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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Whitstable

Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Whitstable

    It is common to think you have to face this battle of addiction alone or to think that reaching out for help is giving up, but the truth is far from this.

    With us here at OK Rehab, you don’t have to be alone during this vulnerable and unpredictable time, and asking for help is certainly not giving up – it’s a hugely brave thing to do.

    With our support, you could soon be placed in a local drug and alcohol rehab in Whitstable and on your way to a full recovery, and a new substance-free life. All we need from you is the bravery to reach out, ask for the help you deserve, and finally receive the treatment that you need.

    Call us today on our free 24/7 helpline, 0800 326 5559, and begin your recovery journey the right way.

    The dangers of withdrawing alone


    As you have searched for suitable addiction treatment, you have likely considered resorting to an at-home/DIY recovery. This is commonly considered among clients due to the expected cheaper costs, the independence and freedom that can come with going it alone, or the fear of the unknown and therefore the avoidance of professional treatment such as rehabilitation.

    Whilst an at-home recovery can indeed be viable for some individuals battling a drug or alcohol addiction, this is far from the case for everyone. For a DIY recovery to be successful, certain criteria should be met, such as the individual having a high sense of self-motivation and willpower, the use of a lower-class drug such as nicotine, or just a generally less severe addiction.

    An individual who does not come close to filling this criterion is unlikely to be successful with an at-home recovery, as DIY treatment can bring with it many obstacles and risks for those suffering from more serious addictions, those using higher-class drugs, or those who do not thrive in solo situations.

    This is why rehabilitation through a drug and alcohol rehab in Whitstable is almost always recommended for clients in your area over risky at-home recovery options. Rehab simply offers the most benefits along with the least amount of disadvantages and is the most effective and well-rounded treatment option for those dealing with substance or behavioural addictions.

    One of the main obstacles faced when attempting to withdraw at home is the lack of treatment for both major aspects of addiction. It is common during DIY treatment to focus solely on the physical damage inflicted by addiction through a drug and alcohol detox, whilst the many important psychological factors of addiction go untreated.

    This can lead to an early and unwanted relapse as even if a detox is successful, the root causes for the addiction are not addressed through therapy or counselling, and therefore remain, ready to rear up once more.

    Treatment at Rehab

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    In a rehab setting, clients receive thorough and personalised treatment for all sides of their addiction; a physical detox safely carried out by professionals, along with any necessary medication, and multiple forms of therapy and counselling for the many psychological symptoms. Only this way can a successful and long-term recovery be reached.

    Another drawback to DIY treatment is that clients often lack the right support. Though some individuals will have friends, family, and other loved ones readily available and willing to help them through their recovery, this is not the norm for everyone, and some are left to attempt to withdraw completely alone. This can be incredibly isolating and depressing for the individual, but also highly dangerous, too.

    Certain aspects of the long recovery process require a few helping hands to provide the best – and safest – results, and when done alone they can become even more challenging than they already are. Processes like undergoing a detox are better with the company, as the risks of withdrawing too fast or causing even more damage are heightened when alone. Even with seemingly simple tasks like avoiding further use of substances, having no support behind you can lead to disastrous results.

    In rehabilitation, this problem is solved, and clients have access to a support network made up of highly-trained members of staff, medical professionals, therapists and counsellors, even if they do not have support from back home. You can also often find support in others who are receiving treatment, and through group therapy, you can share stories, and advice, and ultimately help each other along the road to recovery.

    Access to further substances can also cause many problems when trying to recover at home. It is now easier than ever to gain access to substances like drugs and alcohol, with some even being able to be delivered straight to your front door. Without the aforementioned support, the temptations and cravings that arise when withdrawing become even more difficult to ignore, especially when paired with the ease of fulfilling them.

    Contrastingly, drugs, alcohol and other similar substances are banned completely on the rehabilitation centre’s premises. This can be daunting at first, but this rule allows clients to focus more on themselves and treatment, as there is no possible way to ‘give in’ to substance cravings.

    Your recovery is possible

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    If you are someone who was hoping to be able to recover at home but is instead recommended to rehab, do not worry. Your recovery is still very much possible, even more so in the professional and effective care of a drug and alcohol rehab in Whitstable.

    This decision will simply be because of factors of yourself and your addiction that are, at this point, out of your control, such as any history of addiction present in your family, the length of time you have been using, the substance or multiple substances you have used, the method of your abuse (smoking, injecting, snorting, etc.), and the overall severity of your situation. There is no shame if you are not able to recover at home, and instead require rehabilitation.

    To learn more about the possible treatment options available to you, get in touch with us here at OK Rehab on 0800 326 5559, email us, or fill in our online form to receive a call back at a later date.


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