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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Powys

Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Powys

    When a person uses drugs and alcohol, the way they think changes, and this goes on to affect how they feel and also their behaviours. It can be very uncomfortable for those connected to a person with an addiction to witness new and unusual behaviours in their loved ones. This is especially unsettling when a family doesn’t know much about the substance being used.

    Worryingly, substance misuse is incredibly unpredictable in how it can affect individuals so differently. One thing is sure, though, drugs and alcohol cause serious damage to physical and mental health. It’s only a matter of time before this begins to show. Some people will be seriously impacted within months, others it might take years.

    One thing is certain, though, the quicker a person enters rehabilitation, the better. OK, Rehab is a specialist referral service which matches people with addiction to the most beneficial clinic for them. In the Powys area, there are many treatment options. 

    Whatever the substance, severity, and overall nature of your addiction, some services can support you towards health and wellness in the long term. You can discover your ideal treatment programme by calling the OK Rehab team today on 0800 326 5559.

    What Happens When A Person Has An Addiction?

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    Although addiction affects people in different ways due to individual differences and personalities, there are particularly common signs for people experiencing this type of illness.

    If you’re unsure that someone you care for is suffering from this disease you can contact the OK Rehab team for guidance and advice.

    It’s likely, though, that where an addiction has developed a person will experience mood swings. This is especially common when cravings are happening and because the hormonal system is out of balance.

    A person’s weight will likely be affected. This is because substances often suppress appetite. You might notice a person binge eating at unexpected times.

    Insomnia and sleep disturbances are very common and you might notice the person with an addiction up at strange times of the night and sleeping during the day.

    When an addiction has developed, people’s usual daily activities can be affected too. This might mean losing interest in going to the gym or seeing friends, on the other hand, it could result in poor attendance at college or job loss.

    If a person is using drugs, you might also start noticing unusual paraphernalia around the house.

    What To Do If Someone You Care About Has An Addiction

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    If you have noticed the signs above or it’s obvious that an addiction has developed there are a few things you can do. It’s important above all, however, to look after yourself. This can be an extremely challenging time for the carers of people who have addictions.

    If you decide to speak with the person, be open, compassionate, and non-judgmental. It’s important to bear in mind, too, that most people with an addiction will go through a denial phase. If this is where your loved one is, it can be hard to deal with.

    Seeking professional guidance can be helpful. This supports you and provides useful information for you to share with your loved one. You can contact OK Rehab on 0800 326 5559 for specialist advice, or contact your local GP for more generic information and signposting.

    What’s So Good About Going To Rehab For Treatment?

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    When you’re living with an addiction, things can get tough. Not only is it common for people to have low self-esteem before developing an addiction, but once an addiction starts and the person keeps trying and “failing” to quit an addiction, this can make self-esteem problems worse.

    First of all, it takes a huge amount of strength to admit an addiction and to keep wanting and trying every day to quit. Second of all, it’s not failing if you keep trying. Finally, it has to be acknowledged that substances are notoriously hard to quit and people who are successful in doing so are those who access rehabilitation services.

    Rehab Clinics Offer Highly Experienced Staff And Specialist Treatments

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    In the Powys area, there are private clinics supporting people towards addiction recovery. These clinics have trained and compassionate staff members who have years of experience supporting people to heal. These are some of the best in the UK.

    Treatments, both physical detoxes as well as psychological and alternative therapies have progressed in the past hundred years. Now clinics offer optimum methods to provide a solid structure for recovery and wellness to be built around.

    The Safety Aspect

    Rehab clinics are safe establishments. The medical staff support people through the discomfort of physical and mental withdrawal. This ensures people are kept as pain-free as possible. Psychotherapists create a safe environment to explore distressing psychological issues and begin long-term healing. 

    Drug and alcohol workers are around all day and night to ensure you have someone to support you through all the difficult moments.

    What Happens If You Have Mental Health Problems And An Addiction?

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    When a person has an addiction and mental health problems they will receive what is known as a dual diagnosis. Rest assured that this is very common in the addiction area.

    Many people with mental health issues initially begin using substances as a way to try and ease the symptoms of their mental health. However, it’s a fact that alcohol and drugs also cause mental health problems as well.

    At a private clinic in Powys, you will be treated for both issues. This ensures you a better start to your recovery journey.

    Is Therapy A Part Of Treatment?

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    Most definitely. There are both psychological and alternative therapies. This is nothing to worry about. Psychotherapists are trained to take an integrative approach and to put you first. This means you won’t be forced into talking about things. You will only share when you’re ready.

    Though, that recovery requires courage. You’ll have to face some difficult moments. Accessing support from a rehabilitation clinic means that you’ll be safely equipped to do so and will start to build the resilience needed to overcome the challenges.

    To begin your recovery journey, find out about the rehab clinics in Powys by calling OK Rehab on 0800 326 5559.


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