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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Wellingborough

Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Wellingborough

    Do you find yourself struggling with substance abuse and do you want to beat your addiction?

    If this is the case and you are concerned with the way your addiction issues has affected yourself and those around you, maybe it is time you sought help.

    Often you may not even recognise that you have problem with drugs and alcohol until someone who is close to you mentions their concerns.

    Your first instinct may even be to get angry and rebuke these accusations.

    It may even seem like these comments are random or that they are coming out of the blue.

    However, those who are close to you may have seen patterns that have been repeating for quite some time and feel the need to address them.

    It is easy to become defensive when it seems that someone is attacking you out of nowhere.

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    In fact, you may even be inclined to deny that you have a problem and become defensive about your habits.

    At OK Rehab, we recognise that admitting you have an issues with substance abuse is not easy and requires that you set your pride aside.

    If you are seeking a drug and alcohol rehab in Wellingborough, we can help to assess the nature of your addiction.

    Remember that we understand that you may feel like you are in a vulnerable position where you feel helpless.

    By referring you to suitable rehab we can help empower you and get you to a point where you feel strong enough to combat addiction.

    If you are anxious about attending rehab or have any outstanding queries, you can contact us at OK Rehab in order to get a full picture of what to expect with your visit.

    OK Rehab provides non-judgemental advice and referrals to some of the best rehabs throughout the UK.

    You can send us a message, or give us a call on this number: 0800 326 5559.

    Attending A Drug And Alcohol Rehab in Wellingborough

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    It is important to know that when you visit a drug and alcohol rehab in Wellingborough, there are several steps you need to take in order to complete your recovery programme.

    Firstly, when you have an addiction, a large part of recovery entails detoxing from drugs and alcohol.

    Detoxing requires the body to remove harmful substances from it.

    It is a difficult process that may induce withdrawal symptoms to appear.

    Detoxing means weaning you off drugs and alcohol with professional supervision.

    This means we can gradually let your body adjust to a life without alcohol and drugs whilst managing your withdrawal symptoms in a safe environment.

    With effective coping strategies and the encouragement of healthier thought processes, our high quality treatment methods have proven to be successful with many clients in the long term.

    By detoxing with OK Rehab, you will always have someone to give you reassurance and help you through the process.

    Moreover, it is also crucial and beneficial to pay attention to not only the physical aspects of addiction but the psychological factors as well.

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    This is we offer therapy sessions at OK Rehab. This includes cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT) as well as group and family therapy sessions.

    Moreover, if you have a co-occurring mental health disorder there is the possibility for psychological intervention.

    Our methods will help clients to clear the fog around their thought processes and dissect the issues from the past.

    In this context, there are also several misconceptions around attending rehab.

    One of these myths is that substance abuse is just a matter of choice.

    However, research has shown that addiction to drugs and alcohol is actually a mental health disorder and can actually alter the brain.

    At OK Rehab, we understand that it is not your fault and that you cannot simply recover overnight.

    Recovery requires hard work and consistency from you as well as dedication to your treatment programme.

    OK Rehab provides non-judgemental advice and referrals to some of the best rehabs throughout the UK.

    You can send us a message, or give us a call on this number: 0800 326 5559.

    Post-Rehab Support

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    Whilst attending a drug and alcohol rehab in Wellingborough is a major step in the right direction, by no means is it the end of your journey with addiction.

    This is why at OK Rehab, we are eager to continue supporting you when you return to your normal life.

    As you have been removed from temptation in rehab, you could only have implemented your thought processes in theory.

    When you return home, there will be triggers and you may come into contact with substances.

    Moreover, not everyone may understand your visit to rehab and may actually encourage you to resort to bad habits.

    In this light, you must implement what you have learned by practicing it.

    At OK Rehab, we know that it is not easy to do this and therefore we can assist you in resisting these temptations and maintaining your sobriety.

    We also want to make sure you have encouragement and support after rehab so old feelings of shame or loneliness are kept at bay.

    Benefits of Attending Rehab

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    Depending on a range of factors including your level of addiction and your mental health issues, the time you spend in rehab will fluctuate.

    Adjusting the time period of your stay is beneficial in enhancing your experience and ensuring you stick to your treatment programme.

    Rehab can be life saving but it also depends on your willingness to commit to the recovery process.

    You can also choose between outpatient and inpatient treatment in accordance to your needs and experience with addiction.

    If you require a more intensive treatment programme with more support, we would encourage you to opt for the inpatient treatment.

    If you require more independence and seek to structure your recovery around your normal life, you can select outpatient treatment.

    And remember to not underestimate this choice as it is important in your healing journey.

    OK Rehab provides non-judgemental advice and referrals to some of the best rehabs throughout the UK.

    You can send us a message, or give us a call on this number: 0800 326 5559.

    Realising You Have An Issue

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    At OK Rehab, we want to prioritise your recovery and your wellbeing.

    Therefore, we are keen in many ways to help you progress towards your goals.

    This means not denying you have an issue and instead owning up to it.

    There are many ways to identify you have a problem and signals that indicate you should do something about it.

    This includes a consistent use of drugs and alcohol despite there being negative ramifications.

    It also could mean making excuses for yourself if someone calls you out on your behaviour.

    Moreover, if you think that turning to drugs and alcohol is a plausible way to cope with your pain and stress, this could be an indicator that you have a bad relationship with these substances.

    There are also many misleading ideas about what an addict can look like.

    There is a tendency to dehumanise people who have addictions which can also be dangerous and contribute to the social stigma around addiction.

    If you choose to attend a drug and alcohol rehab in Wellingborough, we can help you deconstruct this myth and instead make you realise that anyone can have addiction problems.

    We can work with you to dismantle the negative narrative you have in your head around notions of addiction and instead focus on the future.

    Take The First Step Today

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    By contacting us, you are taking the first step towards recovery and investing in your future self.

    Remember that addiction cannot go away on its own.

    You need help and support if you are ever to banish your old ways for good.

    After you have admitted to yourself that you may have a problem with drugs and alcohol and have told those who you feel you can confide in, you can send us a message, or give us a call on this number: 0800 326 5559.


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