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    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Cornwall

    If you’re here because you’ve decided to take the first step towards recovering from your drug and/or alcohol addiction, then congratulations and we’re looking forward to helping you, here at OK Rehab.

    Our experienced team of addiction treatment referral specialists know how significant this step is and offer a non-judgmental and empathetic ear. We can help you to confirm whether you do need treatment, if you’re unsure, as well as talking you through all of your treatment options in Cornwall and surrounding areas.

    Below we’ve provided lots of advice about why and how you should attend rehab for your drug or alcohol addiction, as well as plenty of information about what addiction treatment entails and the type of success you can expect. If you still have questions, our friendly team will be on hand to field them for you.

    When should I seek professional help for my addiction?

    The use of alcohol and drugs commonly starts out as a way to relax after a hard week at work or to dull some form of pain, whether that be physical or emotional. It’s human nature to try to make ourselves feel better, however, unfortunately, when we choose addictive substances to treat ourselves, the control over our usage is sometimes taken out of our hands.

    Once addiction has set in, substance use becomes misuse and in turn, becomes threatening to our health.

    If you’ve noticed that your desire or need for drugs and alcohol has become constant and you struggle to spend a day away from your habit, in all likelihood, it’s become an addiction. The effects of addiction often have a wide-ranging impact on peoples’ lives.

    Beyond the immediate threat to personal mental and physical health, the ability to function in society is often dramatically affected once an addiction is present. This can cause problems with work, relationships and the ability to maintain financial responsibility.

    If this sounds familiar to you, the time to seek help is immediate. With drug and alcohol addiction, the sooner you start along the road to recovery, the easier it will be to achieve. It also prevents substantial damage from occurring as a result of your prolonged substance use.

    Rehab can be intimidating and some people can feel embarrassed to attend. There may even be lifestyle issues that make it difficult to attend right now, such as childcare responsibilities or similar duties.

    Here at OK Rehab, we can help you to understand why now is the best time and try to accommodate your personal needs as far as possible when we recommend treatment facilities. If you don’t have the option to attend a full-time residential rehab programme, we may be able to accommodate you through private outpatient services.

    We can also help you to find the right treatment as close or far away from home as you would like. If you live in the Cornwall area and would like to stay nearby, then that’s perfectly achievable. If, however, you think that getting as far from the local area as possible will benefit you, we have partner facilities across the UK.

    How can OK Rehab help me?

    We will take you through a short assessment to establish the level of your addiction problem and what sort of help will be best for you. This will be entirely confidential and we will take your preferences and feelings on board when making our recommendations. The assessment will also include questions about any existing health issues, your recovery goals and your budget, as well as the type and quantity of substances you use.

    This stage will help us to ensure our recommendations are matched perfectly to your needs. We will then recommend a range of drug and alcohol rehab facilities in the Cornwall area that offer the type of treatments you need.

    Once you’ve made your choice and committed to begin your recovery, we can begin our pre-admission process to help you attain a place at one of our trusted partner rehab facilities as soon as possible.

    Our goal is that you only have to go through the rehab process once. It’s not easy, but it is worth the effort. All of the personalised and holistic treatment programmes available follow an industry-recognised structure that offers those struggling with addiction the absolute best opportunity to recover.

    Why should private residential rehab in Cornwall be considered over outpatient treatment?

    Private rehab facilities offer each client a tailored and comprehensive recovery plan, which is designed to address their individual experience with addiction. Professional rehab specialists are available day and night to ensure that you experience the safest, most comfortable and most successful recovery possible. Doctors and nurses are also on hand, should you require medical attention throughout your stay.

    All clients are treated with the strictest privacy and confidentiality in mind. Addiction recovery centres are designed with recovery in mind, so they offer secluded locations, which are environmentally attuned to your needs throughout rehab.

    They are often in peaceful rural locations, close to nature and decorated with calming and relaxation in mind. Choosing residential treatment in such a location allows you to disconnect from the real world and your usual addiction triggers and allows you to focus on your health and recovery.

    You will have access to a private en-suite room and an opportunity to socialise with others that are in a similar situation, should you feel that you’d like to. Each facility also has grounds and you can enjoy walking outside if you need alone time.

    Nutritionally optimised meals are provided to aid in your recovery and you can often take part in a number of leisure activities each day. Exercise facilities are usually provided and educational opportunities such as art and music classes.

    Whilst free addiction treatment services can be found across the UK, they do not offer the level of comfort or success rates of private rehab. They also often entail long delays due to underfunding of the sector and therefore there is high demand for a small number of available spaces. Addressing your addiction sooner, rather than later can be crucial to your long-term and sustained recovery.

