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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Rotherham

Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Rotherham

    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Rotherham

    When a person lives with an addiction, life can become very difficult to navigate. Not only are they dealing with the effects of poor health, but there’s also a high chance that there will be mental health symptoms too.

    More often than not, people reach a point of feeling exhausted. There’s often a moment when a person will decide that they’ve had enough of drinking or taking drugs. For the majority, however, this is extremely difficult to do.

    To quit an addiction, accessing support and treatment provides the best chances of recovery possible. OK Rehab can explain what your options are in the local Rotherham area.

    Who can access drug and alcohol rehab services?

    Addiction affects people from all walks of life. This is why there are rehabilitation services in Rotherham to suit each individual.

    People use substances for different reasons. It might be due to having grown up in an environment where drug and alcohol use was common. There could be genetic reasons (addiction tends to run in families).

    On the other hand, people might have started using substances in reaction to trauma or terrible experiences. Finally, daily misuse could be something that crept up on a person.

    Alcohol and drugs are often used by people to reduce stress. This can turn into regular and unhealthy use. There are also situations where people have accidentally become addicted to two substances, for instance, prescription meds (after an injury) and alcohol.

    Mixing substances can have extremely dangerous and sometimes fatal consequences.

    There are addiction professionals throughout the UK who are trained and experienced in treating all types of addictions. A referral from OK Rehab can support you in the best treatment to suit your requirements.

    Types of treatments on a local rehabilitation programme

    When a person has an addiction, it affects all aspects of who they are. Health, both physical and mental, and wellbeing are impacted. Toxins from drugs and alcohol do a lot of damage. They both affect brain chemistry, hormonal balances and deteriorate vital organs. Symptoms of anxiety and depression develop or increase.

    Addictions usually alter a person’s behaviours and this is often in a negative way. This puts strain on relationships. Many people find that the bonds with family and friends deteriorate.

    People often don’t function as well as they would in society when they’re living with an addiction. This means that jobs and housing situations can be negatively affected too.

    All these areas are discussed with professionals when attending rehabilitation programmes. However, the main areas that are focused on, especially to begin with your physical and mental health.

    Therapies to support mental health

    When people have a negative habit, they have to learn ways to change this behaviour. When drug and alcohol use has happened for many years, this requires a lot of input. It’s a challenge for many people. However, the effort and rewards gained from health and recovery are worth it.

    Professionals at a private rehab clinic provide top quality support so that people can learn to manage their thoughts. When a person is able to identify thoughts linked to triggers and cravings, they are better able to control it.

    Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is an effective treatment often used to equip people to manage thoughts and behaviours.

    The more times a person practises a positive action, the easier it gets.

    For those who experience deep emotional pain and trauma, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy is very helpful.

    Holistic support is also provided at rehab. People participate in yoga and can receive massages, acupuncture and reiki. This area of treatment can be a very peaceful and rejuvenating aspect to rehab, especially after all the hard work people put into the talking therapies.

    Private rehab clinics are designed to be as comfortable and welcoming as possible while being professional and providing patients with the best clinical support available.

    Other support offered in inpatient services includes mindfulness sessions. This enables a person to begin to become content in their own space, in their own mind. Motivational Interviewing is also used to support a person to build their self-confidence and resolve to stay focused on their healing journey.

    Art and music therapy provide safe environments to explore and express experiences and feelings in an alternative way. Sometimes people want to communicate without speaking. This is an area that is very efficient. Being a musical or artistic genius is not a prerequisite.

    What is required from people opting for a residential stay at rehab is honesty, determination, courage, and willingness to participate.

    Quitting a substance will take every ounce of willpower a person has. The outcome will be the best a person could hope for. Health and the rebuilding of life and relationships make the process worth it.

    What happens after you leave rehab?

    When people attend a local rehab, this has many useful benefits. Being matched by OK Rehab to a rehab clinic near where you live in Rotherham means you get to access and explore treatment options that wouldn’t be available if you went to a rehab centre far from home.

    During your stay, therapists are able to facilitate family therapy sessions if that’s deemed appropriate and necessary for your recovery. This can help to start fixing wounds and to prepare you for a life with many changes when you leave.

    With one of the rehab team, you’ll have identified services to get in contact with or interests that you want to develop. Being supported to get your life back on track and to develop in areas that enable you to explore the real you is incredibly helpful in keeping you focused on recovery.

    People are also given a 12-month aftercare plan by the rehab team. This will include access to ongoing therapeutic sessions and group work. This contact makes a huge difference in relation to relapse prevention.

    Can OK Rehab find me a rehab programme in Rotherham?

    Finding a rehab programme in Rotherham can be a daunting task. That’s why it’s beneficial for you to have a referral service to handle the process, making all the arrangements for you. Our staff at OK Rehab have years of experience working in addiction in the UK. They’re aware of services up and down the country. It’s our job to find people the most suitable programme to suit their needs.

    In Rotherham, you can be matched to either outpatient or inpatient services. This will really depend on what level of treatment is most appropriate.

    Outpatient services are great for those who have mild substance misuse issues and want to stay living at home while accessing some support as and when necessary.

    Inpatient services are incredibly effective at treating people who have severe drug and alcohol problems. This is because the experience is immersive and staff are invested in treating the whole person.

    Every aspect of the person’s life is considered. Staff are also around all the time. This means that when patients are facing challenging moments that occur in the early phases of treatment, they have the best team to support them through this.

    A quick admission

     When you contact OK Rehab, we’ll hold a pre-assessment that will involve you answering questions. This is so we can find out about you, the addiction, and what your treatment goals are. With your consent, we’ll then be able to refer you to the most suitable programme in Rotherham.

    Call our team today for more information to begin your recovery. We would be delighted to help you on your journey to recovery. Simply call us on 0800 326 5559 for a free initial assessment. A lovely helpline advisor will guide you through the process of getting help for yourself or a loved one.


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