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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Newmarket

Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Newmarket

    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Newmarket

    Are you searching for addiction treatment in Newmarket and feeling overwhelmed by the treatment options and rehab clinics available to you? Let OK Rehab take some of this stress and worry from you by allowing us to source an appropriate rehab centre suited to your every need.

    Drug and alcohol addiction affects people throughout the UK and Newmarket is no exception to this crisis. Many people from different walks of life find themselves involved in substance abuse and fail to reach out for the help they deserve.

    Limited resources in the UK mean that many public programmes for addiction treatment have been severely underfunded or even cut. This means many people seek private treatment for the benefits it provides.

    If you have been considering private rehab but find it very daunting looking for addiction treatment, OK Rehab can provide vital support and guidance ensuring you can find the most effective and suitable form of treatment available.

    Rehab is the first step in your journey to recovery. If you are wanting to overcome your addiction, the first thing you must do is be able to acknowledge your problem. Once you admit that you are struggling with an addiction and are willing to seek a change you can begin to access the full benefits of rehabilitation.

    This should also be coupled with wanting to make positive lifestyle changes in your life and looking forward to a future free from drugs and alcohol.

    Many people begin treatment in an attempt to please friends or family members, this can cause a lack of motivation after a few weeks and result in relapsing. Wanting to recover must come from within and you must be able to stay disciplined to understand the true value of rehab.

    Why should I seek private treatment?

    At OK Rehab we recommend private treatment due to the availability of spaces in local clinics and the short time it takes to receive a referral. This can significantly increase your chances of successful recovery as there are seldom any waiting lists.

    The NHS very rarely offers places in rehab due to underfunded services all across the UK. Unfortunately, this means that if you were ever offered a place, it would take a very long time to access it and often results in presenting your case to a committee before they agree to give you the necessary funds to enter a treatment programme.

    For people struggling with severe addictions, there is no time to wait around.

    Being referred back and forth and ending up on long waiting lists can have very negative effects on a person’s health so at OK Rehab we promise to help all clients find the most suitable rehab that fits their budget and requirements.

    How do I choose the right rehab clinic for me?

    In Newmarket there are a variety of clinics, some specialising in traditional forms of therapy and some in holistic forms. Choosing the right clinic can be made easier due to our help. We can contact local clinics and narrow down your options, presenting you with the best clinics that we think could help you overcome your addiction.

    Don’t forget that we can advise any time you need help but every choice you make will be your own. At OK Rehab we don’t make decisions for clients but rather guide them so that they can make the best choices for themselves.

    Why should I go to rehab?

    If you have tried to overcome addiction before but failed, rehab can be your best option of getting clean for good. There is a multitude of benefits to attending rehab such as:

    1. Professional support, 24/7

    With a team of trained therapists, psychologists, doctors, and nurses you will always be in the best hands with around the clock care any time you require it.

    2. Luxurious environment

    Residential rehab can allow you to enter treatment in a luxurious and soothing clinic. With single and dual occupancy rooms fitted with private bathrooms, you can enter recovery in solitude and comfort.

    Most private clinics in the Newmarket area are also fitted with saunas, gyms, swimming pools, tennis courts and a multitude of other leisure activities to help you better your physical and mental health.

    3. Routine and structure

    Private rehab offers routine and structure which can help many people overcome addiction. Making healthy lifestyle changes can allow you to progress and lay the foundations for positive habits, leaving negative ones behind.

    It is vital to acknowledge your readiness for wanting to recover before you attend rehab. Although the reasons listed above are some of the benefits provided by rehab, these benefits can only be truly accessed if you are ready and committed to treatment.

    What treatments are provided at rehab in Newmarket?

    At OK Rehab we advocate for accessible treatment for all. We aim to help our clients access treatment that can help them heal their physical health as well as their mental health. In order to enter recovery, we can help refer you to local clinics that provide an array of therapies and treatment programmes. Our team can help tailor plans that suit your every need.

    Most of the core treatments on offer at local clinics include:

    1. Group therapy and one-to-one sessions

    As therapy is a main aspect of rehab, normally, you will experience a variety of therapy formats throughout your stay. One-to-one therapy can help you work through difficult emotions with the help of a licensed therapist whilst group therapy can help you make bonds with people in a similar position to yourself.

    Sharing your problems with others can allow you to open up about the difficulties you are facing under the supervision of a session leader. These are very effective forms of therapy and can help you heal your mind during your time in rehab.

    2. Stress management

    Undergoing treatment and seeking help for your addiction is inevitably a stressful experience for most people. With the employment of holistic therapy, you can begin to relax and manage your stress effectively. Whether it’s through meditation, mindfulness, yoga, or art therapy you can find healthy coping mechanisms and avoid returning to drugs or alcohol.

    3. Aftercare

    At OK Rehab our care extends beyond seeing you into treatment. We believe in the importance of aftercare wholeheartedly and want to see you thrive in life after treatment.

    Your support worker at rehab can help you create a relapse prevention plan to ensure the best chances of success upon completion of treatment. The first twelve months after rehab are crucial in making sure you maintain the skills and knowledge gained during treatment.

    Making use of your support network is advised during this time and you will be invited to attend weekly therapy sessions at your clinic so staff can observe your progress and allow you to work through any problems that may arise upon your return home.

    Let OK Rehab help you

    After reading our webpage we hope that you are ready to receive treatment and enter a life of sobriety. If you are concerned for a friend or loved one, we also recommend calling our team. We can help refer you to local services or arrange an intervention.

    Whatever your problem, OK Rehab are here to provide support. Call our team today on 0800 326 5559.


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