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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Walton on Thames

Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Walton on Thames

    If you are hoping to live a better, substance-free life, then look no further than OK Rehab.

    We are a recovery advocate service that can help you find the addiction treatment you deserve, to ensure you reach a full and long-lasting recovery. We know better than anyone what battling addiction is like and just how isolating and challenging it can be – we’ve been there ourselves in the past – but this has given us the necessary knowledge and experience that we now use to help others in similar situations.

    With our support and guidance, you could soon be receiving suitable and effective treatment for your addiction, either in a drug and alcohol rehab in Walton on Thames, or as an outpatient at one of our facilities.

    Don’t put your recovery on hold by waiting to reach out, and call us today on 0800 326 5559. Alternatively, contact us via email or by entering your details into our online form.

    The OK Rehab philosophy

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    Here at OK Rehab, we want to make it very clear that our services are for any person who needs them – with no exceptions.

    This means we help and offer our guidance and advice to anyone who needs addiction treatment, regardless of age, gender identity, sexuality, race, ethnicity, or social class. We do not discriminate between our clients, and we strive to always give the same amount of care and time to each individual we support.

    You have every right to feel comfortable during every step of your recovery journey, which is why we work hard to ensure that OK Rehab is a safe space for all where you can openly discuss your addiction, be 100% yourself, and feel welcomed by the entire team.

    We want to make sure we are upholding these standards and principles to the best of our ability. If you feel that we can improve in certain areas, please do not hesitate to let us know. Feedback helps us evolve, and makes everyone feel safer and happier as they face the challenge of recovery.

    What is an addiction?

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    An addiction can be characterised by the taking part in behaviour or the consumption of a certain substance that provides particular ‘benefits’, but also unfavourable and often harmful consequences on the mind and the body.

    The most commonly discussed addictions are of the physical addictions caused by drugs or alcohol, but it is possible to become addicted to just about anything. Shopping, collecting certain items, sex, exercise, and gambling; all are examples of things that individuals have become dependent on for the ‘benefits’ they offer, despite the known side effects.

    These ‘benefits’ and adverse side effects differ with each addiction. For example, a shopping addiction can bring with it much excitement when a new item is purchased, but the consequences can be crippling debt and even the end of a relationship as a result of the addiction.

    For substances like drugs and alcohol, the ‘high’ is much more literal – a release of chemicals into the brain that leads the user to feel less stressed and more relaxed. The side effects are also more physical, such as a tolerance build-up for the substance of choice, and the existence of withdrawal symptoms when the substance is not used for a short period. Of course, a drug and alcohol addiction can also have similar consequences (debt, a troubled relationship, the loss of a job) than that of more psychological addictions such as shopping and gambling.

    What causes an addiction?

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    An addiction is caused by the continual use of the substance of choice or the continual taking part in the addictive behaviour.

    The need to continue can be caused by many things; a dysfunctional family, an abusive relationship, a traumatic past event, a stressful career, or even simple peer pressure.

    Over time, the individual becomes reliant on the behaviour or the substance, turning to it for comfort, escapism, as a way to avoid difficult feelings, or simply because they feel they can no longer function without it. This develops further until a tolerance for the substance or behaviour starts to form.

    This tolerance means that the individual is forced to ‘up the dosage’ to reach the same desired effect that they have become accustomed to. For psychological addictions such as gambling, this could mean the individual feels like they must bet a higher amount of money or place a higher quantity of bets to reach the same ‘high’, and with physical drug and alcohol addictions this simply means a literal higher dosage of the substance is used each time.

    This is how once recreational use of substances or a casual hobby can become a dangerous addiction, and explains why it is so difficult to break the addiction cycle once it has begun.

    How can a drug and alcohol rehab in Walton on the Thames help me?

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    A drug and alcohol rehab in Walton on Thames is the most effective route to a successful recovery from a physical or psychological addiction.

    You will experience a full drug or alcohol detox in your chosen rehab, which will allow you and your body to begin healing before you begin the rest of your treatment. There will be staff on hand throughout the entirety of your detox that will guide you through the process, and prescribe the necessary medication to ease withdrawal symptoms if needed.

    After a detox, you will take part in multiple forms of therapy and counselling and will be able to come to terms with and openly discuss your addiction with the help of others in similar situations and professional therapists. Through the various methods of therapy, you can hope to identify your triggers and the root causes of your addiction, learn how to avoid them once you are back home, discover new techniques of coping to replace old ones, and generally prepare for your new substance-free life outside of rehab.

    Even as your time in a drug and alcohol rehab in Walton on the Thames comes to an end, you are not abandoned. We will provide you with a relapse prevention plan and a detailed aftercare plan which will guide you through life in recovery, and we will always be available via phone or email if you need us once more.

    We understand that reaching out and the prospect of rehabilitation can be daunting, but don’t let that fear ruin your chances of recovery from addiction. Reach out today on 0800 316 5559 to begin your enquiry.


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