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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Newton Abbot

Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Newton Abbot

    Rehab is a very new experience for most people. It can seem like an unfamiliar place which means it is completely normal to have questions and concerns over the treatment provided.

    Do you have concerns and feel like they are stopping you from reaching out?

    Whether you are familiar with rehab, or not, leaving home and entering a residential facility can be a time of anxiety. Whilst we understand it can feel overwhelming, attending rehab is definitely in your best interest if you are ready to overcome your drug or alcohol addiction.

    At OK Rehab, our team can assist you by answering any questions you have surrounding treatment. We also offer professional and confidential advice, supporting you from the minute you call us. With our guidance, you can access the most suitable rehabilitation clinic within the Newton Abbot area.

    To begin to experience this, call our team today on 0800 326 5559. Acknowledging your problem with drugs or alcohol can be difficult but once you do, you will be in a much better position to accept help.

    To find out more about rehab, continue reading. On this page, we answer some of the most frequently asked questions concerning rehab in Newton Abbot.

    How can OK Rehab help me?

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    At OK Rehab, our team can help you find local rehab to help you recover from your addiction. The services on offer are high-quality and evidence-based meaning they have produced long-term results in the past.

    By calling our team today, you can rest assured knowing that the rehab clinics we recommend are the most suitable for your needs.

    With addiction treatment, suitability is key. Within the UK, there is now a wide range of rehab clinics which can seem overwhelming when you begin your journey.

    Attempting to source the best alone can be difficult when you need to take into consideration the severity of your addiction, your goals for treatment and your budget amongst many other things.

    By contacting OK Rehab, we can begin to sort this process for you. By answering a few questions in what we call a pre-admissions consultation, you can begin to enjoy the wealth of benefits associated with visiting the most suitable rehab clinic in the Newton Abbot area.

    Once we understand more about your current situation, we can recommend a hand-selected range of clinics that suit your requirements.

    By using the services our team can provide, you can begin to experience a comfortable and successful rehab journey.

    Why can’t I withdraw from substances on my own?

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    The thought of lone withdrawals is attractive to many individuals since it costs nothing and can be done from the comfort of your own home. However, in reality, at-home attempts can be very dangerous and counter-productive, causing your addiction to spiral further.

    This is because you will not have the resources needed to make a successful recovery attempt. At OK Rehab, we never advise clients to recover alone as it can place their health in extreme peril.

    Addiction is a chronic and complex disorder therefore hard work is needed to help overcome it. Reducing your consumption alone can be very challenging since there are a variety of social triggers and distractions available.

    This is why we recommend residential treatment as it offers a haven away from home. Everything you require is under one roof and by committing to treatment you can begin to experience results immediately.

    What treatment will I require?

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    Your treatment recommendations are given to you once you have been assessed by your chosen clinic. Upon arrival, you will undergo an assessment to determine the most effective forms of treatment.

    This again links back to the importance of suitability since some clients experience only physical effects of addiction and others a mix of physical and psychological.

    The type of addiction you are facing, the length you have been struggling with it, and the severity of it are all important factors to consider.

    Whilst the type of treatment you require may vary, clients typically begin with a detox programme followed by tailored therapies to help heal the psychological effects of substance abuse.

    Therapies on offer include but are not limited to:

    How long does rehab take?

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    This is a hard question to answer since each client experiences a different set of circumstances before and during their rehab journey. We usually recommend setting aside around 28 days to complete a rehab programme.

    This is because it provides enough time to detox, heal your mental health, and work on ways to succeed in your life post-rehab.

    For some people, rehab can last longer depending on their programme choice and their response to treatment.

    Rehab cannot be rushed and if you expect to complete treatment ‘cured’ it is likely your intentions are in the wrong place. Rehab requires daily dedication that extends beyond your tailored treatment programme.

    By investing in your rehab programme, you will be able to reap the benefits of long-term sobriety.

    Strive towards sobriety today

    By visiting a suitable rehab clinic in Newton Abbot and investing in the process, recovery can be an attainable goal.

    To help you achieve long-term recovery, steps will be implemented during your programme such as relapse prevention. This will help you to safely and effectively overcome any obstacles upon your return home.

    By completing a range of personalised treatments, you will find yourself well-equipped to return home and begin a new chapter of your life. Whilst life after rehab can be difficult, you will have the support of your chosen clinic and OK Rehab.

    For around twelve months after you have completed treatment, you will be expected to attend weekly therapy sessions and support meetings to monitor your progress.

    If you are ready to overcome your addiction, call our team on 0800 326 5559 today.


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