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Drug & Alcohol Rehab South Shields

Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab South Shields

    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in South Shields

    Once viewed as a reprehensible lifestyle choice, addiction is now recognised as a severe illness. Owing to scientific research, the stigmas surrounding this disease are starting to fade, and a variety of treatments have become available.

    Recently, experts have said that addiction is comparable to cancer, diabetes, and heart disease because it’s influenced by biological, environmental and social factors.

    At Ok Rehab, we recognise addiction for the chronic condition it is, and firmly believe it should be treated as such. Our company is dedicated to providing personalised referrals for those suffering from addiction.

    With a team of friendly, experienced staff at your disposal, we’ll find a private rehab clinic in South Shields to suit your personal needs.

    Recognising the need for treatment

    Prior to considering treatment options and potential clinics, identifying the signs of addiction is critical. In many cases, the longevity of treatment is influenced by an individual’s motivation levels.

    If they’re able to recognise signs of addiction within themselves, they’ll be inspired to implement a change, and maybe more open to a discussion with an addiction psychiatrist.

    Similarly, if you suspect a loved one may be suffering from an addiction, there are tangible signs to watch out for. Whether someone is a high or low functioning sufferer of a substance use disorder, there are some general signals.

    Of these, the most easily recognisable is a change in behaviour- particularly emotional response. While battling an addiction, individuals may experience or display increased anxiety.

    This can manifest in irritability, inattentiveness, or paranoia. Some may seek to combat these feelings by consuming more of a substance publicly, such as in partying scenarios. Others may withdraw from loved ones, and become secretive.

    In relation to this, another telltale sign is denial. This is common among many with a high functioning addiction, who are able to carry out daily activities and use this as an excuse.

    They will refuse they have a problem, and believe they can quit at any convenient time without issue. This may even result in multiple attempts to quit a substance, followed by an eventual relapse as the dependency is too severe.

    If you recognise any of these behaviours in yourself, or someone dear to you, our supportive team at Ok Rehab are here to offer guidance.

    Our bespoke referral process

    Once you’ve reached out, the first step in kick-starting recovery is to perform an initial health assessment. Via a phone call, free of charge, an addiction specialist will ascertain as much information as you are comfortable sharing. All calls will be confidential, and friendly team member will do their best to put you at ease.

    The aim of this phone consultation is to get a full picture of you as an individual so that we can make an informed referral and draw up a personal treatment plan. These questions revolve around budgetary and location preferences, as well as the particulars of an addiction.

    As part of the health assessment, we’ll ask about your mental wellbeing and any genetic predispositions in this area. This will ensure that we offer the best rehab centre in South Shields- where your treatment will be personalised accordingly.

    What to expect from a stay in rehab

    In the past, rehabilitation treatment has had many negative connotations. Due to false media representation, it’s perceived as an unwelcoming environment, with cold and prison-esqe facilities. In truth, this couldn’t be further from reality.

    At Ok Rehab, we’ve selected our partner centres based on their commitment to providing outstanding care. Each of our 120 treatment providers has been vetted by The UK’s own Care Quality Commission.

    This ensures that research-based care is delivered in a modern, comfortable space. Your individual room will have all the modern conveniences of a hotel: designed to create a relaxing setting for recovery.

    Whether rural or urban, each clinic has a green outdoor space for holistic healing. Group therapy areas are bright and airy with an ambience of peace.

    While a quality setting is crucial, leading rehab care is defined by its treatments. During your stay, you’ll be working through a comprehensive and fully personalised treatment plan.

    A short term residency is typically between 20-30 days, which provides ample exposure to a range of therapies and healing methods- all chosen by yourself and a specialist to suit your needs.

    A range of treatments, designed for long term recovery

    While no treatment plan is identical, there are a number of specialised methods that you can expect for the treatment of substance use disorder. These can be categorised into detox supervision, talking therapy, holistic treatment, and aftercare support.

    Regardless of an addiction’s severity, all clients undergo a safe and supported detox phase. For those battling an alcohol dependency, this program typically lasts for 7 days, while those using heroin may expect a longer detox of 10 days.

    Whatever the substance, detoxing in a rehab centre allows toxins to be safely removed from the body, in a protective space to optimise healing. You’ll have access to round the clock care from a team of medical professionals and addiction psychiatrists.

    There will also be the opportunity to receive medication to relieve withdrawal symptoms, such as Subutex. This low-level opiate eases the detox process and relieves the discomfort you may be feeling.

    Following this phase of treatment, a variety of therapies will become available to you.

    1. Talking Therapy

    This involves engaging in a dialogue with a trained professional, in order to work through negative feelings surrounding an addiction. While there are many types of talking therapy, each one offers a meaningful conversation with a non-judgmental psychiatrist or counsellor.

    Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy are the two most widely used. The former aims to tackle addiction by changing thinking habits, while the latter is adapted for those who feel emotions intensely.

    Both branches can unearth the root cause of a substance dependency- allowing for an exploration of triggers and how to best respond.

    Group therapy is included under the umbrella term of talking therapy- and can be incredibly useful in achieving long term sobriety. In groups of between 6-11, conversations between fellow sufferers can take place in a safe space and are led by a psychiatrist.

    Connecting with others who are going through similar strife, creates bonds of solidarity.

    2. Holistic therapy

    This refers to the treatment of an individual as a whole- including both mind, body, and spirit. While psychotherapy such as CBT focuses on mental health, holistic therapy marries this with lifestyle improvements.

    Through a combination of yoga, mindfulness, and exploring hobbies such as art and exercise, this diverse form of therapy has something for everyone. As a chronic disorder, addiction can leave an individual feeling worthless or detached from themselves.

    Holistic methods aim to cultivate self-confidence through the exploration of healthy living, and the different ways this can manifest.

    3. Aftercare

    Both Ok Rehab and our partnering centres recognise the importance of longevity in care, especially post-rehab. To this end, we guarantee you a 12-month aftercare programme, at no additional cost.

    Upon your return home, we’ll organise group therapy sessions in the South Shields area, for both yourself and your family. Alongside this, you’ll have regular check-ins with a member of staff, so that you feel continually supported in achieving lifelong sobriety.

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