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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Skegness

Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Skegness

    Deciding to stop taking drugs and alcohol is not a simple task. It’s a disease that seriously hooks into the mind and body. People throughout the UK decide each day that they want to stop using substances. The reality is that only some are usually able to do this.

    Accessing rehabilitation is what makes the difference between a person recovering or not. Just as people with any other illness require treatments to heal, so do people with addictions. Because of how it affects the mind, body, and spirit, a holistic approach is essential that combines medication, therapies, and support around the social aspect of life.

    It has to be said, though, that recovery through residential care has to be approached with a “will do” attitude. One where a person is prepared to do everything it takes to stop using drink and drugs. It’s only with this mindset that people can successfully gain a life of sobriety.

    A stay at a rehab clinic is an immersive approach to care and healing. One where a person participates in treatments every day. This is because they want to recover and are finally at a point of accepting they need the thorough approach that private clinics offer.

    Find out about clinics in the Skegness area by calling the OK Rehab team on 0800 326 5559.

    How Do You Know If You Need Rehabilitative Support?

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    Many people deny that there is a problem with substances and this can last a very long time. For family members and friends, this can be a very frustrating situation. The truth is that unless a person is willing to admit that there is a problem, accessing treatment is going to be difficult.

    In these circumstances, it’s useful to focus on what is clear. For instance, if you drink or take drugs, they affect the body regardless of whether you think you have an addiction. Finding out the long-term consequences from an expert is helpful. Therefore, contacting services to ask questions is still going to benefit.

    If you’re at a point where you accept that you’re using substances more than you would like, or have come to rely on them at a particular part of the day, then it’s a good time to seek treatment support from a clinic in the local Skegness area.

    The following signs indicate that support is needed:

    • Drinking or taking drugs alone and/or every day
    • Thinking about the substances often and wanting them
    • Feeling irritable, moody, or upset when you don’t have a drink or drugs
    • Losing motivation to go to work or take part in usual hobbies
    • Getting into financial trouble because of spending on drink and drugs
    • Family and friends voicing their concerns about your substance use
    • Looking and feeling generally unwell
    • Inexplicable aches and pains

    Can You Be Treated For Mental Health Problems As Well As Addiction?

    At a private clinic, you can be treated for both mental health issues and addiction at the same time. The two illnesses are closely related and as such, the clinics we work with support people to recover in both areas.

    Can You Access Counselling Support Without Attending Rehab?

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    There are two different ways you can access rehabilitation support. Through inpatient services which means staying at a clinic for some time or through outpatient services. As an outpatient, you access treatments as scheduled with one of the staff. This will mean that you can fit in treatments around your usual activities while living at home.

    Outpatient services tend to be very suitable to people who have already stayed as a resident at a clinic and require ongoing support or to those who have mild substance misuse issues.

    Counselling is available through both inpatient and outpatient services. You can speak with the OK Rehab team on 0800 326 5559 to find out more about addiction counselling services in Skegness.

    Counselling is an ideal space to explore how you feel about life in general as well as about addiction.

    How is counselling different from psychotherapy?

    Counselling and psychotherapy are very useful treatments, especially when it comes to addressing mental health and addiction issues. Some clinics will run them alongside each other, while other clinics might run a course of counselling after a course of psychotherapy.

    Counselling is a place of exploration and sharing feelings. A counsellor will support you towards deep self-reflection and making sense of difficult events. It will provide insight into what you feel.

    Psychotherapy is where a psychological doctor leads you through treatments for the mind. This offers a deep exploration of why you think and feel the things you do and how to change. It covers a wide range of psychological approaches to bring you understanding.

    Is Staying At Rehab Better For Me?

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    It depends on the individual and their particular circumstances. However, for deep healing to begin, a residential stay is usually more appropriate for treating addiction because of how it affects people.

    A person needs time out to focus on themselves in a place without usual triggers. They need to learn self-care and how to treat themselves completely differently. The best way of developing these skills is through immersion and learning from both professionals and peers who are in similar situations.

    There is also a much bigger success rate of people becoming sober once they have attended rehab.

    How Long Is A Stay At Rehab In The Skegness Area?

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    The length of stay for a person requiring residential input will be determined through a conversation with you and the clinic. If this is something you don’t feel comfortable with immediately, OK Rehab can handle this for you by liaising with the clinic on your behalf.

    Various factors impact how long you’ll need to stay at rehab. The type of addiction you have, the substance you use, and how it’s impacting your life will make a difference, as will your recovery goals and budget.

    There are rehabilitation options to suit all people. Find out more about this on 0800 326 5559 through a conversation with the OK Rehab team.


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