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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Junefair

Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Junefair

    OK Rehab and the services we offer are among the best in the UK for addiction treatment.

    With our referral service, we are in contact with countless different addiction treatment centres and programmes, making us the best choice to assist you find the help you need.

    Over the years of service that we have provided, we have seen individuals affected by addiction from all different backgrounds, experiences, and situations.

    OK Rehab is committed to helping those who need it most to recover from addiction and get their lives back on track. By achieving long-term sobriety and recovering from the damaging impacts of addiction, individuals are not only helping themselves but those around them.

    When is rehabilitation appropriate?


    Thinking about entering rehab is a big decision. There are many factors to consider and assess before making a decision such as this. However, all it takes is the motivation to want to recover.

    If an individual is considering rehab, then the chances are that this is the best decision at the time. When someone recognises that they have a problem with addiction, it is a good sign that they may need help.

    Whether the individual’s health is suffering, or they are reaching a mental ‘tipping point’, starting to consider a rehabilitation centre is an achievable goal.

    Addiction can come with a host of other issues such as relationship issues, financial troubles, or career difficulties which is why it is essential to seek help as soon as possible.

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    Entering Rehab in Junefair


    Starting the process of rehabilitation may seem difficult, but the first step is actually easier than initially thought.

    In the first instance, contacting a rehab centre is the first port of call. This is an option if you know exactly which centre you are going to enter (based on your own personal research and investigation).

    If this does not sound like a suitable option, then OK Rehab offers an extensive referral scheme in which a member of our team will take into account your individual case and make suggestions based on an initial assessment.

    This initial assessment covers important factors and allows our team to make the most appropriate and suitable suggestions based on your current needs and requirements.

    Below are a few examples of some elements of addiction that may be measured:

    • Addiction naturecovers the type of substance and general features of your lifestyle
    • Addiction historythe severity and length of the addiction, how long the addiction has been part of your life
    • Personal information gender, medical notes and history, extraneous variables such as disability
    • Financial situation

    All of the above features will contribute to the centres or programmes suggested by the OK Rehab team. This is an essential step as it allows us to fully tailor our suggestions to your needs as well as allow for full specialisation.

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    The different stages of treatment in rehabilitation


    Across most rehabilitation centres, there are generally three stages of treatment.

    The first stage is the initial telephone consultation. This can progress to further assessment and evaluation after entering a rehab centre.

    Where the telephone assessment may be more general and covers the essentials, this later assessment is far more in-depth and considers a wide range of physical and mental factors.

    The next step is detoxification. This step must take place before taking part in any further treatments as it allows full preparation and focus on recovery.

    During this stage, you will be fully supported, and medical assistance will be available 24/7. Medicinal support is also available for more serious cases.

    The final stage is the actual therapy, typically thought of when thinking of rehabilitation. Therapy can include individual counselling as well as group therapy and other alternative methods such as art and music therapy and yoga.

    Leaving rehab in Junefair

    After leaving rehabilitation, most people expect to be left to their own devices. This common misconception is mainly due to the care that you receive within a centre.

    For example, if you receive therapies such as relapse risk reduction and family drug support, you may feel prepared to leave rehabilitation. However, actually returning to life in Junefair may be more challenging than initially expected.

    In this case, most centres offer a substantial aftercare support system. This generally includes connecting the individual with a social network to provide social care throughout the remainder of their rehabilitative programmes and journey.

    If aftercare is not offered through a dedicated centre, then OK Rehab is happy to provide support and suggestions to anyone who needs it. Our phoneline provides support to anyone suffering from addiction – whether it is your first time entering a centre or if you are struggling with relapsing after leaving a centre.

    No matter the issue – big or small – we are here to provide expert advice.

    Our friendly and professional team is trained to deal with all calls in a non-judgemental and 100% confidential manner, meaning that anything you tell us is private and will only be used to help you with your addiction struggles in the future.

    Contact a member of our team today on 0800 326 5559 to see how our services could benefit you.


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