    What should I expect from the rehab process?

    We’ve talked a bit above about the type of facilities you can expect to find in the Cornwall area, but what exactly can you expect from attending rehab? If it’s your first time or you haven’t attempted to recover through a residential rehab centre before, it can be a daunting prospect. The truth is, however, this process, using a holistic approach to recovery treatment, allows you to take back control of your life.

    Below describes each phase of rehab and what you can expect throughout your visit:

    1. Admission and plan creation

    During admission, you will have the opportunity to meet the trained staff who will be helping you and looking after your needs throughout your stay. Your individual recovery plan will be developed during this time, with input from doctors and addiction recovery specialists. This allows them to decide the best course of action for you but taking into consideration any pre-existing mental or physical health needs that you may have.

    Your personally assigned counsellor will want to ensure that you are mental prepared for the programme, talking you through what you can expect and highlighting the importance of your commitment to your own recovery. Those clients who have accepted that they have an addiction problem and agreed to contribute fully to the aims of rehab will have the highest levels of success in attaining lasting sobriety.

    2. Detox

    After your admission, detoxification is likely to be the priority. It’s important to ensure that physical dependency on drugs and alcohol are reduced prior to your psychological therapy, as this will help you to exercise better focus throughout the remainder of your treatment programme.

    Detox is the most difficult,but most crucial part of the rehab process. It’s something that should not be attempted independently, as there are risks involved which means that having trained medical staff nearby is the safest option. Our partner rehab facilities follow the recommended NICE guidelines for medicated detox, so you can be sure you’re in safe hands.

    Withdrawal symptoms are likely, although they will vary depending on what substance(s) you use, in what quantities and the length of your usage.

    Having experienced detox specialists at hand means that your withdrawal symptoms can be safely managed and minimised through the use of prescribed medication, where necessary. Aside from this providing the safest form of detox,it also offers the highest success rates and reduces the likelihood of relapses.

    Once the detox process is complete, you can move on to the psychological aspect of your rehab, which addresses the mental dependence that your brain has attached to drug and alcohol use.

    3. Psychological therapy sessions

    A range of modern psychotherapy treatments will be used to help you change your mindset around drug use. There will be a number of goals, based on your individual addiction problems, some of which will include addressing the root cause of your addiction, what your triggers are, why they exist and how to overcome them. You will also learn new, health behaviours, which will replace those that have arisen as part of your addiction.

    A professional rehab counsellor will provide one to one support sessions and have the ability to diagnose and treat any dual diagnoses discovered, such as mental health issues you may not have been aware of. It’s common for medication to be provided for depression and anxiety symptoms and referrals for additional mental health support outside of rehab will be made where necessary.

    Based on your tailored treatment programme, you will then have access to any or all of the following psychological therapies:

    • Cognitive behavioural therapy
    • Dialectical behavioural therapy
    • Group therapy
    • Family therapy
    • Art and music therapy

    These sessions will give you the opportunity to let go of any negative emotions you’re feeling towards yourself and your addiction. Addiction is a disease that can affect anyone and in order to attain long-lasting recovery, you will need to recognise that you are suffering from an illness that requires ongoing care and attention.

    4. Post-rehab aftercare services

    Many clients are worried about how they will maintain their sobriety post-rehab. The good news is, as well as leaving your treatment programme armed with the knowledge and tools that you need to prevent relapse, you will have full access to a range of aftercare support services. A structured aftercare plan will usually be provided for a full twelve months post-rehab.

    A strong and enthusiastic support network outside of rehab will give you the best possible chance of living a life free from the constraints of your addiction, back in your daily life in Cornwall. 12-step programmes available through Narcotics or Alcohol Anonymous meetings offer excellent encouragement and motivation to maintain your recovery and are an excellent resource for your continued sobriety.

    How long will it take me to recover from my addiction?

    Recovery is a lifelong commitment, however, the length of the drug and/or alcohol addiction treatment programme that you need will depend on a variety of factors, including the type of substance used, the duration of your addiction and your personal efforts towards your recovery.

    A standard residential rehab programme lasts for 28 days, however, this could be longer or shorter, based on individual needs, with some lasting up to 90 days, for particularly serious addiction problems. Those with certain mental health conditions may need additional psychiatric assessment and often clients in these circumstances will also require longer recovery periods.

    Take the first step

    You can speak to our referral specialist for free and receive their dedicated health and support. We’ll take you through the short referral process and offer you our recommendations in Cornwall or wider South West England, should you prefer. Facilities are available in Somerset, Gloucestershire, Devon, Wiltshire, Dorset and Bristol.

    Contact OK Rehab today and we will find you the right treatment programme in the local Cornwall area, today.


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