are very keen to address the mental health aspect of addiction.

    Research proves that addiction and mental health problems are highly correlated. It’s also often impossible to decipher which came first.

    Many people use substances to try and manage mental health symptoms. Either way, using drugs and drinking causes mental health problems.

    At rehab, residents are treated for both addiction and mental health issues. This provides the most helpful space for people to be able to recover effectively.

    How Long Will I Have To Wait Before I Can Go To Rehab?

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    Fortunately, admission to a specialist clinic through an OK Rehab referral ensures a quick turnaround. Waiting lists aren’t something you need to worry about. For the majority of people who want to access rehab within days, this is possible.

    If you’re concerned about finding out about all your rehab options in Newbury and choosing the best one, we can help you. Also, our team can manage the arrangements leading up to your admission. This means that all you need to do is concentrate on mentally focusing in preparation for recovery.

    I Want To Find Out More, What Do I Do?

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    You likely have lots of questions about what rehab is like and how treatments will improve your health and life.

    To get all the information you need, call OK Rehab on 0800 326 5559.


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