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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Redditch

Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Redditch

    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Redditch

    At this point in your journey, you may be tempted to just try and power through the recovery process on your own.

    Drug or alcohol dependency is the result of your brain chemistry being changed by prolonged substance abuse. It makes your body crave drugs or alcohol and can act dangerously should it be deprived.

    So many people believe that they can just will themselves through their treatment alone and be perfectly fine. Many who attempt this path ultimately end back at square one having seriously risked both their physical and mental health along the way.

    Those that do manage it would have struggled far more and for much longer than if they had simply asked for help.

    At OK Rehab asking for help is all you need to do. After that, we take over the hard work and find you the perfect rehab centre in the Redditch area.

    Why choose private?

    We live in a wonderful country that provides free health care for all its citizens. This includes rehabilitation services. With this in mind, you may be wondering why should you bother with a private rehab centre when you could go to an NHS ran one instead?

    The simple fact of the matter is that now more than ever the country’s mental health services are drastically overworked and the workers are underpaid.

    They do everything they can but with limited resources unfortunately the patient suffers.

    It is widely known that once a person has made the decision to get treatment for drug or alcohol dependency, speed is the key. It is important that a person is given treatment as soon as possible to avoid them changing their mind.

    As so many people rely upon the NHS mental health services even after you prove to them that your case is severe enough to warrant professional help, that help can be weeks even months away at the end of a very long waitlist.

    Even when you make it to the top of the list there is a high likelihood that your treatment will take place outside of the Redditch area meaning you will have to travel. They also lack the resources to allow for many residencies and instead rely upon outpatient treatments.

    With OK Rehab all you have to do is call 0800 326 5559 and complete our initial assessment. After that, we will refer you to a local rehab centre as soon as possible.

    We don’t want to keep you waiting and we don’t expect you to prove to us that you are deserving of our help. All you have to do is ask and you shall receive.

    What happens in rehab?

    At this point, you may still be a little wary of rehab centres. This could be because you are unsure of what exactly to expect during your stay.

    While every location is different the core value of aiding in your recovery remains the same. We only make referrals to clean and professional centres so you can trust you will be safe and well looked after.

    The first actual treatment you can expect is detox. The detox is the process of allowing your body to rid itself of all drugs and alcohol. It tackles the physical symptoms associated with drug or alcohol dependency allowing you to work through them in a safe place.

    A person who experiences a drug or alcohol dependency will need to undertake the detox before they are able to continue on to further treatment. Due to prolonged substance abuse, a person’s brain chemistry is changed and their body believes it needs the substance to survive. This results in withdrawal symptoms.

    These symptoms are what makes undertaking the detox alone so dangerous. The symptoms can easily prove too much for a person to handle. The detox process should only ever be attempted within the safety of medical supervision.

    Within a rehab centre your detox will be monitored 24 hours a day by fully trained medical staff who are able to monitor your progress and provide medication should the symptoms prove to be too much.

    Once you have completed your detox and your physical health has been seen to, it will be time to move on to therapy. Substance abuse is rarely just a choice made by a person. It is instead rather a symptom of a deeper underlying mental health problem that requires treatment.

    Therapy is the best way to deal with any mental health problem. It allows you to get to the core of the problem and not just ignore it with drugs or alcohol. Most rehab centres do this through group therapy.

    Group therapy is when everyone staying at the rehab centre at that particular time comes together to take through their problems. Every session is supervised by a licenced therapist who can monitor your progress.

    Group therapy allows you to see you are not alone in your struggles. That people from all walks of life, with every background and history you can imagine also can struggle with drug or alcohol dependency.

    You will be able to build skills for interacting with people and most importantly develop healthy coping mechanisms for your past traumas that don’t involve any form of substance abuse.

    In some cases, it may be recommended that you attend private therapy sessions. This will be decided following our initial assessment and is only recommended if we believe it will give you the best chance to achieve long term recovery.

    Rehab centres will also offer a number of workshops. They are designed to help you improve your physical and mental health before you leave the centre. These workshops can be classes such as how to build a nutrition plan so that you can begin to reverse the effects of prolonged substance abuse.

    They can also involve mindfulness classes such as yoga or meditation. Ways to help you relax and work through your anxieties in a healthy manner.

    What happens after rehab?

    First of all, just because you have left the centre it does not mean you are on your own. Rehab centres offer aftercare services designed to help you continue on your journey towards long term recovery, without the constant supervision you could rely on within the centre.

    Following your stay, you will be offered to follow up therapy sessions and support groups within the Redditch area. This allows your progress to still be monitored and you to be given accountability for your actions.

    These services ensure you are able to carry on towards long term recovery.

    Next steps

    What you need to do now is call our services and book your free assessment so that your journey towards long term recovery can begin.

    Call us: 0800 326 5559. We are waiting to help.


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