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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Dacorum

Find help and support for addiction via drug and alcohol rehab Dacorum

    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Dacorum

    In the first moment, there are different factors that drive a person to trying alcohol and drugs.

    Usually, people begin in an experimental way.

    This might be because they’re being encouraged by others or because their curiosity is raised.

    Some might have been told that the substance will help them to feel better or to regulate a particular feeling. For instance, many will use substances to feel relaxed, and energetic, or to relieve pain. There are drugs that might have started out in a social way which actually when a person tries them, connects to the person on a deeper traumatic level.

    Addictions develop where people have experienced a lack of care in a certain area, or where trauma exists. Using psychoactive substances is a behaviour that helps a person to tolerate events that might feel unbearable.

    For all these reasons, it’s essential that people living with addictions enter a rehab programme. There are many available to you in the Dacorum area.

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    How do you know if you have an addiction?


    There are many ways to tell. It’s likely that deep down you already know. If you suspect there’s an issue, there probably is. What needs to be addressed is the level of the addiction and the most suitable treatment.

    The tell-tale signs of addiction are as follows:

    • Using drink and drugs more and more regularly.
    • Worrying when you can’t get hold of any.
    • Not wanting to do anything if you can’t get the substance.
    • Drinking and taking drugs on your own.
    • Sleep problems.
    • Weight loss.
    • Feeling generally unwell.
    • Mood swings.
    • Money problems.
    • Secretive and manipulative behaviours.
    • Creating stories around your drug and alcohol use that cover the reality.
    • Arguments with people close to you who are worried.

    How do professionals assess an addiction?

    There are various assessments that professionals use in order to understand how severe your addiction is and what treatments you need.

    The DSM-5 scale assesses how severe your drug addiction is. It looks at your loss of control over use, how withdrawal affects you, whether you have a dependency and how your social life is impacted.

    The AUDITS scale addresses alcohol addiction. It scores in areas that address how much you’re drinking, how it’s affecting your life, and your attitude to recovery.

    The ASAM assessment is where professionals develop an approach to your tailored treatment programme. The psychiatrist or doctor will ask you questions in relation to your physical health, how you think and feel, your environment and whether you have tried to quit before and what happened.

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    The risks of withdrawal at home alone

    Lots of people with addictions will initially decide that they’re going to quit using alcohol and drugs on their own. This is commonly the case when a person first realises they have a problem and decides they want to heal.

    The issue with this is that being able to quit alone is near impossible. Addiction is a serious illness. Like all other illnesses it requires treatment. It’s not simply a matter of quitting because compulsive behaviour is driven by a change in brain structure.

    In order to heal, people need to see a doctor.

    In fact, where a physical dependency exists, trying to quit alone is actually dangerous. Withdrawal can result in severely distressing psychological symptoms such as hallucinations as well as seizures, pain, and even death. This is why a medically supervised detox is essential in the case of a dependency.

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    When is it essential to go to rehab?

    For some people, going to rehab is even more critical. This is usually in instances where people are put at severe risk in terms of their own or someone else’s safety. If you experience any of the following in relation to addiction then you must seek professional help immediately:

    • Mental health problems and suicidal thoughts.
    • Becoming violent when under the influence.
    • Consuming more than 30 units of alcohol a day.
    • Continually trying and failing to quit substances thus far.

    What are your drug and alcohol treatment options in Dacorum?


    Every part of your health needs to be addressed for healing to occur. As a sum of parts, every part of what makes you a whole needs to be treated by specialists.

    The physical aspect

    A detox is an essential part of recovery and happens right at the start. You’ll be supported by a clinical team to withdraw as safely and comfortably as possible. Where necessary you’ll be given medications.

    Substances are highly toxic and it’s imperative that your body is rid of them before long-term recovery can begin.

    The mental health part of recovery

    When you have an addiction, it’s not simply the craving and urge to use that drive you. There are structural changes to your brain and the hormonal disruption in your thyroid. As well as this, there are deep-rooted issues that have set the scene for an addiction to develop.

    Only psychotherapists have the knowledge and understanding to unravel these various threads with you. They can guide you from different perspectives to understand yourself.

    Finally, they’ll give you techniques to manage your reactions positively.

    The social and spiritual

    One of the most important aspects of recovery is connecting to people.

    Many with addictions are isolated. Others might feel all their friends use drugs and alcohol and this can be very lonely. Therefore, quitting substances might initially feel even more isolating.

    This is why opening up to others who understand and who can positively impact your life is imperative.

    Through group sessions, you come to learn how your life can improve through human connection. This is where people find meaning and value in life. This is where a structure for a new life is built.

    What OK Rehab does to support you towards recovery

    A woman smiling

    There are many ways OK Rehab supports people with addictions throughout the UK. We offer information and guidance on rehabilitation services in areas such as Dacorum. For those who require emotional support or support around how to communicate with family and friends we can help.

    We collaborate with rehab clinics throughout the country so understand what’s available where. This way we’re able to provide top-quality assurance of the best clinics.

    To find out more about rehab treatment, call us now on 0800 326 5559.


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